Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Gulnare Unit 138: Banner

Gulnare Community Development Board
Mid North
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Gulnare
102cm x 60cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1939
ID Number
Appliqué,Banners,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Calico banner with a large blue 'V' appliquéd in the centre. It has been framed and mounted behind glass. At the top of the 'V' are the dates '1939-1945', and in the valley of the 'V' is stitched 'FFCF Gulnare Unit 138'. Signatures are scattered over the cloth in red and blue and down each side of the 'V'. At the base of the 'V', stitched in lavender, is 'Paid the Supreme Sacrifice Douglas Bowman'.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Fundraiser.


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Allan, Delma

Allan, Gillian

Allan, Mary

Andrews, Anthony

Andrews, Brian

Ashby, B T

Ashby, G E

Ashby, J E

Ashby, M

Badman, A S

Badman, K R

Badman, Ruth

Baker, M H

Beare, J E

Belcher, K D

Belcher, K W

Belcher, M J

Bowman, B H

Bowman, D A

Bowman, Elaine

Bowman, J A

Bowman, L J

Bowman, Lyall

Bowman, M

Bowman, M O

Bowman, M R

Bowman, R

Bruggy, J P

Bruggy, K

Bruggy, L J

Bruggy, L M

Burford, L H

Burgess, A A

Burgess, A J S

Burgess, E M

Burgess, H T

Burgess, I E

Burgess, Ian

Burgess, Joan

Burgess, S Jean

Collins, E A

Collins, Evelyn

Collins, F G

Collins, Florence

Collins, G E

Collins, K

Collins, R R

Crawford, A M

Crawford, B M

Crawford, C R

Crawford, H

Crawford, K J

Crawford, K W

Crawford, M

Crawford, M G

Crawford, N C

Crawford, R A (RAAF) (A C I)

Crawford, R C

Cullan, E

Davidson, E C

Davidson, E M

Davidson, G K

Davidson, M D

Davidson, R

Davies, N

Davis, S

Day, Lillian

Day, P G

Dowd, J

Dowd, R W

Edwards, B F

Edwards, E D

Edwards, Shirley

Evans, W J

Fox, D

Fox, P P

Grant, Ian

Grant, J D

Grant, M H

Gray, W H

Griffin, W

Gullidge, C A

Gullidge, E

Hammat, Doris

Hammat, E

Hammat, G M

Hammat, J

Hammat, K J

Hammat, P G

Hewett, Laurel V

Inglis, A

Jones, C W

Jones, Doug

Jones, I M

Jones, Maureen

Jones, R E

Jones, R L

Jones, Roger

Jones, Sylvia M

Keller, Carl E

Lang, Don R

Lang, T

Leahy, F S

Leahy, M

Martin, Alice

Martin, E

McPherson, B

McPherson, G

McPherson, H B

McPherson, Mary

Mudge, F B

Murphy, D

Norton, G R

Piggott, J

Radford, H

Roberts, Bobo

Roberts, J R

Roberts, Margaret F

Roberts, S J

Sanders, H A

Sims, E J

Sims, M I

Siviour, F R H

Siviour, Neil

Siviour, T A

Smart, A E

Smart, B L

Smart, Chas F

Smart, Dean G

Smart, Doris

Smart, E

Smart, Glen C

Smart, Karen J

Smart, L G

Smart, M

Smart, M T

Smart, Necia M

Smart, T G

Smart, Vera

Smith, R H (AIF)

Spackman, E

Spackman, G

Spackman, H V

Syms, D J

Syms, G R

Syms, M E

Syms, Vera

Teakle, Brian

Teakle, D H

Teakle, J G

Teakle, N L

Thomas, A G

Thomas, B

Thomas, B M

Thomas, Barbara

Thomas, C

Thomas, C F

Thomas, Colin

Thomas, Douglas

Thomas, E B

Thomas, E S

Thomas, E V

Thomas, Ella M

Thomas, G L

Thomas, G M

Thomas, Hilda

Thomas, J A

Thomas, June

Thomas, K I

Thomas, Laurel J

Thomas, Lindsay

Thomas, Murray

Thomas, P C

Thomas, R C

Thomas, Rone

Thomas, Ruby

Thomas, Ruth

Thomas, Trevor

Walpole, (Mrs)

Wellington, D M

Wellington, H B

Wellington, J H

Wellington, W L

Winen, C M

Winen, R