Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Mount Barker Unit 102: Banner

Mount Barker RSL
Adelaide Hills
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Mount Barker
86cm x 126cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1942
ID Number
Appliqué,Banners,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream linen banner with an appliquéd large blue "V" in the centre. Large initials "F.F.C.F.", centre top of the banner, are worked in satin stitch with red thread. Similarly "Mount" and " Barker" is worked centrally each side of the "V" and "Unit 102" at the base of the "V". Names are worked in stem stitch with red thread.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Quoted from the article listed under Source Material: "in August [1942] a V for Victory flag was started, members being added by subscription" to raise funds.


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Alexander, T M

Allen, C

Anderson, A

Ansell, A M

Ball, R H

Barnes, C H

Barnes, G W

Barrett, W J

Bates, M

Baulyer, A G (Councillor)

Beard, D

Bell, B M

Bell, Bob

Bell, J R

Bell, L V

Bell, W

Bell, W P

Bird, C H

Blackwell, D H

Blight, N R

Boase, M

Bolts, C

Bolts, H

Braendler, M

Bridgland, G

Bridgland, John

Bridgland, Judith

Bridgland, Y (Treasurer)

Brown, D W

Brownell, P F

Bruce, H

Bruendler, P J (Councillor)

Budgen, S C

Bugg, J

Burden, G

Burke, M V

Cameron, N S

Campbell, N

Carr, L

Carr, M

Chambers, J H

Chapman, D

Chapman, E C

Chapman, G F

Chapman, Margaret D

Childs, K

Clark, Ron

Cleggett, Bill

Cleggett, H W

Cleggett, J E

Cleggett, M

Cleggett, W G

Collett, E M

Collett, G O

Collett, G P

Collett, H

Collett, M

Condon, B

Cooney, E J

Cope, J

Coppin, Gladys

Coward, E

Crago, D J

Crago, F

Crago, S

Craig, A M

Craig, J M

Crawford, M

Crispe, L E

Crouch, H J

Daniel, A

Daniel, D

Daniel, F

Daniel, S H

Darling, W

Davies, C M

Davies, V

Davis, Dan

Davis, H

Davis, M

Davis, M L E A

Davis, N

Dean, H D

Dean, Leslie B

Dowding, W G

Downing, F

Drewer, June

Duffield, A

Duffield, D

Duffield, Del

Duffield, Fay

Duffield, I E

Duffield, Jean

Duffield, John

Duffield, May

Duffield, Pam

Duffield, Peg

Duffield, Ross

Duffield, S

Duffield, W H

Durdin, W R

Ellis, F W

Ellis, I

Ellis, M

Ellis, M B

Ellis, Ray

England, E L

England, K

Evans, A J

Evans, E M

Evans, P F

Fachmann, C

Fitzgerald, J

Fitzgerald, M

Foggitt Jones Pty Ltd

Folliott, E O C

Folliott, Sally

Frinnick, L J

Fry, A B (Councillor)

Gallasch, Herb

Gallesh, W

Gee, K C

Gee, Marjorie

Gee, W H

Gibson, L

Gilbert, R

Gladigan, I O (Councillor)

Goldsworthy, R (Councillor)

Gransbury, B W

Gray, (Mrs)

Gray, H

Guard, J

Guard, M

Gum, M

Haines, F S

Haire, F G

Hammer, J C

Hanna, R N

Hansen, L M

Harnence, R M

Harris, Stan

Harrison, E (Secretary)

Harrison, G W F

Harrison, H (Councillor)

Hart, F

Hayman, K W

Heinjus, B

Heinjus, B W

Heinjus, R

Heinrich, E

Heinrich, E G

Hetherington, K H

Hetherington, Peter K

Hetherington, S M

Hill, H

Hoffmann, C

Holdfast Bowlers

Honeychurch, R R

Howard, A S

Howard, E E

Hughes, L S

Hughes, M D

Humphries, W

Humphris, E S

Hunt, H C (Councillor)

Jacobs, E

Jacobs, G

Jaensch, A

Jaensch, V E

James, R H

Jones, D

Jones, G W

Jones, R H

Kavanagh, Glen

Kelleher, P

Kelly, E D

Kelly, S

Kent, Max

Krause, M R

Laffers, L H

Lamb, R

Lang, J V

Laurence, T

Ledger, Betty

Ledger, E L

Ledger, Elaine

Legg, G

Leslie, Constance

Leslie, Margaret

Levett, V

Ley, G T

Lindner, H E

Loman, J

Love, K

Love, W

Luck, Audrey

Luck, Bert

Luck, Bill

Luck, Florence

Luck, Francis

Luck, Fred

Luck, Ken

Lugg, Betty

Lugg, C J M

Lugg, D

Lugg, J D

MacKay, L M

MacKay, R W

Maclay, Betty

Maclay, J H

Maclay, O J

Magarey, A W

Maple, E

Marks, Agnes

Marks, John

Marks, Lorna

Marks, Reg

Martin, A K

Martin, Beryl

Martin, J V

Martin, John

Martin, M V

Matthews, L A

McBain, H

McDonald, V R

McKay, M B

McKay, M J

Mellor, D H

Miels, H A

Milligan, J

Mills, Alec (Councillor)

Mitchell, F

Monger, J L

Monger, T H

Monger, T H (Councillor)

Monks, P E

Morcom, A S

Morley, W

Morrison, R C

Murphy, Gwen

Murray, B

Murray, G

Murrie, D I

Nagel, G G

Nagel, L A

Neagle, T

Neate, Pat

Nitschke, C G (Councillor)

Nitschke, R

Nockalds, L

O'Loughlin, J R

O'Loughlin, K

O'Malley, M

O'Malley, Pat

O'Malley, Peg

Oborn, V R

Oke, Katherine G

Oliver, K

Opie, A E

Orr, F R

Orr, M H

Orr, Y

Paech, P

Pallchem, R

Paltridge, F

Parrington, E A

Paterson, C A

Paterson, R O

Peach, A H

Pearson, L N

Pennington, H G

Penny, B

Penny, D

Penny, K

Penny, N

Pinchbeck, L

Pope, C D

Pope, H

Pope, I

Pope, J

Pope, P

Post, N

Potts, H

Preece, B

Pudney, Jenifer

Pudney, Jillian

Purser, G (Councillor)

Purser, G F (Councillor)

Purvis, J

Raison, Kathleen

Raison, Keith H

Rattery, J

Rayson, E

Rayson, L J

Rayson, R W

Reddy, M

Reddy, R

Reid, D L

Reusche, A

Rice, E

Rice, L

Rice, R

Richard, Eric J

Robjent, F W

Rose, L G

Roseworthy Agriculture College

Ruchel, R E

Russ, R C

Sage,T M

Schroder, D

Schroeder, A L

Schroeder, R

Scott, David

Scott, Patrick Alan (Councillor)

Scott, R

Scourn, J H

Scourn, Kathleen

Shackley, K D

Shoebridge, I

Shorter, D D

Siddle, I

Simper, F (Councillor)

Simper, Jean

Simpson, Ruby

Sims, Bill

Siviour, N

Slade, H G

Slade, I J

Slade, J J

Slade, T C

Slade, T J

Smith, Alice

Smith, Alma

Smith, Consie

Smith, Dolly

Smith, F C

Smith, G

Smith, Leslie E

Smith, Walter

Smithland, D

Sparrow, Robie

Stainbank, H

Stephens, A

Stevens, A E

Stevens, C

Stevens, E F (Councillor)

Stevens, F E J

Stevens, J

Stevens, V

Stodall, M B

Stodart, J H

Stodart, N B

Suter, D D

Sutherland, Alf

Sutherland, D

Swabs, G

Symond, T G

T Paltridge and Sons Ltd

Teagle, I S

Tee, F G

Thiele, R

Thompson, A V

Tonkin, C

Trigg, J

Tyrill, E G A

Voit, E

Von Doussa, E

Von Doussa, Olive

W Jacobs Ltd

Wagenknecht, A O

Walkom, E C

Wallers, C

Warden, M (President)

Warren, J B

Wellington, Elizabeth

Wellington, Judith

Wheeler, M V

Wiese, B

Wiese, K

Wiese, M

Williams, A M

Williams, C

Williams, Ray

Wilson, A M

Wilson, D G

Wilson, D M

Wise, Florence

Woodcroffe, H

Woodland, C K

Woodland, W R

Young, G H

Zilm, M M