Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Henley & Grange Unit No 48: Banner

Henley & Grange Historical Society Inc.
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Henley & Grange
127cm x 87cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1948
ID Number
Appliqué,Banners,Chain Stitch,Satin Stitch,

Physical Description

White linen Fighting Forces Comforts Fund banner with an appliquéd, large blue central "V" surrounded by embroidered red and blue signatures and other text worked with red and blue cotton thread or cotton perle thread respectively. There is a list of the "Henley & Grange Corporation Members 1941 - 1948" in a blue chain stitched border. Large text stitched in padded satin stitch: "F. F. C. F. Henley & Grange Unit No. 48".

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Fundraiser.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Ahern, M

Aitkey, A W (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Alford, E

Ames, Eric J

Andrew, R J (RAN)

Badenoch, B S

Badenoch, R

Baker, F R

Balfort, Y R

Banks, N

Barker, W G

Battye, J Goss

Beare, E M

Beck, Janet

Beinke, K R

Bowden, P M

Bowie, A

Box, C C (S/N AIF)

Box, J (ACN)

Box, L B (Cpl)

Box, M A

Box, R E

Brice, E L

Burden, E

Burfitt, Eric A

Burns, I M

Burns, J

Cagneaux, H J

Cahill, W E

Campbell, F M

Campbell, J A

Campbell, Jill

Campbell, June

Campbell, M M

Carson, A S

Cashmore, M

Chambers, Beverley

Chapman, Affra

Chapman, W F

Cjrispe, C Y

Clare, F H

Coats, I M

Coats, J B

Coats, L B C

Coats, M E

Coats, R L

Cole, Jean M

Coombes, C

Copley, F

Copley, M A

Coulthard, D

Courtis, S J

Croce, M J

Crompton, Joseph

Crompton, L

Crompton, Robert

Crump, Cecil C (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Crump, Chas

Crush, G H R

Cutting, Margaret

Day, E

Ditty, J G S

Doughson, B

Downs, G

Duncan, N M

Duncan, Ray

Durward, E M

Durward, K

Ebbs, P E

Edwards, H

Eldridge, C C (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Eley, L M

Eley, R G (Sig)

Elliott, F R

Evans, T M

Excell-Smith, H

Excell, L M

Farmer, E M

Fink, A H (Cpl)

Fischer, B L

Fitch, B

Flavel, M J

Fleetwood, C A

Fleetwood, E G

Fleetwood, R B

Fletcher, L

Fletcher, Wm

Formby, R

Formby, W

Foster, C

Foster, G

Francis, H

Francis, P

Francis, R L

Frost, E M

Frost, H E (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Frost, R

Fry, A A

Gaetjens, E A

Gaetjens, O

Garrett, S J

Gaurner, J

Gibson, B

Gibson, H

Gibson, K A

Gibson, L E

Gibson, M

Glenn, E

Goldsack, E

Goldsack, M (AIF)

Griffin, R D

Griggiths, D

Grimmer, B

Groves, C H

Groves, D M

Groves, H B (F/O RAF)

Groves, Joan R

Gurner, G T

Gurner, Geo T (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Gurner, Lloyd I (WO)

Gwynn, N

Hall, E

Hall, G

Hall, K C

Hall, M L V

Hall, P M

Hall, S P

Hamilton, G

Hamit, Peter M (RAN)

Hancock, R

Harkness, J R

Harris, J

Harris, J M (Dr AIF)

Harrison, G D (ACI RAAF WA)

Harvey, D M (President)

Harvey, G Y

Harvey, V (Mayor & Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Hastlow, E L

Hawsey, R H

Hay, L

Heath, J A

Heinicke, N M

Hendrickson, J

Henley, G

Hill, H D (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Hocking, H A

Hogan, Frank N J (RAAF)

Hogg, J

Holdsworth, P

Holland, D

Hollis, H D

Honey, R M

Howard, Joy M

Hughes, M J

Humphris, L C

Hurst, L

Hurton, G K

Ingham, A

Ingham, E M

Ingham, I

Ingham, M

Innes, J

James, R

Johns, S G

Johnson, C M

Kaeschagen, E

Kaeschagen, R

Kauschke, M J

Kelsey, M J

King, L J

Klingner, D

Krill, Jean

Krill, K

Lange, T

Laurie, R

Lawrie, C J

Lawrie, J R (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Lucas, H

Lushey, F A

Mackenzie, P

Marshall, V (Hon Sec)

Masters, R L

Mather, T G

Matheson, G A

Mathews, M J

Matthew, R H

McBain, K M

McCullough, M

McDonough, E G (Cpl AIF)

McFarlane, J

McFarlane, L M

McFarlane, M F

McKechnie, M D

McWaters, A E

McWaters, E

McWaters, M M

Meadows, Brian

Meadows, G E

Meadows, J

Mehrtens, M O

Middleton, S R

Miller, A W

Millsande, M M

Moler, R G

Monks, M

Muggleton, R S

Muller, C N (Major AIF)

Muller, E M

Muller, L R

Muller, P J

Muller, P M

Murray, A (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Murray, K I

Murrin, H J

Nelson, T

Newcombe, A E

Newitt, L

Norman, E

Odlum, M

Orr, Jessie

Oswald, B W

Parsons, E G

Paterson, P M

Paterson, R M

Paterson, Rhonda

Pavy, N

Payne, Francis

Payne, G

Pearce, A N

Phelps, R H

Price, E

Price, K A

Price, Stanley B (AIF)

Price, T J

Purslow, D W (RAAF)

Radings, Tony

Reimann, A

Riacly, E A

Richards, John

Richards, K

Ridgway, F M

Ridley, A M

Roberts, M

Robinson, L G (Flight Lt RAF)

Rogers, F

Rogers, W H (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Rotwell, A

Routh, W H

Routledge, Alec

Russell, J

Ryan, F W G (AIF)

Ryan, W D (RAAF)

Scott, Roy C

Shephard, Gwen

Shephard, R S (RAAF)

Shepherd, A

Sheridan, M M

Simcock, D

Skuce, G

Smith, E M

Smith, M L

South, C E

South, H B

Sowden, A

Sowitton, M

Spencer, P

Sreet, M

Stanford, B

Stanford, E A

Stanford, F

Stanford, J

Stanford, R N

Steele, E J

Stevenson, R

Stevenson, Stan

Stone, J

Strudwick, C A (Hon Treas)

Strudwick, W J I (ACI RAAF)

Summerton, L

Teague, A

Teague, V

Thirsk, F H

Tilley, E Clara

Tilley, Geoffrey H

Tilley, Maurice J

Tiver, Allan G

Tuck, E G

Tuck, G

Tuck, H M

Tucker, R (Member Henley & Grange Corp)

Tuor, E L S

Turner, C J

Vale, L F

Vale, Rayleen

Walls, D

Walsh, S L

Walter, M

Walton, Yvonne

Warren, M

Watt, Alison

Watts, S

Webb, G C

Weber, I L

Wheatley, A L

Wheatley, E

White, P

Williams, E S

Wilson, N

Window, A S

Wood, S O

Woolcock, R J (RAF)

Wrigley, T W

Wyatt, J W

Wyborne, P

Wyly, G H

Yeates, T A