Embroidered Signatures ProjectWAB. Riverton Branch 1917-1987: Cloth

Riverton Local History Family Research and Information Centre
Lower North
Women's Agricultural Bureau. Riverton
101cm x 104cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century/1917
ID Number
Cloths,Satin Stitch,Surface Stitchery,

Physical Description

Cream linen cloth with a 1.5cm hemstitched edge. The names are stitched in many colours scattered through the cloth. In one corner is a wreath of different green leaves with acorns and rose hip flowers. In the centre of the wreath are the letters W L in rust red, all are stitched in satin stitch. Above the wreath are the words High Wycombe. In the diagonally opposite corner is a dark blue stitched circle with the letters WAB in royal blue. Above the circle is stitched Riverton and below 1917-1987. Around the circle are stitched Sturt Desert Peas and wattle. Two small sprays of wattle are stitched at the corner.

Theme and Purpose

Women in Agriculture and Business. WAB - Women's Agricultural Bureau 1987. A signature cloth celebrating 70 years of the Women in Agriculture and Business, which started first in Riverton in 1917. Women in Agriculture and Business is the oldest rural women’s group in Australia, with a state-wide branch network.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

??unce, E

Avery, K R

Bailey, Jean

Baldwin, Colina

Barrett, Connie

Barrett, Jean

Bartlett, A

Beckert, E

Branson, Beryl

Branson, Thora

Briggs, D

Bristow, D E

Bristow, J

Bristow, M N

Brooks, F

Bruce, E G

Bulling, L

Burrows, Mary

Busch, Merilyn

Callery, Joan

Capell, D

Castle, H G

Coles, E

Connell, Mary

Cross, E

Day, Gwen

Di?ley, A

Dolby, J L

Emery, Lucy M

Fernandez, B

Garrett, Mary

Glover, P

Glover, W M

Goodchild, M

Gordon, A

Gosling, W

Gray, D

Green, P G

Greenslade, J

Greenslade, V

Gross, Ethel

Hannaford, Nell

Harding, Kay

Harskard, D M L

Hickman, M

Hodge, J

Housden, Alice

Hudson, Doreen

Humphrey, M

Humphrys, Avis

Hunt, E

Huppatz, E

Ing, J

J????, P E

Jones, D

Kelly, P A

Kemp, P J

Kendall, M G

Kernich, Betty

Knaverhase, P

Langly, I M

Large, E B

Mander, J

Marshall, Pat

Milner, M

Milverton, F E

Mines, D

Mitchell, M

Molineux, J

Nash, I M

Newell, M

Nichols, M

Noble, Elizabeth

Ottrey, Enid H

Patrick, D C

Peek, J L

Philpott, F E

Ryall, W M

Saunders, K L

Schulz, Pam

Sellwood, E L

Shackell, Nancy

Sleap, Judy J

Smith, H

Smith, S

Smyth, E

Smyth, Karen

Stacey, L

Stratford, E

Taylor, J

Thomas, Alma

Thomas, Avis J

Thomas, J

Tilly,T R

Toogood, H

Tuckey, Sybil

Turley, M

Twintchen, K J

Uppill, Aileen

Uppill, Jean

Ursmar, E

Videon, E

Viger, Ruby

West, R

Wohler, M

Wooster, (Mrs)

Youens, Ada B

Youens, Hilda