Embroidered Signatures ProjectWAB. Maitland: Cloth

CYP National Trust Museum
Yorke Peninsula
Women's Agricultural Bureau. South Kilkerran
147cm x 147cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century/1947
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Square ecru linen cloth with rounded corners all edged with a 6.5cm band of machine made lace. A centre logo is painted in green with a gold outline. A W.A.B. logo is painted in light and dark blue with Hobby Tex or similar. It is positioned diagonally in one corner with the text 'South Kilkerran 1947-1976' above it and '1976-1988 Maitland W.A.B.' below. Names are also embroidered with stem stitch in dark blue and scattered over the entire cloth.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Women's Agricultural Bureau. Women’s Agriculture Bureau Cloth. Signed by members to commemorate the Women's Agriculture Bureau locally, at South Kilkerran 1947-1976, then continued as the Maitland Branch, 1976-1988, when it closed.


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Allen, Ruby

Altus, E

Anderson, Edna

Arnold, Mavis J

Billner, S R

Bowman, V

Brokenshire, D

Brokenshire, D (2)

Bussenschutt, R M

Coles, E

Croser, J

Davey, Lyla

Ducks, Dora

Dutschke, N E

Dutschke, V P

Edwards, L

Eglinton, Ruth

Elies, E C

Ferguson, R

Ford, K M

Gersch, Vera

Glacken, Margaret

Glastonbury, M

Glazbrook, M

Greenslade, Rita

Griffith, I M

Hallett, G

Halmer, Coral

Hancock, Eileen

Hatcher, Alice L

Heinrich, Eva M

Heinrich, I

Horder, L E

Kelly, Thelma

Kohlhagen, Hilda

Kohlhagen, L P

Lanshed, Lila

Launer, M I

Linke, I

Linke, J

Loffler, Rosy

Maitland WAB 1976-1988

Matthews, R

Moody, E H

Moody, J

Newmann, K

Newmann, K (2)

Noble, L

Pascoe, Nadia

Pink, Freda

Polkinghorne, A

Rawlings, S

Reid, Irene

Richards, A

Sandercock, Pearl

Schwartz, H G

Smart, Gwen

Smith, Ida

South Kilkerran 1947-1976

Thiele, Alice

Thomas, Alice

Tilbrook, M

Welke, E