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Place of Origin
Unknown origin
Historical Period/Date
19th Century (1870-1899 Late)
Registration Number
Bead Embroidery,

Physical Description

A collection of black dress trims, some with beading. There are 20 pieces, consisting of:a. black and gold beaded necklace with baubles and a tassel - 70cmb. large kite shaped beaded motif - 27cm x 22cmc. large beaded motif - stylized flower - 27cm x 15cmd. set of five linked motifs - 21cm x 44cm overalle. pair of small daisy motifs - 11.5cm x 6cm eachf. four matching beaded edgings - three are 4cm wide, the fourth is 8cm at the centre tapering to 2cm at each endg. six braid motifs with tassels - 21cm x 9cm eachSome of the motifs have price tags attached. These dress trims, known as 'Passementerie, are hand assembled from machine-made braids and beaded.

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