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a. 53cm; b. 62cm
Place of Origin
Historical Period/Date
19th Century
Registration Number
Cross Stitch,Weaving,
Aprons,Costume - Women,Jackets,

Physical Description

A black Sarakatsani jacket and apron with matching sections of embroidery completed in geometric designs. This type of costume is traditionally handmade from the wool of Sarakatsani shepherd's flocks.a. The apron is quadrangular but flared at the lower edge. There are two tapes each side of the waist band for attachment. The apron does not wrap around. A band at the bottom incorporates metallic thread triangular shapes sewn together with matching black fabric shapes like patchwork. The technique used is split-ply cord work. A cross stitched geometric pattern in ecru, blue and green decorates the upper section of the apron.b. The sleeveless jacket is decorated with the same split-ply cord work.

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