Embroidered Signatures ProjectDaphne Francis Queen of Town and District 1943: Cloth

Private Collections
Mid North
89cm x 92cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1943
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream cotton cloth with a 2cm crochet edge. In the centre is a square of royal blue stem stitch with the words 'Daphne Francis Queen of Town and District 1943'. The capital letters D, F, T and D are outlined in stem stitch. The signatures scattered over the cloth are in various colours.

Theme and Purpose

Fundraiser. The owner's older sister, Daphne Francis, was one of three Queens of Terowie during the war. Terowie was an army staging camp during the war with soldiers transiting to Darwin. The family owned a farm in the area and were active in raising money for the troops. Many of the signatures on the cloth were family members or people who worked on the farm.


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?, Iris

A??, F Roy

Abbott, M

Adams, Joan

Adams, Lorna

Angel, W

Bailey, R

Barry, Laurel

Battersby, Doreen

Bevan, Irene

Bills, Win

Booth, F L

Both, Allen J

Both, Kathleen

Both, N A

Bowden, Elva

Boys, Edith

Brealey, D

Breeding, Lionel (Mr & Mrs)

Brett, Brian

Brett, Mary

Brett, Neil

Bruce, Pauline

Cabot, L R

Cadzous, T R

Carpenter, V R

Carpenter, W T

Churches, J

Churches, N

Clarke, R J

Clarke, S J

Clements, Reg

Cockshell, A

Collins, H

Collins, H C

Conway, Chris

Crosby, C M

Crosby, Doreen

Crosby, J R

Crosby, John

Dale, George

Dale, J

Davies, S G

Edwards, C A S

Edwards, C J

Edwards, H

Edwards, Hazel L

Elliot, D M

Elliot, Lorna

Elliott, J K

Epps, Cecil H

Epps, P S

Fitzpatrick, E J

Flint, R C

Fogarty, Stan

Francis, E P (Mother)

Gericke, A M

Gericke, H S

Geve, N L

Giles, John J

Gillespie, J E

Grigg, Stella

Groves, H C

Groves, S H

Hams, A A

Hams, M I

Hams, Valma J

Hanlin, F M

Haynes, Sid

Henderson, K A

Hides, Mag

Hill, H W

Hill, M J

Hodge, I

Hodge, S R

Hopworth, W

Howard, C A

Hucks, A

Hunt, L H

Jarmyn, R J (BPR AIF)

Jenkins, V K

Johnston, J H

Jones, A

Jones, Douglas

Jones, H

Jones, H (2)

Just, A

Just, Catherine

K, F

Keane, F A

Kenworthy, J (Grandfather)

Kenworthy, S B (Grandmother)

Kernihan, E M

Kitston, J K

Kloss, J

Lanartowig, J

Lee, M R

Lillywhite, B I

Lines, H G

Linsley, A C

Madins, D J

Mahoney, K J

Mahoney, M

Martin, A H

Martin, A W

Mason, R C

Mattey, E L

Mattey, R A

McFarlane, J

McInerney, J

McInerney, Lance

McInerney, Madge

McInerney, Pat

McKeough, E L

McKinnon, Elsie

McKinnon, Kayleen

McKough, J

Megaw, W S

Menz, Judith

Moore, Shirley

Mouch??, K A

Murphy, J M

Murray-Wilson, D

Northcott, Hilda

Northcott, J H

Nully, M (DC)

O'Brien, James L

Offler, E O

Parker, L W

Paynter, T

Place, V C R

Post, Joseph M

Post, Nan L

Prout, J

Ragnor, Jean

Ragnor, L B

Randall, J

Rankin, D R

Rankin, G H

Rankin, Ian

Rankin, R J

Rankin, S N

Rayner, Max

Raynor, A

Rice, A D

Roads, Ross R

Roberts, R

Rosewall, W

Saint, Helen

Schmidt, H M

Shane, M

Simpson, B C

Strawbridge, F J (AIF)

Strawbridge, Hartley

Strawbridge, J M

Strawbridge, Joy

Strawbridge, Mary

Strawbridge, R W (AIF)

Swift, F

Tilka, Linda

Tiver, J G

Tonkins, M

Toole, L U

Townsend, K T

Trader, Ian

Walkington, Allan

Walkington, Dean

Waters, M

Watson, D

Watt, E

Westan, K

Westan, Pat

Whilby, Clifford

Whyte, K C

Williams, Andrew

Williams, B H

Williams, D J

Williams, L

Williams, V A

Witty, J

Wokatich, P B

Wood, A

Wright, E Hie