Embroidered Signatures ProjectCampbelltown Uniting Church. Day Fellowship: Cloth

Campbelltown Uniting Church Day Fellowship
Campbelltown Methodist Church. Women's Auxilliary for Overseas Missions
86.6cm x 87.8cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1940s
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream linen cloth with crochet lace edge. Multicoloured signatures are stitched diagonally across each corner. Stitch used is stem stitch and thread is stranded cotton.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. WAOM - Women's Auxilliary for Overseas Missions. Ongoing purpose is to record the names of people significant to the church. The cloth was started in the late 1940s to record: Names of visiting speakers from local and mission fields in PNG and the Pacific Islands (Fiji, and Tonga in particular). Names of ministers and their wives, many of whom were Presidents of the Day Fellowship. Names of Aboriginal Mission workers in Alice Springs. Names of members of the Day Fellowship.


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Akehurst, John

Alvey, Olive

Andrew, M B

Annear, Elaine

Barnes, Lucy S

Bartlett, Gwen

Baust, Esther

Beckinsale, Winsome (nee Robertson)

Bertram, Ena

Bowyer, Hilda P (nee Markwick)

Bowyer, Mary

Bray, Laure

Bray, Merle

Brinklow, Joan

Brooksby, Beryl

Broomhead, M

Brown, Jessie

Bully, P G

Burke, B M

Burnett, J

Butler, Bess

Caleb, Ali Edward (Sultan)

Caust, E Jean

Champion, Bessie

Chapman, E M

Chapman, Lorene

Cheater, F D

Clare, E

Cornish, E J

Cory, Rose

Cowley, Doris R

Cox, Gladys

Curnow, E F?

Dansie, Ada

Davis, A M

Davis, Laura M

de Groot, Martje

Delaney, Nan

Dowden, Avis

Drinkwater, Margaret

Drummond, Linda

Du Rieu, Jannie

Duffield, Ivy

Duguid, Charles

Duke, Freda

Ellison, Alfred H M

Elsher, Clarice

Emmerton, Mary E

Ford, A

Frisby Smith, Ivy B

Fry, Betty

Gehan, Clarice (nee Heading)

Gilbert, B M

Gilchrist, Connie

Giles, Joyce

Goodale, Melba T

Gray, Julie

Green, Eileen

Greening, S M

Grocke, Dorothy

Hand, Evelyn E

Hart, Hilda L

Haslam, Nora M

Hawke, T

Hayward, Joan

Heading, Lily M

Heading, Sarah

Heaslip, Iris

Hore, C F

Hore, Elsie

Horsfall, B N

Hutchinson, H M

Hutley, Kate H L

Jarman, John P

Johncock, F J

Johncock, P B

Johns, M M A

Keen, E J

Lands, Amy E

Lands, Mary P

Lanyon, Jenny

Lay, Cis

Lepani, Ruth

Longbottom, A A

Major, Grace

Mann, Betty

Markwick, Jean

Markwick, Mabel

Marlow, Betty

Martin, Charles Joseph

Martin, Kathleen?

Mayes, Dolly

McArthur, Daisy C

McShane, Joan

Mervin, Hilda?

Mesopitu, Muriel

Millar, H

Milne, Clare

Milo, Lene

Mitchell, M M

Moore, E W

Morgan, I C

Morgan, J V

Morgan, Mavis

Morris, Maisie

Mortimer, Mary

Muller, I H

Napier, Pam

Newbury, Joan

Nicol, Vera

Oates, Marjorie

Packer, Melva

Palmer, Thora

Peake, Nancy

Pearson, J A

Pederick, Viola I

Phillips, Phyllis A

Phillips, Thelma

Pierson, May

Pike, A E

Pink, Betty

Pirie, Mary

Pitt, E Edith

Portell, B

Ramsey, E

Ravu, Lakui

Reddin, Dorothy E

Reynolds, Helen

Rice, Merle

Richards, Marlene

Roberts, F M

Roberts, M Y

Rogers, N B

Rooney, M

Rowe, Gordon

Rowney, Ellen

Rumbelow, Gen

Scotcher, Mary

Semmens, Mary

Sexton, A

Sibona, Tau

Simpkin, Amelia

Simpson, Lyle

Smith, F E

Smith, Susie

Statton, A Myra

Steadman, H M

Stock, Daphne

Stock, Gladys

Stock, Roslyn

Stott, Olive

Stribley, I M

Stubbs, Alice D (Sister)

Sweeney, Cathie A

Sweeney, G

Tiver, J M

Trowse, M

Truscott, Shirley

Tuck, Dorothy

Usher, Neil

Vakatutusa, Panapasa

Vigurs, Iris

Walton, S

Walton, Stella

Warren, Elizabeth

Warren, Narian S

Wellington, Isabel

White, Roseline

Whitehouse, L M

Whitford, Helen

Will, Elma

Williams, E M?

Willoughby, C

Wilton, Edith M

Wohling, Doreen

Woods, K A

Wright, Ken (Rev)

Wright, S I

Wylie, B H