Embroidered Signatures ProjectSturt Primary School Re-union 1878-1962: Cloth

Marion Historical Society
Sturt Primary School
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1962
ID Number

Physical Description

White cotton cloth with a central yellow shield embroidered with a sturt desert pea and the name "Sturt Primary School". Two banners reading "Re-union 1878 - 1962" are embroidered at the top and the bottom of the shield and on the right side of the cloth. Multicoloured embroidered signatures surround the school emblem.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Sturt Primary School commemorative for a re-union. Signed by past students and the principal.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

?, N J

Amos, M (nee Boots)

Anderson, Moffat

Bickerton, Graham Archibald

Bickerton, John

Bickerton, Marvin

Buchanan, J E (nee Pitman)

Ca???y, Brian?

Cai?e, F R (nee Webb)?

Casey, Isabella Nora (nee Boots)

Cracknell, Iris (nee Parsons)

Cracknell, Jack

Donaldson, Norma (nee Lattin)

Dooley, Gwen (nee Foster)

Edwards, Ann B

Edwards, J??n?

Edwards, Lorraine

Edwards, Luc

Edwards, Norm (Brighton)

Edwards, Ray

Elsegood, C

Elsegood, Jack H

Fishlock, D E (nee Pitman)

Foreman, Poll (nee Richardson)

Franklin, Evelyn

Gunby, Evan

Gunby, Robyn

Hallam, D M

Hallam, Dick

Hallam, N G

Hamilton, A E

Hamilton, G

Hamilton, Ted (George Edward)

Harding, Evelyn (nee Hamilton)

Harris, Margaret

Hart, Nancy (nee Woolven)

Hicks, Helen (nee Hamilton)

Hollis, Alf

Hollis, Blanche

Hunter, Louise

Hurley, Margaret

Irwin, Rob?na?

James, Mabs (nee Hill)

Kappler, E (nee Lewis)

Kappler, Win (nee Thredgold)

Keane, Jessie (nee Hamilton)

Keane, Tom

Kempster, B E

Kempster, J

Klaffer, L E (Head Master 1962)

Lewis, Doris (nee Ragless)

Little, Doreen (nee Oliver)

McCloud, Florrie

McFarlane, M

McInerney, J

McLay, A H

Millburn, Bobbie (nee Notting)

Millwood, J S

Ormond, Bill

Ormond, Colin

Osmond, Poss (nee Thredgold)

Owen, Gwyn

Packham, F

Parslow, C

Parslow, M (nee Wallace)

Parsons, Donald A

Parsons, E M

Parsons, Harold W

Parsons, Jean

Parsons, Speed T?

Parsons, Wilf

Pattinson, Baden

Pattinson, Florence

Perkins, Herbert G

Pethick, Ron?

Pethick, Rosalind (nee Elsegood)

Phelps, Lionel

Phillips, C

Phillips, J N

Phillips, Joan

Phillips, L S

Pitman, Celia

Pitman, L

Pitman, Myrtle

Pitman, R B

Pocock, Bertha (nee Branford)

Ragless, Cindyann

Ragless, Doreen

Ragless, Posie

Ramsey, Joan (nee Buchanan)

Randall, Kath?

Rayner, Jim

Rayner, Sally Brown (nee Brown)?

Richardson, Ruth

Rivers, D

Roberts, Kath (nee Scarborough)

Routh, Rita

Sandercock, B F (nee Hatherly)

Scarborough, Albert

Sheidow, Lawrence Reginald

Shepley, G B

Shepley, G E

Shepley, Keith

Shepley, Ruth

Shorrkland, Deirdre?

Smith, Lizzie

Smith, Lorna

Smith, Rita

Snowden, Lenore (nee Ragless)

Statton, A M (Alice Myra) (nee Webb)

Stephens, Marion R

Sweet, Clarrie

Synnott, Alison

Thredgold, Gwen

Tilley, ? (nee Egan)?

Tilley, A I

Tilley, Harold

Tilley, Veronica

Ure, Mary J

Walton, Joyce (nee Ragless)

Warnock, Baden

Webb, B M (Bessie Matilda "Tillie")

West, Christine

Western, Adeline (nee Branford)

Western, Fred C

Western, K W

Western, R G

Wigglesworth, ? L?

Wigglesworth, E A

Wigglesworth, Frank