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65cm x 42cm
Place of Origin
Unknown origin
Registration Number
Bead Embroidery,Cathedral Window Patchwork,Detached Chain Stitch,Fabric Manipulated,French Knot,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,Surface Stitchery,
breastplates,Ceremonial Costume,Costume - Men,

Physical Description

Black suede padded breastplate with allover multicoloured, cotton thread embroidery. Spangles and tin beads have been applied but many of the tin beads appear to be missing. Design of massed dark pink flowers, a butterfly and birds on the top section and cathedral window patchwork is used on the bottom section. The patchwork is bordered on each side with embroidered black suede bands, as is the top section of the breastplate and the ties. Red, green, pink, and cream colours predominate. The sides and bottom edges have been bound with charcoal coloured corduroy.

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