Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Colonel Light Gardens Unit 95: Banner

Repatriation General Hospital Museum
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Colonel Light Gardens
124cm x 80cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Banners,Chain Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White linen or cotton banner with a large red central "V" surrounded by embroidered blue signatures. Text embroidered in red at the top and the bottom of the banner "Col. Light Gdns Unit 95" and "September 1941 September 1943", respectively. Stem Stitch.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund? Fundraiser. Purpose was to raise money for the Cheer Up Hut in Colonel Light Gardens near the existing RSL building. Patients on leave went to the Cheer Up Hut. People paid threepence to have their name embroidered on the flag.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Ackland, Donald

Ackland, E L

Ackland, R E

Adahill, M

Aitchison, G D

Alder, Patricia

Allen, C A

Allen, I

Allen, N

Allernan, C J

Allernan, L

Allernon, G

Ambler, Ivy

Amery, K I

Anderson, A

Anderson, R E

Arnold, F C

Arnold, H

Arnold, Richard

Asher, Blanchette

Austin, Ida

Austin, Meredith

Ayliffe, C W

Bailey, M H

Baker, D

Ball, E V

Ball, Rosane

Barber, V

Baron, V

Barrow, G M

Bartlett, Jim

Bassett, F

Batterby, M R (Lieut)

Benjamin, C G

Black, Alice E

Black, Harry

Blesing, A P

Bone, D L

Bone, E M

Bone, P M

Bone, S H

Bone, V F

Bradley, F L

Bradley, Kate

Brook, M

Brown, D

Brown, Elsie

Brown, Evan

Brown, J

Brown, Margaret

Brown, Peter

Budge, Nell R

Buenka, W

Burke, J

Burke, M

Burke, M M

Burn, J

Bussenschutt, Ella

Butcher, O P

Butler, Noel I

Caldicott, Joan

Caldwell, May

Caldwell, W A

Campbell, E

Campbell, L

Cassidy, G

Chalker, A

Chalker, F

Chalker, N

Chapman, G

Chapple, H L

Christiansen, H

Clark, Edith

Clarke, M

Clemow, W

Clisby, P

Cocking, C

Cole, Kath

Coleman, Margaret

Collyer, D A

Conlon, Phyllis K

Connor, C

Cooper, Ron S

Corcoran, S

Cornelius, E

Costofell, Una

Cowie, M E

Cox, Allan

Cox, Doris

Cox, Trevor

Crook, L

Crook, Lyn

Crook, P

Crook, V

Cruse, B J

Culley, Dorothy

Dalby, Lucretia

Daniel, Dean

Daniel, Gaye

Daniel, J A

Daniel, Thea

Darrow, M A

Davidson, E

Davies, A E

Davies, Nesta

Davies, S L

Davis, D G

Dawson, Peter

Dawson, Thelma

Day, Clare

Dinham, Bob

Dobbin, E

Dobbin, R

Dohnt, B

Donnell, D

Doolette, Isabell (Hon Sec)

Doolette, J

Drew, F M

Dunlop, W

Dunstone, Joan A

Eames, Florence

Eames, Gordon

Eames, Keith

Eames, Nancy

Edwards, Albert E

Edwards, D

Edwards, Ivy

Edwards, Peg

Edwards, S D

Eime, J M (Cpl)

Ellis, Ethel

Ellis, Fred

Fairweather, Bob

Fairweather, Glad

Fairweather, Peter

Fairy, J

Farrent, M

Faulkner, E

Ferguson, M W

Finlayson, G M

Fitch, L R

Fitch, M E

Fitzgerald, M F

Fleming, E

Fleming, H (Sgt USA)

Fleming, Malcolm

Fowler, L R

Franklin, G R

Franklin, P E

Fry, E A

Fry, H J

Fry, J C

Fry, Jane

Fuston, E

Fyfe, W

Gale, E H

Gale, L

Goldfinch, M E

Goldsworthy, N

Gordon, Helen

Grace, Lilian

Gray, G M

Green, D

Green, D (2)

Green, David

Green, H A

Green, Linda

Greenham, Laurel M

Greenshields, E G

Gregory, E O

Gregory, W A

Gregory, W G

Griffin, M A

Griffith, S J

Griggs, Peggy

Griggs, S L

Gubbins, Gladys

Gunton, E

Hagermaster, Maurice (USA)

Hagger, W H

Hall, T I

Hammond, S

Hardge, S A

Harper, A S

Harris, C B

Harris, C E

Harris, I

Harris, J G

Harris, M

Harris, R

Hawkes, Eileen

Hawley, G

Head, J

Hendrie, Joan

Hinge, A B

Hogben, J H

Holyoak, W V

Hood, M E

Hood, M M

Hood, W A E

Hosking, C

Hosking, C (2)

Howard, Donald

Howard, Mabel E (Hon Treas)

Howard, Rex

Howard, W D

Howden, J E

Howden, P

Humble, M

Humphries, Arthur

Hunt, L

Hunter, A E

Hunter, N

Hunter, S M

Ide, Lance A

Jack, H P

Jack, R F

James, Alma

James, Brian

James, C A

James, Geoff

James, J

James, K R

James, L A

James, M

James, W J

Jandell, Belle

Jeffries, N A

Jeffries, S W

Johns, Z

Jowett, Tony (P/O)

Just, A

Keen, D

Keen, L S

Kellow, R E

King, N R

Kirkwood, E

Knill, Janice

Knott, Margaret

Kruger, H Hugo

Kruger, Nellie

Kuntke, C H (Sgt)

Kuntke, Joy

Lachlan, J A K

Lawrie, Evie

Lees, Jas

Leigh, J

Lenarghan, Kenneth

Letbe, O E

Levy, J

Levy, M

Lewis, C C

Lienert, L F

Lindsay, L

Lindsay, L (2)

Lindsay, M A

Lisson, S C W

Loan, Irene

Loan, L C

Lodge, A H

Lodge, Eileen

Loeser, L M

Longmire, B

Lucas, E Frank

Lucas, Isa

Ludlow, Ada

Ludlow, F

Ludlow, H

Ludlow, J

Lymn, N

MacGillivray, Dorothy

MacPherson, S

Manuell, A M

Manuell, E

Manuell, G H

Manuell, J V

Manuell, M

Marchant, C

Martin, Florence

Martin, H G

Martin, J C

Martin, R

Mason, Hazel

McDonald, H T

McDonald, R

McEwin, A Lyell

McEwin, Alex L

McEwin, C

McEwin, Graeme

McEwin, K

McEwin, Roland

McEwin, Winifred (President)

McGlasson, Marjorie

McGowan, Fay

McGowan, Pauline

McKinlay, Joyce M

McLean, Florence

McNamara, Rita

McPharlin, M J

Melville, D

Merchant, Ruby

Millican, B S

Millican, F A

Millican, W W

Modistach, M M

Modistoch, (Cpl)

Mogg, M F

Mogg, Marjorie

Molony, M P

Montgomery, Elsie

Montgomery, P A

Morris, Colin (RAAF)

Morris, E A

Morris, E W

Morris, F R (Cpl AIF)

Morris, L M

Morris, M E

Morrison, Norma

Moyes, J

Moyse, W O R

Mugg, A J

Mugg, C I

Munn, A A

Nicholls, Lawrence

Nicholls, Mary

Nicholls, Mary (2)

Norris, B

Panton, G

Parham, Nita

Parker, Vida

Paterson, H S

Peacock, Theo

Penhall, P

Perico, K

Pfeiffer, M E

Pfeiffer, W

Playford, T

Pulford, G T

Pulford, L M

Radloff, W H

Ralph, E S

Randall, R J

Randles, H C

Reed, D

Reed, W M

Reimann, Metta

Retallick, B

Richards, F E E

Richmond, Belle

Richmond, Hilda

Richmond, Jean P

Richmond, P A

Ringwood, A

Ringwood, A H

Ringwood, J

Ringwood, K

Ringwood, Pat

Ripper, E W

Ripper, V A

Rivers, F R

Rivers, M H

Robjohns, F J

Robjohns, L

Rode, L E

Rogers, G H

Rogers, Margaret M

Rowe, E A

Rowley, A

Rule, Don

Rundle, J C

Samuels, Connie

Sandeman, Doreen

Sanders, F C

Sanderson, Geoff

Sanderson, J M

Sanderson, R B

Sawbell, F R

Sawbell, Ferne

Sawbell, K A W

Sayers, R

Schend, R A

Seaman, Vera L

Shapley, C D

Sharp, Gwen

Sharp, Olive K

Shorten, R K

Sinclair, A

Sinclair, Ivy L

Slater, D

Slow, D F

Slow, D T

Slow, David

Slow, F R

Slow, I I

Slow, John

Slow, M K

Slow, R E

Small, A N

Small, R A

Smith, G C

Smith, Gene

Smith, K Y

South, A

South, D

South, N

South, N (2)

Sparks, M

Spry, Jeane

Spry, Joan

Stephens, C L

Stephens, Joyce C

Stillwell, E M

Stoechel, O H

Storr, E

Storr, R

Swales, R

Temple, K

Thomas, C

Thomas, E

Thompson, M B

Thompson, W

Thorpe, R S

Thrum, Kath

Thurber, H G

Tibb, Mary

Tonkin, A R (RAAF)

Tonkin, G

Tonkin, H M

Tonkin, J

Tonkin, M

Tremain, A L

Tremain, G R S

Trevorrow, L P

Trevorrow, M

Trevorrow, P W

Trewartha, E G

Trewartha, M E

Tunbridge, Olive

Turner, D E

Turner, David J

Tynan, Dorothy

Unsworth, A

Unsworth, D M

Unsworth, J

Vawser, H S

Vawser, S M

Verco, W

Verrier, A D (Col)

Verrier, A H (Sgt)

Verrier, G S

Verrier, Zina

Viant, E E

Viant, E J

Viant, T E

Victorson, L C

Visk, H

Vrere, Helen

Wake, R E

Wallace, J

Warnes, D

Warnner, C

Watson, Pauline

White, A M

White, B C

White, M M F

White, R

White, W H

Whittington, A

Whittle, R

Williams, E V

Williams, R

Wimmering, C S

Windover, Evelyn

Wooldridge, B S (LAC)

Wray, Josie

Wright, W M

Wyatt, R

Zweck, Ivy G