Embroidered Signatures ProjectLochiel Community: Cloth

Private Collections
Mid North
70cm x 70cm
Historical Period/Date
19th Century (1870-1999 Late)/c1890s
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White linen supper cloth with red embroidered signatures in stem stitch and chain stitch.

Theme and Purpose

Church fundraiser. Believed to have been a fundraiser for a new church (either Wesleyian or Methodist). The church was the social centre of the community.


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Cassy, M

Clark, Trilby

Cowley, Sarah I

Dall, M P

Drake, Ruby

Forsyth, I R

Gray, Rene

Hall, E B

Hamilton, Elsie M

Hehir, Mary M

Herbert, E Lissa

Herbert, Lucy

Hurley, C C

Hurley, Irene

Mackley, A E

Mather, Doris G

Mayfield, A B

Mayfield, M C

McGregor, Nellie

Miller, D

Murphy, M

Nicholls, F B

Nicholls, F S

Nicholls, J S

Nicholls, W

Nicolson, Geo A

Nicolson, M

Nottle, S

Oppermann, A

Orsmond, M V

Patterson, E

Paul, E

Rattens, A

Roberts, M

Smyth, B

Strongman, E R?

Uppill, A

Uppill, E

Uppill, Mary

Vick, A

Vick, C L

Williams, I A S

Young, L J