Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. Crystal Brook: Cloth

Crystal Brook Heritage Centre
Mid North
94cm x 94cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Appliqué,Cloths,Running Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

An ecru cloth with a hand appliquéd red cross in the centre. Around the cross are the signatures of the President, Vice President and Hon Sec and the date 1941. Multicoloured signatures are scattered all over the cloth. There is a 7.5cm hem.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Red Cross.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Allen, E M

Arbon, B V

Arbon, T

Arthur, J C

Baker, Max (Gnr) (AIF)

Banden, Jennifer (Rosslyn Park)

Baynes, Colin (St Peters)

Baynes, D H (RAAF)

Behenna, C T (Koolunga)

Behenna, E

Behenna, Pop

Bently, H

Bently, M B

Blackburn, M O

Blackley, P O (DR) (RAAF)

Bowden, Dorrie (Rosslyn Park)

Brasnan, Ruth (Melbourne)

Brockedt, K L

Brook, C

Brown, T

Browne, M A

Button, E

Button, Maria

Byrne, A (Kapunda)

C?rafe, Eileen (England)

Carpenter, Marjorie (Whyalla)

Carter, George

Cavenott, Rita (Walkerville) (194)

Clark, Jim (Warnertown)

Clarke, D L

Clifford, A (Redhill)

Coleman, B

Coleman, R B

Conway, W A (Crystal Brook)

Coombs, N B

Cottle, N L

Cox, C E (Narridy)

Cox, H F

Cox, Herbert O

Cox, Percy D

Crawford, K G

Croft, Michael (Perth WA)

Crook, E A (Kensington)

Crook, Iris (Kensington)

Crouch, L C

Cummins, E (Pt Pirie)

Currnow, M

Curtin, P

Darby, E A

Darby, E R

Darby, G

Darby, H A

Darby, R G

Darby, S L

Darley, A E

Darley, H A A (RAAF)

Darley, R C (Sig) (AIF Abroad)

Dawson, W J

Dunaford, R H

Dunsford, E (Crystal Brook)

Dunston, J H (AIF)

Eagle, M

Edwards, Bert (Collinville)

Edwards, Betty D (MBN)

Edwards, C J (Mt Bryan)

Edwards, H L (Mt Bryan)

Ellis, A H

Ellis, E (Kensington)

Ellis, H E (Kensington Park)

Ellis, R J (Kensington Park)

Ellis, T (Kensington)

Fisher, S P (Crystal Brook)

Fitzsimmons, Jim (Kalgoolie W A)

Forgan, B J

Forgan, R R

Forgan, W J

Fradd, J

Freeman, A R (Koolunga)

Freeman, L (Dvr) (AIF)

Frick, W

Fuss, Don (Crystal Brook)

Gill, Ima

Gill, M E (Bute)

Glasson, E H Rule

Goldswork, S G (Kensington Gardens)

Goulter, D (Crystal Brook)

Goulter, Gavin (Crystal Brook)

Goulter, J E (Crystal Brook)

Grieg, A J

Halse, J

Hanniball, L (Pt Pirie)

Hanson, J

Harrison, W

Hawke, S E (Pt Pirie)

Hayne, F W

Heiniche, N M (Tooperang)

Hele, R (Leabrook)

Heynen, Aub

Hicks, D L

Hiskey, Francis T

Hisks, E H

Hodge, A V

Holzberg, Ern

Hosking, R K

Huck, S

Hutton, Percy

Jacobs, R

Jarmyn, R J (Spr) (AIF)

Johncock, H G (Pte) (SX7400) (2/48th Batt AIF)

Johns, Ron (Crystal Brook)

Kelly, Betty

Kelly, V

Kirk, A S

Klingner, A E A

Klingner, J M

Klingner, R

Lane, P

Lang, E L

Laubsch, J A (Crystal Brook)

Laurence, A K

Laury, L A (Koolunga)

Lawrence, (Pte) (AIF)

Lines, Mona (Gladstone)

Lines, N J

Lion, E (Tusmore)

Longmire, H E

longmire, Ron

Lyons, J A

Mablet, R G

Maitchell, J H

Marshall, L S (Muriton)

Marshall, Shirley

Martin, G (Whyalla)

Mathews, Beryl

Mathews, C A

Mathews, J D

McDonald, H R

McDonald, J (AIF)

McDonald, R A

McGlasham, R

Merritt, J L

Meyerhoff, Olive (Crystal Brook)

Michells, J

Millbank, C (Pt Pirie)

Millbank, G (Pt Pirie)

Murdock, D R (Crystal Brook)

Murdock, Don

Newman, H A (Marryatville)

Nicolson, L R

Nicolson, M G (Vice President)

Nicolson, Niel

Nitschke, E A

Nitschke, P H

Noble, A M

Noblet, W H

North?, H M

O'Flatierty, N

Oriess, H

Pavy, R (Crystal Brook)

Pearce, E J (Crystal Brook)

Peters, F U (AIF)

Poole, Ailie (Whyalla)

Price, G C A

Priest, D H

Rabbitt, E (Crystal Brook)

Rabbitt, W L (Crystal Brook)

Rae, J (Laura)

Ramsay, M (Bute)

Reddick, M (Gnr) (SX9550) (Mid East Forces) (Crystal Brook)

Reed, M R

Renshaw, P

Renshaw, R

Renshaw, R C (Pte)

Renshaw, R F (Pte) (AIF)

Reynolds, C

Reynolds, Elaine

Reynolds, Ivor

Reynolds, L A (Pres)

Reynolds, M

Reynolds, W

Richards, E E

Richards, R V (Narridy)

Riddle, H A (Hon Sec)

Roberts, B L

Roberts, D J

Roberts, O G

Roberts, O M

Roberts, V F

Saltmarsh, E

Saltmarsh, K

Sandow, C M

Sandow, E J

Sandow, F M

Satchell, R H (Glen Osmond)

Sawley, Andrew

Sawley, E M

Sawley, Roger

Schapel, Phil

Seward, A H (England)

Short, E J

Short, Valda

Siebirt, E L

Silver, A O (Frishe)

Silver, B D (Fisherman Bay)

Sims, G L

Smart, A E

Smart, A M

Smart, Colin

Smart, D

Smart, E

Smart, E F

Smart, E O

Smart, J M (Fairview)

Smart, John

Smart, L R

Smart, O H O (Narridy)

Smart, P H (Mr)

Smart, P H (Mrs)

Smart, Pauline

Smith, J M

Smith, J P

Smith, K

Sparrow, A K

Sparrow, P M

Stead, A

Steele, D E G

Steele, D H (RAAF)

Steele, G

Steele, G S

Steele, Geoffrey M (RAAF)

Steele, M F (Heathpoole)

Stevens, Reta

Stone, John (Spr) (SX233027) (AIF)

Stringer, C R

Summers, Bo (Crystal Brook)

Symonds, Dick

Symonds, Jim

Tailford, E A (Risdon Park Pt Pirie)

Thomas, J (Wayville)

Thomas, K Kiffin

Thomas, Lucy A (Crystal Brook)

Thompson, W

Thos-Kay-Freeman, (Clifton Gardens NSW)

Thos-Kay-Freeman, (Willoughby NSW)

Threadgold, E M (Crystal Brook)

Threadgold, Glenice (Two Wells)

Threadgold, S J (Crystal Brook)

Threadgold, T T (Two Wells)

Thredgold, A

Thredgold, A C

Thredgold, E H (Pte) (AIF)

Thredgold, E L

Thredgold, L J (L/Cpl) (AIF)

Thredgold, R (L/Sgt) (AIF)

Traeger, C (Temora NSW)

Twelftree, R H

Venning, W J B

Vridon, J R

Waddall, G (Rose Park)

Waggs, H (Crystal Brook)

Walden, Pat (Hexham)

Walden, Thelma (Newcastle)

Wathenotor, J (Yacka)

Watson, M (Rose Park)

Watts, M R

Wellbourne, T

Whittle, A M

Wilkin, D W (ORV) (AIF)

Wilkin, P H (Gladstone)

Wilson, L D

Wood, G E

Young, R J (Risdon Park Pt Pirie)

Young, V R (Risdon Park Pt Pirie)