Embroidered Signatures ProjectMount Gambier Cheer Up Hut. Xmas 1942: Cloth

Mount Gambier History Group
South East
Emily Buck (nee Schonfeldt)
76cm x 78cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1942
ID Number
Cloths,Detached Chain Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream cotton supper cloth with multicoloured signatures worked in stem stitch. Community members include servicemen and servicewomen. There is an oval-shaped cartouche set in from each of the four corners. These consist of stems of small flowers with leaves worked in stem stitch and lazy daisy. ‘Xmas 1942’ and ‘Xmas 1943’ are stitched on opposite sides of the cloth. There is a dated signature in one corner ‘W J Hobbs 23.3.38’. Some names, written in pencil, have not been stitched and there is one partially completed with the thread left hanging.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Commemorative and possibly a fundraiser. Names of the attendees at the 1942 and 1943 Cheer Up Hut Christmas parties. One of the signatures 'Baron Von Wuttke, KGMC, VC' is believed to be a joke. A search of the Australian honors lists found that no-one of this name was awarded a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George or the Victoria Cross. Perhaps 'Er and M' was a joke too, possibly meaning her and him?


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Anderson, M

Anderson, Patty

Ascione, Byron

Ashman, John (RAAF)

Baird, Elsie

Baird, Geoffrey

Baird, H L T

Baugh, F

Baugh, Joan

Baugh, Mary Ann

Baugh, Mavis

Berkefeld, E

Bigham, Mavis

Birrell, Vonie

Boothey, Rose G

Braithwaite, Eleanor

Braithwaite, F

Braithwaite, V

Braithwaite, W

Brown, Douglas

Buck, Frederick

Burford, Phyll

Burton, Dawn

Cameron, Clarrie

Carr, Arthur Burdett

Carr, Mona

Carr, Reg

Carr, Win

Cattermole, Lawrence T

Cattermole, Margaret

Cocks, Gert

Cox, Russell (RAAF)

Croker, Neddie

Daly, Carmel

Daly, M

Davis, Lindsay

Davis, Max

Dickson, J W

Doherty, James (RAAF)

Doohan, M V (Nurse)

Duigan, Mary

Duigan, May

Dwyer, Elsie

Dwyer, Molly

Edwards, J

Edwards, Jim

Edwards, Marg

Edwards, S

Egan, Jas

Egan, K

Er and M?

Fahey, J A

Fartch, E

Fartch, S M

Fartch, Sinclair

Ford, W J

Fry, Lance

Grant, Margaret

Greet, Gordon L

Greet, Vera M

Haines, William

Hall, Bruce

Hannagan, Joe

Harrap, Imelda

Hateley, Bub

Hayes, Bess

Hennessy, Jean

Henstridge, Ann

Henstridge, F

Henstridge, M

Henstridge, W K

Hobbs, A J (Jnr)

Hobbs, M

Hobbs, W J (23.3.38)

Holmes, Ada

Horsell, Clement Frances

Hoskins, Laurie J (47583)

Jermyn, W H (Dr)

Johnson, E

Johnson, Len

Jonas, Muriel

Jones, A M

Kain, Eileen

Kain, Margaret

Kean, R

Kean, W H

Kent, Mick

Kerr, A A

Lang, Thelma N

Lock, George Edward

Mahony, Phyl

Mahony, Raphael R (LAC, MC Xmas Party 1942)

Maloney, Mock

Mansell, Fred

Manser, Frank

Marchant, K

Marchant, Peg

Marchant, Tot

Marcus, A W

Martin, Jean

Mason, Kath

Mather, W (NSW 443344)

Mayhead, Edna

Mayhead, John M

McGillivray, E (WA 16393)

McGregor, Harry

McKay, B

McKay, Pat (AWAS)

McLean, F H

Mitchell, Muriel

Moore, Thomas (Fr)

Naylon, J R

Neale, Dick

Neale, Lena

Neale, May

Neale, Roy G

Norman, Les

Norton, R

Nulty, Kathleen

O'Brien, G

O'Connor, Clara

O'Connor, James Lancelot

O'Leary, Olive

O'Neil, F

Oaten, Len

Patterson, Chris

Perry, David

Plummer, C E

Plummer, Ethel M

Plummer, Moynal?

Porter, Vince

Pudney, Margaret

Pudney, May

Purcell, Pierce

Robertson, W H

Ruth, Anthony F (Bdr SX2740 2nd AIF)

Ruth, Connie

Ruth, Mary (AWAS)

Ruwoldt, C M

Ruwoldt, Effie

Sanderson, H W

Schonfeldt, Chas

Schonfeldt, Chris

Schonfeldt, Daphne

Schonfeldt, Elsie M

Schonfeldt, Jack

Schonfeldt, M

Schonfeldt, Olive

Schonfeldt, Ted

Schonfeldt, Vera

Scrimes, Shirley

Seebohm, Jean

Seers, C

Sheehy, Chris

Smith, P

Snelling, Lance

Spango, Raymond

Stockham, D

Strout, J A D

Sutton, M

Symes, Bill

Tayler, Zoe

Thompson, Frank

Toseland, Deane

Travers, L M (Fr)

Travers, P

Travers, P (2)

Turner, H B

Turner, S F

Turner, Tom

Von Wuttke, (Baron KGMG VC)

Ware, Marjorie

Ware, Marjorie (2)

Ware, Molly

Warren, H Sydney

Warren, Wilva

Waters, Nellie

White, Mary

Wilkinson, Doreen

Wilkinson, Gordon GH

Wills, Jack

Wortley, D J

XMAS 1942

XMAS 1943

Zed, Vincent K