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114cm x 42cm across underarm
Place of Origin
Unknown origin
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1920s
Registration Number
Surface Stitchery,Tassel Making,
Costume - Women,Dresses,

Physical Description

A black, crepe-de-chine, 1920's style dress. The front is embroidered with two shades of red silk and gold metal thread in a design of floral sprays using a variety of surface stitches, including stem, split, open satin and back stitches. Note the interesting use of herringbone to create the raised centre of the small flowers. There is scrolling design of red couched, twisted cord at the hip from which long tassels of red and black cord reach to the hemline. The six groups of red tassels are attached directly to the scrolling design but the seven black groups are attached by a macrame triangular shape. The tassels are bound with gold metal thread. At the back, the black and red neck-to-hem tassels fall directly from a single red and gold embroidered flower. The dress is shaped by three shoulder darts and several hip darts. Neck, sleeves and hem are bound. The tassels and knotted triangles are reminiscent of Chinese style.

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