Embroidered Signatures ProjectCrystal Brook Methodist Church. Sunday School 1939: Cloth

Crystal Brook Community Church
Mid North
Mrs W G Munday
90cm x 77cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1939
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Running Stitch,

Physical Description

The ecru linen cloth is framed behind glass. It has a central 18cm circle stitched in red with a stitched picture of the church in the centre. Above the church is stitched 'Methodist' and below is 'Sunday School Crystal Brook April 24th, 1939'. Multicoloured signatures are scattered throughout the cloth.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Fundraiser. The cloth was used to raise money for a piano for the Sunday School. The piano is still in use. The plaque on the frame says 'Worked and Presented by Mrs W G Munday in aid of the S.S. Piano. 1939'.


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Adamson, A J

Arbon, Denise

Arbon, Elise

Arbon, Fay

Baehn, A M

Bailey, A

Bain, E N

Bain, Rodney

Ballantyne, C S

Batteraly, Glenys

Batteraly, Graham

Beatyman, J

Black, Jean

Bradock, R

Brasher, Don

Brasher, Margaret

Brasher, Susan E

Brittain, L M

Bryson, G H

Bryson, Janet

Bryson, R

Button, B

Button, B B

Button, H I

Button, J

Button, L M

Button, M

Button, V

Clark, Ian

Clark, Jennifer

Clark, Una M

Clark, Vivienne

Clarks, Jeff

Cliff, M

Clinton, B

Clinton, O

Combe, Barbara

Combe, Betty

Combe, Bruce

Combe, E

Combe, E M

Combe, J C

Combe, R

Combe, Ruby M

Conway, V P

Cornish, A L

Cornish, J E

Cornish, M

Cottle, H M

Cowell, J

Cox, E

Cox, S

Curnow, A

Curnow, B

Curnow, M

Darbon, R

Davidson, A M

Davidson, Catherine

Davidson, Denise

Davidson, Jean

Davidson, Marian

Davidson, S R

Davis, O M

Dawes, R C

Dawson, B

de la Perelle, L

de la Perelle, L A

Dennise, Bronte

Donnie, A R

Duffield, A E

Duffield, E

Dunsford, E

Dyer, Ethel M

Dyer, R L

Dyer, R S

Evans, E

Evans, M

Everett, E

Everett, R G

Flavil, Rita

Forgan, A

Forgan, D M

Forgan, L M

Frith, H J

Frith, Joan

Frith, N F

Fuller, A

Fuller, S

Fulwood, M

Gab, E L

Gadd, A

Gadd, P

Gadd, S

Gale, A E

Gale, G

Gale, John

Gale, Melva

Gale, Robert

Gaulter, D

Gaulter, G

Gaulter, Kevin

Gaulter, L

Gehrigs, E L

George, L M

Gilbert, A

Gilbert, A L

Gilbert, G M

Gilbert, J J

Gilbert, M J

Giles, A J

Giles, M G

Good, E L

Greig, Eunice

Greig, L C

Greig, Pauline

Grivell, John

Grivell, M

Gum, E E

Gum, Geo

Gum, Glen

Gum, R L

Gurnell, W

Hall, J

Halliday, J

Halliday, R L

Hamlyn, A B M

Hamlyn, A J

Hamlyn, A W

Hamlyn, G H

Hamlyn, J L

Hamlyn, W L A

Hammond, E J

Harvis, A D

Heath, R

Hicks, D L

Hills, S H

Hosking, Glenys

Hoskins, Alixa

Jarmyn, Y J

Jasper, E A

Jennings, R B

Kelly, Cynthia

Kelly, Leighton

Kelly, Rilda

Kendrew, A O

Kendrew, G H

Kendrew, Helen

Kendrew, Kay

Kimm, Catherine Anne

Kirk, E V

Kirk, J A C

Knaggs, R C

Lace Kelly, Amelia

Lace Kelly, R

Lace Kelly, Tom

Lambert, Ross

Lawson, E

Lines, A

Lines, J C

Lines, W D

Lines, W J

Lock, C

Lock, H Keith

Marshall, L

Marshall, M

Mathew, R

Matthews, A ?

Matthews, B G

Matthews, Betty

Matthews, Ernest

Matthews, Ivy

Matthews, Janet

May, E

McDonald, Gertrude

McDonald, H

McDonald, J

McDonald, Max

McDonald, Ross

McKay, Jocelyn

McKay, M

Melville, E C

Michael, A A

Miel, E

Mitchell, B

Munday, A

Munday, B H

Munday, E L

Munday, H A

Munday, M

Munday, M E

Munday, W G

Murdock, D

Murdock, Jean

Murray, Janice

Neilson, D A

Neilson, J

Neilson, J G

Neilson, Rosie

Neilson, W

Nelson, D A H

Nicholls, Amalie

Nicholls, L E

Nicholls, Max

Ogiline, A

Parry, B

Parry, F E

Parry, J

Parry, L

Parry, Russel

Parry, W J

Pavy, C

Pavy, H

Pavy, M

Peake, A H

Peake, J B

Peake, L

Pearce, E F

Pointon, E A

Pomery, E R

Pope, G W

Pope, J E

Prest, David H

Prest, Penelope E

Prest, Robert H

Prest, Rosemary K

Pridham, M E

Richards, R V

Roberts, A M

Roberts, R

Robertson, A

Robinson, D N

Robinson, E L

Robinson, J M

Robinson, L B

Robinson, Tom

Saint, H M

Saint, J H

Saint, M D

Saint, M E

Saint, M L

Saint, O

Saint, R L

Saint, S

Saint, W L

Saltmarsh, Greta

Sandery, Arthur

Sandery, Enid

Sandery, Minnella

Sargent, E E

Sargent, L G

Scott, B

Scott, L

Shirley ?

Sinclair, Darcy

Sinclair, Iris

Slater, Ailsa

Slater, Leanard

Slater, Meredith

Slater, O M S

Slater, R Bruce

Smith, W

Soloman, G K

Steer, G

Story, A G

Story, F E D

Story, M

Studwick, E

Studwick, F E

Studwick, J J

Studwick, Phyl

Sully, G

Sully, P

Sully, R

Summers, Natalie

Summers, Shirley

Sutcliff, E

Sutcliff, H R

Symonds, B

Symonds, J

Symons, P

Talbot, A

Talbot, H

Tangent, L G

Taylor, Bruce

Taylor, L L

Taylor, O J

Taylor, V

Teakle, L C

Thomas, A B

Thomas, A M

Thomas, J

Thomas, K M

Thomas, L A

Thomas, M

Thomas, S

Thomas, W H

Thredgold, E M

Thredgold, F L

Thredgold, L J

Thredgold, W

Tilbrook, Marjorie

Tilbrook, Mary

Tiller, Max

Tiller, Norma

Tiller, Ruth

Tiller, Valda

Townsend, Brie

Townsend, Bruce

Townsend, E

Townsend, L R

Townsend, R

Tucker, Flora E

Twining, M V

Venning, B L

Venning, D B

Venning, J

Venning, N

Venning, O L

Venning, R G

Venning, W G

Ward, H

Wellington, B

Weston, F J

White, B L

Wilkin, D W

Wilkin, Daphne

Wilkin, E M

Wilkin, Gwenythe

Wilkin, Margaret

Wilkin, Melva

Wilkin, Nancy

Williams, E D

Williams, H R

Williams, K H

Williams, N B

Wilson, D J

Wilson, M

Wood, A J

Xelby, C L