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(a) 1288c x 59cm; (b) 123cm x 65cm; (c) 238cm x 150cm
Place of Origin
Historical Period/Date
Unknown date
Registration Number
Chain Stitch,Closed Square Chain,Counted Thread Work,Cross Stitch,Needleweaving,Pattern Darning,
Ceremonial Costume,Dresses,Sashes,Wedding Costume,

Physical Description

A set of two wedding garments and a sash from Roumania.(a) Bride's wedding dress in hand-woven linen fabric heavily embroidered in cotton and metal thread on the shoulders and sleeves. The design of multicoloured stylised flowers is scattered with spangles and beads. Stitches include cross stitch, chain stitch and pattern darning.(b) Bridegroom's wedding dress in hand-woven linen fabric. The neck is unfinished being ungathered. Geometric designs in black and orange are worked mainly on the sleeves in cotton and metallic threads. Spangles and beads have also been applied. The hem is decorated with needleweaving. Stitches include cross stitch, large writing stitch, chain stitch and needleweaving.(c) Wedding sash, predominantly woven in red and orange wools. Used to bind the bride and groom together during the wedding ceremony

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