Embroidered Signatures ProjectHoly Trinity Church. Womens Guild: Cloth

Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Museum
Holy Trinity Church. Womens Guild
118cm x 118cm
Historical Period/Date
21st Century (2000-2029 Early)/2000
ID Number
Cloths,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White linen tablecloth with "Womens Guild Holy Trinity Church" stitched in white in large lettering in the centre. In each corner are the office bearers' signatures - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Stitched in white around the large centre square are the members' signatures. The border contains signatures stitched in blue with "M U Year 2000".

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Holy Trinity Church. Members and office bearers of the Women's Guild.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Alexander, E

Altman, Melody

Argall, Colleen

Argall, John

Armstrong, ?

Arnold, Jean

Bannigan, Barbara

Barbour, Bob

Barbour, Ruth

Baron, Chris

Baron, Enid

Batchelar, M

Bennett, Margaret

Bertram, A

Billinghurst, Phyl

Bishop, Olive

Blake, A

Blake, J

Blakeway, Joan

Blunt, J G

Booth, L

Bradbury, C

Broderick, A

Brook, Allister

Brook, Joan (Vice President)

Brook, Margaret

Brown, S

Bruht, Allan

Bruht, Dorothy

Bryant, G

Bryant, L

Cadd, ?

Carerer, Helen

Carter, A

Cashon, F L

Cederlled, A

Channing, Barbara

Channing, Stanley

Chesterman, L N (Treasurer)

Christmas, John

Christmas, Lynnette

Clyma, Alma

Collins, Barbara

Collins, Ray

Cooke, D

Copin, M

Courtney, Christine

Crowle, L

Darby, M

Delbridge, Audrey (President)

Dickson, A

Dillon, Doris R (President)

Ditton, G E S

Donaldson, M

Dyack, F E

Dyke, M C

Farmer, E

Field, E M

Filsell, M

Fulford, Iris E (President)

Gates, Allen

Gates, Howard

Gates, Madeline

Gates, Marion

Gilbertson, E A

Goldfinch, E

Goldfinch, P (Treasurer)

Gorden, B

Griffin, David

Griffin, Jennifer

Haines, Nesta

Hardman, Gwen

Hare, C

Hatwell, Emma

Hatwell, L

Hatwell, M E A (Vice President)

Hayman, Marion

Haynes, E

Henry, N

Hill, Audrey

Hill, F E

Holt, G

Howell, E M

Ivey, Reg

Jane, Judith (Vice President)

Johnson, Ian

Johnson, June

Johnson, M (Vice President)

Jones, C E

Jones, S


Kasiwell, L (Treasurer)

Kidney, Margaret

Kidney, Ray

Klasen, A H

Lazaroff, Chris

Lewis, A

Lindsay, A

Locke, M

Lovell, E

Lymn, J F

Lyons, H J

May, Clyde

May, G

McBride, Barry

McBride, Glenys

McHugh, Maureen

McMarrin, Rosemary

Measday, R N (Secretary)

Millard, M

Mitchell, K

Mitchell, R

Mitchell, R (Vice President)

Moore, Nancy

Morrison, A M

Murdoch, Dion

Murdoch, Michael

Murrell, B

Nadebaum, K M

Niejalke, Colin

Niejalke, Dawn

Nolan, A

O'Brien, L

Page, L S

Peake, V

Pearl, Helen

Pfennig, C

Pfenning, S

Phillips, Jill

Randell, C O

Rothe, Mary

Rowe, Brian

Rowe, Faye

Rundle, A S

Rundle, M E

Salmarch, E

Sampson, Lorraine

Sampson, Marie

Searle, Elizabeth

Seedsman, Judith

Sellar, M

Sells, C I

Shambrucker, F

Smardon, J M

Smith, Elaine

Spence, M

Starkes, M

Starkey, M

Starr, C

Stott, Albany

Sugars, M C B (Vice President)

Tyley, D

Vanstone, A

Vedt, M D

Villiers, M M (Vice President)

Vincent, E W F

Wadey, T

Wadsworth, G E

Waites, R

Watson, E

White, M

Williams, M E

Williams, M M (Secretary)


Withers, Carol

Witty, E