Embroidered Signatures ProjectMontacute Centenary Carnival 1946: Cloth

East Torrens Historical Society
Adelaide Hills
Dulcie Winter
85cm x 77cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1946
ID Number
Cloths,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A white cotton cloth with a central yellow roundel containing a sprig of wattle in the centre and circled by the text "Centenary Montacute Carnival 1946". Lists of names embroidered in stem stitch in two different blue cotton threads surround the central motif. The wattle, flowers and stem are worked in satin stitch, and the leaves in diagonal satin stitch in yellow, green and brown cotton threads respectively. The cloth has been mounted on fabric-covered foam core or board by Artlab.

Theme and Purpose

Montacute Centenary Carnival 1946 Commemorative and fundraising cloth for the centenary of Montacute in 1946. A carnival was held to celebrate the centenary and more than £800 was raised overall for the Soldiers’ Memorial Fund. The money raised was for the building of an oval at Montacute. The cloth was embroidered by Dulcie Winter, nee Osborne.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Adlam, E W

Barnett, B

Barnett, D

Barnett, F

Barnett, H

Barnett, L

Barnett, L (2)

Barnett, N

Biebrick, C

Biebrick, C (2)

Biebrick, K

Biebrick, K (2)

Biebrick, M

Biebrick, M (2)

Biebrick, W

Bishop, E

Bishop, M

Blight, R

Brown, J

Bungay, Ann

Bungay, E A

Bungay, G

Bungay, L

Bungay, M

Bungay, S

Bungey, A

Bungey, H

Bungey, I M

Cameron, M

Channing, A

Cleggett, F

Cock, D W

Cock, M M

Cooper, R

Cowley, S

Croft, M

Croft, W

Curnow, C L

Curnow, Ellen I

Curnow, I H

Curnow, M

Curnow, P A

Curnow, R

Davis, I

Doman, G

Doyle, N J

Emmerton, E

Emmerton, W

Everest, A

Everest, G

Ford, B

Ford, F

Ford, J

Ford, M

Ford, R

Gepp, C

Gepp, H J

Gepp, I J

Gepp, I M

Gepp, L R

Gepp, M

Gepp, Nancy

Gepp, W

Gepp, W G

Gepp, W G (2)

Gepp, W J

Gobell, E W

Gobell, M

Greene, Barrie

Greene, Bob & Barrie

Greene, D

Greene, E

Greene, F A

Greene, G

Greene, G (2)

Greene, J

Greene, K

Greene, L

Greene, M

Greene, M (2)

Greene, R

Greene, R (2)

Greene, R (3)

Greene, S

Greene, V

Greene, V (2)

Hall, F

Helgeson, E

Holliday, G

Holliday, V A

Holt, A

Hunter, G

Hunter, J

Hunter, M

Hunter, M (2)

Hunter, Mabel

Hunter, R

Hunter, Robert

Jelfs, E

Jennings, N

Jonas, J

Jonas, W

Kearley, J

Kearley, R

Kirkbright, A

Lane, D

Larner, C

Larner, R

Lymn, A

Lymn, R B

McDowell, L

McKerlie, E

McKerlie, R

McKerlie, W

Milne, H

Modra, E

Moyse, F

Newton, E

Orr, A

Parish, A

Pearce, A

Perryman, Max

Possingham, C

Possingham, D

Possingham, D (2)

Possingham, E

Possingham, F

Possingham, I

Possingham, L

Possingham, M

Possingham, P

Possingham, R

Possingham, T

Rayson, J A

Rayson, J H

Rayson, M

Ross, G

Ross, L

Ross, N

Schulze, F C V

Schulze, M S

Schulze, M V

Schulze, V W C

Smith, B

Smith, C

Smith, C (2)

Smith, C C

Smith, C H

Smith, D

Smith, D (2)

Smith, E E

Smith, E H

Smith, F

Smith, H

Smith, K

Smith, K G

Smith, M

Smith, M (2)

Smith, P

Smith, R

Smith, S

Soar, E

Spargo, M

Sparnon, A

Sparnon, A (2)

Sparnon, D

Sparnon, D (2)

Sparnon, F

Sparnon, J

Sparnon, M

Sparnon, R

Sparnon, Roy

Sparnon, W

Stainbank, E

Stainbank, H

Stainbank, V

Story, M R

Swaine, F

Swaine, M

Tourner, O

Trebilcock, A

Trebilcock, B

Trebilcock, B (2)

Trebilcock, B (3)

Trebilcock, C

Trebilcock, D

Trebilcock, F

Trebilcock, G A

Trebilcock, H

Trebilcock, I

Trebilcock, J

Trebilcock, K

Trebilcock, L

Trebilcock, L (2)

Trebilcock, M

Trebilcock, N

Trebilcock, P

Trebilcock, P (2)

Trebilcock, P (3)

Trebilcock, R

Trebilcock, R (2)

Trebilcock, V

Trebilcock, V (2)

Trebilcock, W

Trebilcock, W (2)

Tunstill, H V

Wheeler, A E

Wheeler, R A

Whelan, B

Whelan, D

Whelan, H

Whelan, N

Whelan, V

Winter, C

Winter, D

Winter, D (2)

Winter, H

Winter, J

Winter, R

Winter, W

Woolcock, A