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58cm circ
Place of Origin
Registration Number
Buttonhole Stitch,Couching,Double Running Stitch,Satin Stitch,Shisha Work,Surface Stitchery,
Costume - Men - Headwear,Hats,

Physical Description

Red hat with very large shisha mirrors on the crown and around the band. Twenty two red woollen tassels, equally spaced around the band edge, are each attached with a white bead. Separately worked decorative elements featuring shisha mirrors, and/or embroidery have been applied to the band and the joins covered with couched bundles of red cotton threads. White beads have also been used to decorate the band. The striped border at the bottom edge of the band consists of several different coloured bundles of cotton threads that have all been separately couched to create the look of braid. This is repeated on the crown. Stitches include couching, double running, buttonhole and satin.

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