Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Ardrossan Unit 458: Banner

Ardrossan Heritage Museum
Yorke Peninsula
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Ardrossan
119cm x 86cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/c1940s
ID Number
Appliqué,Banners,Chain Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Rectangular white banner with 'Ardrossan Unit 458' embroidered in chain stitch in royal blue cotton thread. The FFCF logo is stitched beneath this text in very fine stem stitch. A large royal blue 'V' (for victory) has been applied in the centre. Names have been embroidered both inside the 'V' and on each side, all worked in stem stitch with red thread. The banner has a dowel through a sleeve at the top and is framed.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Fundraiser. From museum label: 'Patriotic funds were established in all states during WWI to provide and distribute free comforts to the 'fit' Australian fighting men in all battle zones. During WW2 the fund was called the 'Fighting Forces Comforts Fund SA Inc'. Mainly run by women this is the local banner which was found in the Ardrossan Town Hall several years ago in poor condition. The signatures of those supporting the fund were written in pencil and then embroidered to provide a permanent record. Lovingly restored by a local resident this banner will be on permanent display at the Ardrossan Museum from 1st May 2014 following brief displays in the Ardrossan Library and then the pharmacy'.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Aldenhoven, E

Aldridge, D

Aldridge, E E

Aldridge, G E

Aldridge, M M C

Aldridge, R J

Aldridge, V G

Allchurch, L

Allen, C F

Allen, F A

Armfield, A S (Pres)

Armfield, Barbara

Armfield, Barry J

Armfield, M S

Armfield, Marilyn

Armfield, Nanette

Armfield, R J

Arnold, Frank R

Arnold, Frank R (2)

Bache, A

Bache, J E

Bache, M E

Baillis, W F

Baird, C T

Baird, J O

Baird, Sheila

Baker, J J

Baker, Judith

Baker, Robin

Banfield, G M

Banks, H

Barlett, C

Barlett, H W

Barrett, A G

Barton, C D

Barton, G L

Bawden, L H O (Gnr)

Bawden, S M

Baxter, L E

Beck, Brenda

Beck, Colin

Beck, D W (LAC)

Beck, F L (LAC)

Beck, G

Beck, Lorraine

Beck, M E

Beck, Raymond

Beck, Terence

Beck, V

Bott, J M (AB)

Bowman, H M

Bowman, H W

Brook, K D I

Brown, A C

Brown, A E

Brown, B

Brown, L

Brown, Lillian

Brown, M J

Brown, M P

Brown, O J

Brown, O J (Mrs)

Brown, R A

Brown, S

Brown, V

Brumley, E W

Brust, J M

Bull, F C

Bulpitt, E M

Bulpitt, F D

Burdon, Errol R

Burdon, Ivor L

Burford, M K

Burford, Mary

Cain, G W

Cairns, E J

Cairns, H

Callary, D

Cane, A

Cane, E A

Cane, Joan M

Cane, K R

Cane, K R (2)

Cane, W H

Carberry, J

Carter, A H

Carter, Reg

Carty, J

Carty, L A

Carty, M (Sts)

Carty, T J

Charles, L

Charles, Maureen

Charles, W

Chick, Colin L

Chick, Gwen

Chilton, P

Clift, Margaret

Clift, Robert

Clift, V E

Cobby, N

Cobby, R

Cole, H E

Cole, Rita

Collins, J J H

Cook, E G

Cook, F

Cook, I D

Cowan, K G

Cowan, N K

Cowan, R

Crowell, O B

Curtin, B M

Curtin, John

Dare, F M

Davey, A M

Davey, L B

Davey, M W

Dew, F E

Dew, R B

Dinham, Maud

Dugan, E F

Duigan, E M (Hon Treas)

Duigan, E S

Duigan, P

Duke, Mab F

Dunnet, R

Dyer, D

Edwards, Jean

Edwards, L M

Edwards, M

Egerton, A E

Elliott, A C

Elliott, A M

Elliott, A O K

Elliott, K B

Elliott, Marjorie

Elliott, R M

Elliott, W J

Emery, J J

Emery, L M

Feutrill, A

Fitzgerald, O N

Francis, K

Freshfield, E J

Gardner, C M

Geary, I L

George, J

Gibbs, W H

Giddings, C J

Giddings, J I

Gillis, H

Gleeson, C B

Goldsworthy, E J

Goldsworthy, Leonie

Goldsworthy, Malcolm

Goldsworthy, T

Grayson, R B

Grayson, R C

Greer, Gus V

Gunter, R

Harding, E A

Hare, J L

Harme, M

Harmer, E J K

Harmer, W C H

Harris, K B

Healey, Bet

Heaven, B K

Heaven, E E

Heaven, E J (O/D)

Heaven, J S

Heaven, K R

Heaven, N J

Heaven, R T

Henderson, B L

Henderson, Grace

Henderson, L E

Henderson, L J (Gnr)

Henderson, Len

Henderson, Ruth

Henderson, Tom

Herbert, G A G

Herbert, P

Hicks, Gwen

Hicks, M H

Hicks, M K (AC)

Hillier, B M

Hillier, C

HMAS Warremunga

Hogarth, D

Hogarth, Pauline

Hogarth, Robert

Hogarth, Rosemary

Horne, R L

Hosking, Gloria

Hosking, H R

Hosking, T A

Houlson, G T

Houston, Jean

Huckvale, C

Huckvale, Cath

Huckvale, E

Huckvale, J

Huckvale, M

Hunt, G M

Hustler, H F

Hyde, E M

Hyde, G J C

Hyde, May

Hynes, A F

Hynes, M T

Ingram, A (Tpr)

Ingram, E L

Ingram, M J

Jack, C N ?

Jarrett, E M

Jarrett, E M (2)

Jarrett, E M (3)

Jarrett, G E

Johnson, Glynn

Keating, F (LAC)

Keating, J

Keating, T P J (Grd Sig)

Kendle, C T

Kenny, A A (Vice Pres)

Kenny, A C

Kenny, Carmel

Kenny, Desmond

Kenny, M T

Kenny, Tom

Kerr, Grant

Kirwan, Jean

Kirwan, Joan

Knapp, Doris

Knapp, R K

Kuhndt, A L

Kuhndt, C H R

Kuhndt, C M

Kuhndt, D M

Kuhndt, H F

Lally, K

Lamb, A

Lamb, E (Hon Sec)

Lamb, P

Langdon, E

Langdon, H L

Langford, Amy B

Langford, Jack H

Langford, W A

Leader, Kevin (LAC)

Lechea, C R

Linke, Audrey

Linke, Hope

Linke, M E

Linke, V E (Cpl)

Lock, C H

Lock, E

Lock, E H

Lock, L E

Lock, M

Lock, Peter

Lock, Ruby L

Lodge, D F

Lodge, E

Lodge, E E

Lodge, F M

Lodge, H V

Lodge, I H

Lodge, M

Lodge, Mary

Lodge, S E

Lodge, V T

Lodger, W A

Lord, M V

Loughlin, K C

Lovell, E H

Lovell, G C

Luck, Vera E

MacGregor, D

Marriott, E G

Marriott, L C

Marriott, R J

Martin, M E

Mason, M H

Matthews, A ?

McCarthy, J

McDonald, U

Melville, F

Melville, Russell

Miller, M W

Millowick, C M

Millowick, Eileen

Millowick, M V

Montgomerie, A

Montgomerie, A R

Montgomerie, L B

Montgomerie, L M

Mooney, W J

Morgan, R J

Nancarrow, L N

Newbery, H G

Nicholls, E M

Noble, A

Noble, A K

Norris, M E

Ogilvy, A E

Ogilvy, D G

Ogilvy, D R

Ogilvy, G

Olifent, J M

Ormsby, Claude W

Page, Dell

Page, Howard

Pasfield, E M

Pavy, E R

Pavy, H B

Pavy, R

Pavy, V B

Pearson, J A

Pepper, I

Petersen, C A

Peterson, M

Peterson, Peter

Peterson, Rosa

Phelps, E

Phillips, G M

Pickett, C J

Pike, E R

Pitt, P P

Powell, Steve

Pryor, E J

Pryor, M E

Reid, Yvonne

Reynolds, Leonore

Richards, A

Richards, G A

Roads, N R (Pte)

Roads, R E

Roads, Z C A

Roberts, Joan F

Robertson, J L (AB)

Rogers, B ?

Rollison, W E

Roney, S

Ropads, Winifred

Rowe, Beryl

Rowe, T L

Rowntree, A J (FM)

Rowntree, J J

Rowntree, L G


Sanders, A J

Sanders, A M

Sanders, E

Sanders, E M

Sanders, K E

Sanders, P J

Sanders, Patsy

Sanders, Terlie

Satchell, A I

Satchell, L H

Scholes, E

Sexton, T D

Sharland, A E

Sharland, Bill

Sharland, Bob

Sharland, W D (State Pres)

Shepherd, V (Units)

Simmons, F I

Simmons, M

Smith, A P

Smith, C B

Smith, Gerty

Smith, H M

Snell, John C ?

Soller, A J

Sparrow, G F

Spurling, C G

Spurling, H C

Spurling, N

Staley, H

Staley, V

Stock, M K


Synsh, Geo

Synsh, Ken

Synsh, N

Thomas, Joyce

Thomas, L

Timperon, Mary

Timperson, J

Trable, C W

Trable, F M

Tscharke, Victoria

Tucker, J C

Tuckett, A F

Tuckett, J

Tuckett, Joan

Turner, C H

Turner, E J

Turner, H F

Turner, M

Turner, May

Underwood, H

Underwood, J M

Vandepeer, A R

Vandepeer, Alfred S

Vandepeer, Jane

Vandepeer, S A (Vice Pres)

Vivian, K M

Ward, B

Ward, E

Ward, H I

Ward, J M

Ward, R E (Cpl)

Waters, D J

Waters, R A

Watson, A G

Watson, A R

Watson, L

Watson, R M L

Watson, W H

Werfel, M

Wharton, Beau

Wharton, Ken

Wheare, E J

Wheare, Fletcher

Wheare, J M

Wheare, June

Wheare, M A

Wheare, R

Whelburn, R A

Whitbread, A

Williams, D N

Williams, N L

Willing, M K

Willing, N

Wilson, M L

Wilson, P

Winen, E L

Winen, H

Wisdom, F

Wood, Dennis

Wuttke, A E F


Zilm, E

Zilm, F

Zilm, J