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(a)15cm x 15cm; (b) 16cm x 16cm; (c) 15cm x 15cm
Place of Origin
Historical Period/Date
21st Century (2000-2029 Early)/2006
Registration Number
Chain Stitch Embroidery,Interlacing,Shisha Work,
Embroidered Panels,Samplers,

Physical Description

Three red cotton squares embroidered by Dhordo tribe, Kutch, India. (a) Pattern of squares with filling chain stitch and shisha in colours orange, dark green, black and white. The embroidery style 'Chopad' with border in ' Kandhada' (b) Pattern of squares in random design with shisha, in red, black, white and green outlined in tamboured chain stitch. Embroidery style 'Pako', border 'Kandhada'. (c) Pattern of interlacing in yellow, green, black and white with some shisha. Embroidery style 'Rotova' with border in 'Kandhada'. Other stitches include cretan buttonhole, broad chain, feather stitch, running stitch, reverse chain, chain stitch and fly stitch.

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