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188cm x 180cm
Place of Origin
Jammu and Kashmir
Historical Period/Date
19th Century (1870-1899 Late)
Registration Number
Appliqué,Metal Thread Embroidery,
Covers,Household Textiles,

Physical Description

A large Kashmir, gold-embroidered cover. The red woollen central panel is one loom width with five pieces added along one side. The entire surface is covered with an ornate design of elaborate, interlinked botehs, repeated around a central medallion. The red ground, with appliquéd shapes of purple, turquoise and black wool, is covered in looped Kashmir couching in both silver and gold threads. Elements of the design are filled with gold plate. Each side of the cover is edged with a fringe of about fourteen, 12cm x 11cm patches of red, green and turquoise wool, which are embroidered. There is what appears to be a date and signature.

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