Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Lower Light Unit 439: Banner

Mallala Museum
Lower North
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Lower Light
112.5cm x73.5cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1940s
ID Number
Banners,Machine Appliqué,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream / ecru satin Fighting Forces Comforts Fund banner. The text "Lower Light" is contained within the outline of an open scroll at the top of the banner. "FFCF" is worked below this text in the top of a large machine appliquéd gold silk satin "V" which is superimposed on a map of Australia. The map is outlined in blue horizontal straight stitches. Below the text and also in the "v" is the embroidered insignia of the "Australian Commonwealth Military Forces". The last of the title text is at the bottom of the banner and each side of the "V": "Unit 439". All the title text is worked in padded satin stitch in yellow / gold. There are lists of servicemen below headings for different sections of the armed forces. From the left side of the banner they read: "A.I.F., A.G.H., R.V., Australian Navy, Army, RAAF and A.M.F." Two sets of crossed flags, another 2 insignias and other small embellishments complete the banner. Names are embroidered in stem stitch with red cotton thread.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Fundraiser.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.


Adams, A K

Adams, D H (RAAF)

Adams, F H

Adams, H M

Adams, H R

Adams, L A

Adams, L W

Adams, R T (RIF)

Adams, T L

Adams, V E

Bailey, G

Baker, D E

Baker, E G

Bell, S

Blackham, R M (RAAF)

Blackman, H

Bruce, C

Bruce, G P

Carter, C H

Carter, M L

Churches, M B (RIF)

Clutterham, A R

Clutterham, E E (RIF)

Davis, A E

Davis, C H

Davis, E B

Davis, I S

Davis, I S (RV)

Davis, R B

Davis, S H

Davis, T F

Dunston, K T

Dunston, N C

Dunston, R (RV)

Dunston, R E (RIF)

Dunston, T L

Garruthers, R J (RAAF)

George, D M

George, D Y

George, R J

Hart, A R (RAAF)

Hart, C M (RIF)

Hart, D M

Hart, E M

Hart, E R

Hart, L B

Hart, L E

Hart, L R

Hart, N T

Hart, R R

Hill, E M

Hill, G J

Hooper, G B

Hooper, I

Hooper, L K

Hooper, R

Hooper, W R

Howell, E

Howell, J

Jarmin, K A C (RAAF)

Jarmyn, E A

Jarmyn, M D

Jarmyn, S A

Jenkins, E D

Jenkins, E M

Jenkins, J L

Jenkins, K

Jenkins, M

Jenkins, P J

Jenkins, R L

Larson, V J

Lemmey, M

Lemmey, M J

Lemmey, R D (RIF)

Lemmey, R H

Molley, E M

Molley, J G

Molley, N G

O'Flaherty, A

O'Flaherty, B

O'Flayerty, F

O'Flayerty, J

O'Flayerty, R

Porter, B M

Porter, C P

Porter, D C

Porter, G E

Porter, H F (RIF)

Porter, J C

Porter, K A

Porter, M

Porter, M B

Porter, R A

Porter, W R

Pratt, B J

Pratt, B J (RAAF)

Pratt, C S

Pratt, D J

Pratt, G E

Pratt, G E (2)

Pratt, G M

Pratt, G M (2)

Pratt, H H (RIF)

Pratt, I T

Pratt, J T

Pratt, K W (RAAF)

Pratt, L

Pratt, L (2)

Pratt, L G

Pratt, L I

Pratt, M A

Pratt, M B

Pratt, M H

Pratt, M L

Pratt, N W

Pratt, O J

Pratt, R A

Pratt, R M

Pratt, S A

Pratt, S J

Pratt, U B

Pratt, V S

Pratt, W J

Pritchard, A J

Pritchard, H

Quigley, A J

Quigley, I W

Quigley, P A

Quigley, R A

Retallack, J T

Retallack, M H

Retallack, M J

Retallack, S E

Rowe, A R

Rowe, B R

Rowe, J S

Rowe, L E

Rowe, L H

Rowe, L R

Rowe, M C

Rowe, S J

Rundle, W

Ryan, A

Ryan, E

Ryan, F

Ryan, G

Ryan, L

Secomb, E

Sims, S K

Street, T

Temby, C M

Temby, E M

Temby, P W

Verner, C R W

Verner, D G

Verner, D R

Verner, L E

Verner, M

Verner, M H

Verner, O S

Verner, P I

Verner, S H

Waldron, R

Ware, A M (RIF)

Wasley, A N

Wasley, B B

Wasley, B N

Wasley, C N

Wasley, D

Wasley, J

Wasley, P F

Wasley, R T

Wasley, S A

Wright, C H W (RAAF)

Wright, E A

Wright, F C (RIF)

Wylie, A M

Wylie, B H

Wylie, C W

Wylie, D S

Wylie, E R (RAAF)

Wylie, H J

Wylie, J D

Wylie, J J

Wylie, J M

Wylie, L S

Wylie, P B

Wylie, R

Wylie, R J