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a. 44cm; b. 86cm x 4.5cm; c. 52cm; d. 70cm; e. 73cm
Place of Origin
Historical Period/Date
Unknown date
Registration Number
Bead Embroidery,Hardanger,
Aprons,Belts,Blouses,Bodices,Costume - Women,

Physical Description

Various pieces of Norwegian women's costume comprising: a. Red wool bodice with beaded plastron. Bodice is decorated with silver metallic lace braid as is the plastron. b. Red wool belt decorated with beading and silver metallic lace braid. Two matching vertical strips hang from the front of the belt. c. White cotton blouse decorated with broderie anglaise at neck and cuffs. d. White linen apron with a broad hardanger insert. e. White cotton apron with a 6cm lace insert. Lace is torchon style and probably made on a Barman machine.

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