Embroidered Signatures ProjectHeroes of the Great War 1914-1918: Cloth

East Torrens Historical Society
Adelaide Hills
79cm x 77.5cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1918
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Black satin cloth with two crossed flags in the centre and at each corner. Embroidered in white around the central crossed flags is the text "Heroes of the Great War 1914 - 1918". Names of servicemen with their rank are stitched in stem stitch with yellow silk thread to encircle the central flag motif.

Theme and Purpose

World War I. Fundraiser Raising funds for the war effort.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Atkinson, C B (Gunr)

Aufderheide, H J (Pte)

Badenoch, A (Pte)

Badenoch, A G (Drv)

Badenoch, Will (Pte)

Berryman, A C (Sig)

Biggs, R R (Cpl)

Bishop, L A (Pte)

Bonython DCM, R L (Pte)

Bonython, K M (Pte)

Bowden, A B (Pte)

Brisbane, J C (Sig)

Brook, A (Pte)

Cameron, N S (Dvr)

Caust, A F H, (Pte)

Caust, L J W, (Pte)

Chappell, H (Pte)

Christian, A J (Pte)

Christian, P W (Pte)

Church, A (Pte)

Church, F (Pte)

Church, R (Pte)

Clarke, W G (Pte)

Collins, A (Pte)

Collins, Leslie (Dvr)

Conroy, W (Sapper)

Cook, F C (Tpr)

Cook, N H (Pte)

Cook, R W (Pte)

Cooksley, F (Pte)

Corry, S L (Lieut)

Crocker, J (Pte)

Crocker, Stan (Pte)

Cummins, A J (Pte)

Curtis, H E (Pte)

Dickson, R E (Sig)

Diggs, A G (Sgt)

Driver, G (Pte)

Driver, W H (Cpl)

Dyer, C (Pte)

Dyer, F (Pte)

Dyer, S A (Sgt)

Edwards, Clem (Pte)

Elliott, E A (Pte)

Ey, H G (Pte)

Forsyth (Bridgr Genrl)

Franklin, J (Sgt)

Fuller, R ?

Gates, H (Pte)

Gaunt, A (Sapr)

Gaunt, N A (Sgt)

Gore, C (Cpl)

Gore, F V (LCpl)

Gore, F W (Pte)

Gore, P (Pte)

Green, E L (Pte)

Grigg, C (Sig)

Grigg, J (Pte)

Grigg, W J (Pte)

Hales, H (Pte)

Hales, S G (Pte)

Hales, S R (Pte)

Hall, G G (Pte)

Halliday, E (Pte)

Halliday, H J (Pte)

Hart, A J M (Pte)

Hawke, H H (Gunr)

Hill, J C (Pte)

Hocking, V (Pte)

Holton (Lieut)

Hopkins, E (Dvr)

Hopkins, J (Pte)

Horsnell, J (Pte)

Hughes, C (Pte)

Hurling, D (Pte)

Jarrett, S D (Pte)

Jarvis, Harold J (L/cpl)

Johnson, E (Cpl Sapr)

Jury, Bert (Sgt)

Kemp, G E R (Pte)

Kent, F (Pte)

Kent, F W (Pte)

Kerrigan, L (Sapr)

Kessell, W J E (Pte)

Klar, F L (Sgt)

Leopold, O (Cpl)

Lewis, D (Pte)

Little, A J (Pte)

Little, S R (Pte)

Liverton, H (Pte)

Long, C (Bugler)

Long, R (Pte)

Macfarlane, C (Pte)

Macfarlane, H J (Pte)

Macfarlane, W (Pte)

Morris, B F (Pte)

Moulds, W A (Sapper)

Nicholas, C R (Pte)

Norton, Bert (Pte)

Oliver, John (Pte)

Oliver, T L (Pte)

Oliver, W G (Tpr)

Parrish, W (Lce Cpl)

Perry, C J (Chaplain)

Picard (Gunr)

Picard (Pte)

Picard (Sgt)

Plenty, Clarence (Cpt)

Provis, F D (Pte)

Richardson, C (?)

Richardson, E J (Pte)

Richardson, W C (Pte)

Routley, G (Pte)

Rowell, A E (Sig)

Sandercock, B F (Pte)

Sawyer, H J (Pte)

Schocroft, C (Dvr)

Schocroft, S L (Pte)

Schriver, O H (Pte)

Schriver, R H (Pte)

Schriver, R O (Pte)

Schultz, I (Pte)

Scott, D (Pte)

Shueard, W S (Pte)

Souter, F H (Pte)

Souter, J F (Capt)

Souter, J H (Pte)

Sprigg, W E (Pte)

Staniford, E P (Pte)

Sullivan, E (Pte)

Swanston, L (Pte)

Sweeney, J G (Cptn)

Taylor, J Lloyd (Sgt)

Tester, ? R

Tester, F J (Pte)

Tester, G A (Pte)

Thomas, G C W (Pte)

Thomas, J M (Sig)

Thwaites, H L (Lce Cpl)

Trenorden MM, L C (Cpl)

Trenorden, F V (Pte)

Trenorden, H O (Pte)

Trenorden, W E (Pte)

Udy, L L (Pte)

Vaughan, J H (Pte)

Vince, A E (Pte)

Warren, A (Pte)

Watts, A J (Pte)

White, H R (Gunr)

Whitmore, B (Pte)

Willcox, D W (Pte)

Willsmore, A R (Pte)

Willsmore, M (Pte)

Wilson, A C (Gnr)

Winter, J H (Pte)

Wotton, F A (Sig)