Embroidered Signatures ProjectUraidla & District Hospital 1942: Cloth

East Torrens Historical Society
Adelaide Hills
Mrs H Sitters
84cm x 84cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1942
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

An ecru linen cloth with four large red and blue 'Vs' surrounded by signatures. One 'V' fills each corner of the square cloth. The signatures are embroidered in red, white and blue cotton thread. The V in each corner is worked in chain stitch. The signatures are stitched in stem stitch. The title, ‘Uraidla & District Hospital 1942’, is worked in satin stitch in red cotton thread. The cloth is framed and mounted behind glass.

Theme and Purpose

Fundraiser for the Uraidla and District Hospital. In 1942, the annual ball of the hospital was held on Saturday 15th August. A tablecloth with the signatures of 311 people was the fundraising cloth for the candidature of Mr Sitters for the King competition at the ball. Mr Sitters raised £43 15,3 altogether. Mrs Sitters, who presumably stitched the cloth, presented it to Matron J Edwards, who accepted the cloth on behalf of the hospital.


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Aufderheide, E

Aufderheide, J

Badenoch, D M

Badenoch, Myrtle

Berry, E J

Betts, T E

Betts, W H

Bonython, Amy

Bonython, B

Bonython, E

Bonython, E D

Bonython, Esme

Bonython, L

Bonython, Queen

Bonython, R

Bonython, T

Brooks, A M

Brooks, D

Brooks, Dorothy

Brooks, Ern

Brooks, George

Brooks, Joyce

Brooks, Lorna

Bungay, W

Burdett, Elsie

Burdett, J

Caust, Rhoda

Caust, V A

Charlton, J

Chinnick, J

Chinnick, R L

Chinnick, R W

Cobbledick, A M

Cobbledick, Arthur

Cobbledick, David

Cobbledick, F Y

Cobbledick, John

Cobbledick, Kathleen

Cobbledick, Maisie

Cobbledick, Mary

Cobbledick, R

Cobbledick, Robert

Cobbledick, Shirley

Collett, H

Collins, Amy

Collins, C E

Collins, Enid

Collins, M

Collins, Mona

Collins, R B

Cooper, Jessie

Cooper, Mary

Cornish, K M

Cornish, M

Cramond, Eleanor

Cummins, Hilda

Curtis, M

Cutting, H

Cutting, M E

Cutting, V


Davies, A

Davies, D W

Day, B M

Day, Pearl

Dewhurst, Jean

Downie, George

Downie, Kathleen

Driver, C

Driver, Ethel

Driver, Forest

Driver, H O

Driver, Rosalie

Dubois, E L

Dyer, Amelia

Dyer, C W

Dyer, Eva

Dyer, Mary

Dyer, N F


Edwards (Sister)

Edwards, E

Edwards, Florence

Edwards, H F (Pte)

Edwards, Joyce

Edwards, Reg

Edwards, Ruby

Elborough, R

Essex, J

Essex, Jessie

Fairbank, D

Fleetwood, E

Frost, A J

Gore, B

Gore, D E

Gore, E (R EF M)

Gore, E A

Gore, Ern

Gore, G E

Gore, H E

Gore, Jane

Gore, John

Gore, Lucy E

Gore, M

Gore, M D

Gore, M G

Gore, N

Grigg, C

Grigg, D E

Grigg, E H

Grigg, J

Grigg, J M

Hales, B

Hales, C

Hanchant, E

Harding, A M

Harris, D E

Harris, F

Harrison, C P

Harrison, V R

Hicks, A E

Hillman, M

Hockham, E B

Hockham, Eric

Hockham, Phyllis

Holliday, Alan Alfred

Holliday, Belle

Holliday, Edith Alice

Holliday, G

Holliday, P

Holliday, S

Hunt, D

Hunt, E

Hunt, Joan

Hunt, Stella

Jones, Hilda

Joyce, Winifred

King, E

Knight, C W

Law, Ellen

Law, Robert

Leatch, Lorna

Leatch, Myrtle

Leatch, Percy

Lee, Stan C

Liebelt, E J

Liebelt, Hilda

Liebelt, Jack

Liebelt, Norm

Little, A

Long, Barbara

Long, Linda

Long, Pat

Lymn, Alice

Lymn, Archie

Lymn, D

Lymn, Gladys M

Lymn, J

Lymn, Margaret

Lymn, P M

Lynne, Grace D

MacFarlane, Alison

MacFarlane, Elaine

MacFarlane, Margaret

Manhood, E

Manhood, G W

Matthews, D

Matthews, K

Matthews, R C

McConnon, Gwen

McKerlie, A M

Nelson, Bill

Nelson, E

Nelson, H

Nelson, Marj

Nicol, E

Nicol, V

Oliver, B C (47767 A C I)

Oliver, Stephanie June

Parrott, G R

Parrott, Mary A

Pederick, D

Pederick, M

Pederick, W

Pilben, E

Pollard, F

Pollard, F B

Pollard, L

Pollard, Viva

Pritchard, James G

Probert, Bill

Probert, Shirley


Radcliffe, S

Reid, A O (Dr)

Reid, Janet

Reid, M B (Dr)

Reid, Melva

Richardson, Brian

Richardson, D G

Richardson, Dot

Richardson, Trevor

Ringbaur, L

Roberts, J

Rodda, S

Rodda, W A

Rodda, Wallace

Samwell, Nellie

Schultz, C

Schultz, F H

Schultz, H E

Schultz, K B

Scott, Annette

Scott, D & M

Scott, Valma

Shaddick, Beverley

Shaddick, Hilma

Shaddick, Marlene

Shaddick, W ?

Shillabeer, Ronald

Simmons, C M

Sitters, A W

Sitters, Betty

Sitters, Bruce L

Sitters, Emma

Sitters, H R

Sitters, Harry I

Sitters, M A

Sitters, R E

Sitters, Ruth

Slater, P H

Squiers, Amy

Squiers, Maud M

Squiers, Murray

Squiers, W

Squires, A H

Squires, Janine

Squires, Jessie

Squires, L

Squires, M

Squires, Philip

Squires, Phyllis

Squires, W

Standley, Jennifer

Staniford, Gwendoline

Stentiford, Ben

Stentiford, Don

Stentiford, Dot

Stentiford, E M

Stentiford, Ern

Stentiford, J

Stentiford, R

Stentiford, S M

Stentiford, V

Sutton, Delma

Tamlin, F

Thomas, B

Thomson, D

Thomson, G

Townsend, A H

Townsend, E

Townsend, H L

Trenorden, A E

Trenorden, Audrey E

Trenorden, Carmen

Trenorden, Con

Trenorden, Connie

Trenorden, D

Trenorden, Elsie

Trenorden, F

Trenorden, Hazel

Trenorden, J H

Trenorden, Jessie

Trenorden, Len (P O)

Trenorden, Les

Trenorden, Lois

Trenorden, Margaret

Trenorden, Maxine

Trenorden, R E

Trenorden, Robert

Trenorden, Trix

Trenorden, V

Tucker, N M

Tucker, Trevor

Tucker, W H

Uraidla Hotel

Vanstone, Olive

Vanstone, Walter Douglas

Vince, A M

Vince, B B

Vince, Ida

Vince, Nell

Vince, O

Vince, S E

Williams, E

Williams, S

Willsmore, P D

Willsmore, V

Wotton, J

Wotton, P