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192cm x 45cm
Place of Origin
Historical Period/Date
19th Century
Registration Number
Metal Thread Embroidery,Surface Stitchery,
Bed Hangings,Ceremonial Textiles,

Physical Description

Chinese wedding bed hanging made from terra cotta satin with borders of embroidered bands, one of which is of cream satin with a floral pattern in various blues. The outer band is of navy silk with fine metal thread couching in a floral repeat design. The main body of the hanging is divided by two tab-shaped panels each of which has a central band of navy silk couched in metal thread, similar to the outer border. There are three groups of figures, the central one of which shows five figures in elaborate clothing surrounded by multiple symbols denoting good fortune, longevity and happiness. This includes bats, crabs, bowls of flowers, clouds and butterflies. The two smaller outer groups show little dancing figures also surrounded by auspicious symbols of bats, clouds and butterflies.

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