Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Kingscote Unit 178. 1938 – 1945: Banner

National Trust. Hope Cottage Museum
Kangaroo Island
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Kingscote
130cm x 82cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/c1945
ID Number
Banners,Machine Appliqué,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Rectangular calico banner in a wooden frame, covered with perspex. The title of the banner and a large central "V" are appliquéd with red cloth. Worked across the top of the banner, the text reads '1939 FFCF 1945' and below that is 'KINGSCOTE UNIT 178'. The signatures are stitched in blue throughout the cloth. Red crosses against names depict those who died at war. Text from the museum notice: 'Among the signatures are two governors of South Australia, Lieutenant General Sir C Willoughby Norrie KCMG, CB, DSO, MC and Sir C Malcolm Barclay-Harvey, KCMG, the Premier, Sir Thomas Playford, local councillors and the captain and crews of minesweepers HMAS Toorie, HMAS Nambucca and HMAS Coolebar'.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Text from museum notice: 'During World War II the Fighting Forces Comforts Fund was an organisation established to provide those extras that gave comfort to the Australian Armed Forces serving abroad. Most country towns had branches of the FFCF and also the Red Cross. Kingscote actively supported both these organisations.This flag was made as a money raiser for the comfort fund - as it was known. For two shillings you could sign your name, which was then embroidered by the skilled needlewomen of the town'.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Alldis, G J (HMAS Coolebar)

Anderson, Reg

Anthony, K L (HMAS Coolebar)

Antler, W Douglas (HMAS Toorie)

Arnott, V (HMAS Coolebar)

Ayliffe, B (Pte)

Ayliffe, B E

Ayliffe, C (Pte)

Ayliffe, E

Ayliffe, G A (Pte)

Ayliffe, J (Pte)

Ayliffe, Les (Pte)

Ayliffe, S (Pte)

Bald, Rae

Bald, Ruth

Ballantine, J J (W/O) (HMAS Toorie)

Barclay-Harvey, C M

Barnes, A

Barrett, S R (Pte)

Bates, A W

Bates, Barbara D

Bates, L W

Baxter, K (Pte)

Bell, C H

Bell, N M

Bennett, J

Bice, John

Blackburn, Rose (3rd M G)

Boothey, V R S (Dvr)

Boxer, A (Pte)

Boxer, A L

Boxer, E (Pte)

Boxer, L M

Boxer, M C

Boxer, M F

Boxer, N E

Boxer, S (Dvr)

Boxer, W R

Bradley, Cherise

Brown, R Spencer

Brumby, R

Bunn, W H (HMAS Coolebar)

Burdon, A K (Pte)

Burgess, E

Burgess, M M (Dr)

Burns, J G (HMAS Coolebar)

Burston, Helen

Burton, V L

Campain, J H (HMAS Toorie)

Carlton, P M

Carpenter, J (HMAS Coolebar)

Carter, J H

Carter, M

Chapman, F W

Christie, W L (HMAS Coolebar)

Christopher, Fred (Pte)

Clark, Libby

Clark, Patty

Clark, R

Clark, V

Cobb, R G (HMAS Coolebar)

Conaughty, Audrey

Conaughty, V J

Cook, A

Cook, H (Cpl)

Cook, P

Cook, Thomas E

Cook, W W

Cooksley, M A

Cooksley, W (Pte)

Cornish, P R (Cpl)

Cunningham, G

Curry, A (HMAS Toorie)

Curtis, A J (HMAS Toorie)

Dalzeil, J R (HMAS Toorie)

Dasborough, L A

Davidson, J

Daw, Arthur

Daw, G E

Daw, W E

Daw, W F

Day, Olive

Day, R W

Dempster, Curly

Duffy, H W (HMAS Coolebar)

Dunn, R (HMAS Toorie)

Elsegood, B M

Elsegood, D C

Elsegood, F

Elsegood, O

Elsegood, P H

Enwright, R E (HMAS Coolebar)

Fazackerley, R (HMAS Toorie)

Foley, W (HMAS Toorie)

Forsyth, C J

Frith, Evelyn C (2/43rd)

Fry, Marjorie

Gill, L (HMAS Coolebar)

Gillen, G

Goddard, D A

Goodwin, H F (HMAS Coolebar)

Gossett, L H (HMAS Toorie)

Gould, A (HMAS Toorie)

Gray, H B (HMAS Toorie)

Griffith, A (Pte)

Griffith, B D L (Pte)

Griffith, E V

Griffith, L G

Griffith, R

Griffiths, R L

Grover, Helen

Hall, B L

Hall, C M

Hall, Enid J

Hall, F H

Hall, Freda

Hall, H R

Hall, R P (Gnr)

Hall, William, G

Hamilton, Frank (HMAS Sydney)

Harrison, J H (HMAS Coolebar)

Harvey, R J (HMAS Coolebar)

Haseldine, G J

Hayward, K R (HMAS Coolebar)

Hewitt, A J

Hill, C A (HMAS Coolebar)

Hone, Effie (2/14 Fld Reg)

Horsell, B

Horsell, B (2)

Hudd, Hubert (Capt)

Jackson, T (HMAS Toorie)

Jacobs, F A E (HMAS Nambucca)

Janes, Clifford (Pte)

Jeffries, S W

Johncock, G H (Pte)

Johnson, A C (Sgt)

Johnson, Elizabeth

Jones, Iris

Jones, V (HMAS Coolebar)

Kelly, A

Kelly, M E

Kerars, Eleanor

Kitson, Ethel

Kosehagen, Gladys S

Krause, A (HMAS Nambucca)

Krause, L (HMAS Coolebar)

Lade, A

Lade, D R

Lade, G E

Lade, Jean E

Lambie, G (HMAS Toorie)

Laurie, K H (HMAS Toorie)

Litchfield, H A (HMAS Coolebar)

Luxmoore, J

Mace, K W (HMAS Toorie)

MacLeod, H (HMAS Toorie)

MacLeod, R C (HMAS Toorie)

Martin, Kathleen?

Maudlen, A (HMAS Toorie)

May, Chas E

May, G R

May, I

May, T Y (HMAS Toorie)

McDonough, M

McDonough, M T

McGrath, C T (HMAS Toorie)

McIntosh, Jean

McIntyre, D W (Pte)

Moran, Colleen

Moran, Kathleen

Moran, L

Moran, T G

Morgan, A K (HMAS Toorie)

Morris, E

Murray, I (Sgt)

Nagel, F E E

Neighbour, R

Nicholson, M

Norrie, Patricia

Norrie, Willoughby

Osmond, J L

Otim, S

Parker, T (HMAS Coolebar)

Paterson, P M

Pavilach, G R

Paynter, N

Playford, T

Pledge, G L

Powell, G (HMAS Toorie)

Prideaux, J (HMAS Coolebar)

Prior, S R (HMAS Nambucca)

Quinlan, E A (Sgt)

Regan, K J (HMAS Toorie)

Roake, R A (HMAS Toorie)

Roberts, F D M (HMAS Coolebar)

Roberts, M F (HMAS Coolebar)

Roche, C E (HMAS Coolebar)

Rogers, M (HMAS Coolebar)

Roper, H P

Round, F J (HMAS Toorie)

Rowsell, A

Rowsell, A M (Gnr)

Rowsell, M G

Ruth, Arthur E (Pte)

Rymill, E G (Sgt)

Rymill, Katherine L

Rymill, Shylia

Schaefer, D B

Seager, H W H

Seager, M A

Shane, S (HMAS Toorie)

Sheperd, V

Sheridan, B

Sheridan, E

Simmonds, D

Slade, J

Smith, A J K (Designer)

Smith, H K

Smith, Mervyn (Chairman Council)

Snelling, W I

Spain, A L (HMAS Toorie)

Symons, W J (HMAS Coolebar)

Taupin, L B (HMAS Sydney)

Taylor, E R

Thompson, B H (HMAS Toorie)

Tiggerman, E J (Pte)

Tiggerman, H S (Pte)

Tiggerman, K

Tomlinson, W H (HMAS Toorie)

Tugwell, E L

Turner, E D

Turner, E V

Turner, F A

Turner, F E

Turner, J V

Verrier, G S (2/10th)

Waller, A E (Pte)

Waller, E A

Waller, H R (Pte)

Waller, L A (Sig)

Waller, P G

Watson, F (HMAS Coolebar)

Watson, M E

Weatherspoon, K

Weatherspoon, P J (Pte)

Weir, A (HMAS Nambucca)

Wheaton, B J

Wheaton, D R

Wheaton, F H (Pte)

Wheaton, M M (HMAS Nambucca)

Wheaton, R

Whitman, D (HMAS Coolebar)

Whittle, M

Wiadrowski, K

Wickham, F E (Pte)

Williams, G M

Willson, D (Sapper)

Wood, Fannie

Wright, C C

Wright, D E

Wright, G

Young, Margaret