Embroidered Signatures ProjectRiverton Art Class: Cloth

Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Museum
Mid North
Riverton Art Class
150cm x 120cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1923
ID Number

Physical Description

White linen signature cloth with white thread embroidey. It consists of 20 squares joined together with crochet. Two squares make up a central picture panel. There is a crochet border around the edge. Names are embroidered with white thread.

Theme and Purpose

World War I. Fundraiser by the Riverton Art Class for the Riverton and District Hospital built in 1923 as a memorial to the local people who enlisted. Excerpt from email: 'The cloth was made by members of the Riverton Art Class and each signatory paid two shillings to sign their name after which students of the Art class would embroider same. The money collected was donated to the Riverton & District Hospital which was built in 1923 as a memorial to those local men & women who had enlisted in WWI'.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

A Friend

Abbott, E

Abbott, G B

Abbott, J

Abbott, J G

Abbott, J H

Abbott, Jack

Abbott, May

Abbott, P J

Ahrns, D S

Allan, L

Allchurch, C M

Allchurch, E H

Allingame, B

Altus, B

Anderson, M E

Andrew ?

Andrewartha, B

Andrewartha, C

Andrewartha, L

Andrewartha, M

Andrewartha, P

Andrewartha, W N

Andrews, H

Arthur, A G

Arthur, E W

Arthur, G S

Arthur, Maude

Arthur, P E

Arthur, S

Ashton, R McB

Badman, C E

Badman, C E (2)

Bailey, W

Baker, J E

Baker, K C

Baker, K C (2)

Baker, Thelma

Baldwin, Jean

Bannear, A

Bannear, A (2)

Bannear, Albert

Bannear, Alice

Bannear, Annie

Barbson, H

Barker, O W

Barkley, Ruby

Barkley, Ruby C

Barnes, Alice

Barnes, Louie

Barritt, A K

Bartel, C

Bassett, M

Bassett, Minnie

Bates, H

Beck, J L

Bednall, W H

Behn, C

Behn, E

Behn, E G

Behn, Fred

Behn, M

Bennett, C

Bennett, H T

Bennett, Roy

Berriman, J M

Berriman, N

Binney, J A

Binney, S

Bird, H

Bishop, Ken

Black, Leslie

Black, Linda

Black, M D

Black, R

Black, R J

Black, W A

Blucher, C R

Bonython, F R

Both, M E

Bowcher, M

Bowden, Eva

Bowden, H

Bowden, H P

Bowden, Margaret

Bowden, W R

Bowering, Linda

Bowering, Marie

Boxall, G

Branford, L V

Branford, L V (2)

Brennan, J P

Brennan, Janet M

Brennan, Jim

Brennan, Olive

Brennan, S P

Brennan, Vin

Brie, Margaret

Brooks, A H

Brooks, Dorothy

Brown, Les

Brown, Les 2)

Brown, M

Bruhn, E L

Bruhn, G S

Budge, E

Budge, F

Budge, Fred

Bulford, A

Bullen, D

Bullen, Freida

Bullen, M A

Bullen, R

Bullen, R (2)

Burden, A K

Burrows, Jack

Burrows, M

Burrows, R

Burrows, Rita

Burrows, Rita (2)

Butterfield, J

Caldwell, M

Callery, Mary

Campain, F S

Campain, M

Campain, T

Campbell, E C

Carl, Bernard

Carpenter, George

Carpenter, Gert

Castine, Edith

Castine, Lorna

Castine, O H

Castine, R O

Challen, R C

Chapman, F

Chapman, Rowland

Chigwidden, E A

Chigwidden, F

Chumleigh, H

Clarke, B A

Clarke, C R

Clarke, E W

Clarke, E W (2)

Clarke, K

Clearey, H M

Coburn, W

Coburn, W (2)

Cocks, Amelia

Cole, A J

Colebatch, J C

Coles, Sarah

Collins, G J

Collins, M

Collins, M (2)

Colmer, Fay

Colmer, H

Colmer, Oliver

Coment, Jack

Conley, M

Connell, J

Coombs, N

Cooper, Alma K

Cooper, Brenda

Cooper, Chrissie

Cooper, M E

Cooper, R H

Cooper, Robert H

Cooper, Stella

Cormack, Hugh

Corrie, P

Coulter, F J

Coulter, H

Crawford, N

Croger, R H

Cullinan, N

Cummings, T

Curtis, H

Dalby, Jean

Dalby, M

Dale, W

Daly, A

Daly, F T

Daniel, R

Davey, A E

Davey, May

Davis, Alec (Mrs)

Davis, Bert

Davis, G W

Davis, H A

Davis, M

Davis, R

Davis, Valerie

Davis, W H

Day, D H

Dedwau, V

Dee, J

Dellow, W

Denton, M

Derman, Hilda M

Detman, A

Dew, Fred

Dewhirst, G

Dickson, Clara

Dixon, A

Dixon, L E M

Dobbin, M

Dobbin, Rhoda H

Dolly Vardon

Donovan, J

Dougall, G

Dougall, L

Douglas, M

Douglas, Mary

Douglass, J

Downing, Mary

Downing, Myrtle

Drayton, A (Mrs)

Drayton, A H

Drayton, N J

Duldig, Ben

Duldig, C

Duldig, M

Dullea, C J

Dullea, M

Duncliffe, V

Dunn, Charles (Mrs)

DuRieu, D S

DuRieu, K P

Eckermann, H R

Eckermann, H W

Eckermann, M E

Edgerley, V

Edith ?

Edwards, Ivy

Ellery, J

Elliott, Amy

Elliott, Audrey

Elliott, Doris

Elliott, Frank

Elliott, H S

Ellis, R (Adelaide)

Fahey, Jack

Featherstone, A

Fergusson, A W

Fergusson, Ailsa

Fergusson, Andrew

Fergusson, Edith

Fergusson, Helen

Fergusson, Nelson

Fergusson, Winnie

Fernandez, E E

Fernandez, L

Fernandez, Maude

Fernandez, Richard

Feuerhardt, H H

Feuerhardt, H M

Feuerhardt, J B

Fiebig, H C

Fisher, H

Fisher, P

Fisher, Ron

Fitzgerald, G

Fitzgerald, J

Fitzgerald, Jas

Flavel, A

Flavel, L

Fleming, A

Floyd, J

Floyd, Mavis

Forrester, O

Franklin, R V

Freeman, D

Friebe, G J

Friebe, Geo

Frost, A L

Frost, D S

Fuller, A M

Fuller, J G

Fuller, Roma

Geister, G I

Gellert, R

Gerlach, A

Gillingham, Estelle

Girke, A

Glen, A

Glenn, Kathleen G

Glynn, John McMahon

Glynn, M E

Glynn, R McMahon

Glynn, Una

Gordon, C C

Grant, Bessie

Grant, C M

Grant, D E

Grant, G H

Gray, Alva

Gray, Bill

Gray, D

Gray, E A

Gray, E M

Gray, F K L

Gregory, A

Gregory, Annie

Gregory, B E

Gregory, H J

Griffen, A

Griffen, E

Griffen, N

Griffen, R

Guiney, H

Guiney, J

Guiney, M

Gurner, E M

Gus ?

Hahesy, M

Hahesy, W

Hall, Fanny

Halliday, A D

Halliday, A D (2)

Hammond, A

Hancock, W E

Hannaford, A

Hannaford, A (2)

Hannaford, A Cyril

Hannaford, A K

Hannaford, Avis U

Hannaford, C E

Hannaford, C E (2)

Hannaford, Cyril

Hannaford, Cyril (2)

Hannaford, Cyril (3)

Hannaford, D

Hannaford, D C

Hannaford, D C (2)

Hannaford, E M

Hannaford, Edith

Hannaford, Elliott

Hannaford, Florence

Hannaford, Florence (2)

Hannaford, Fred G

Hannaford, G

Hannaford, J

Hannaford, J (2)

Hannaford, J E

Hannaford, Laura

Hannaford, Laura (2)

Hannaford, Nelson

Hannaford, Nelson (2)

Hannaford, S

Hannaford, S (2)

Hannaford, S (3)

Hannaford, Vern

Hannaford, Walter

Hanson, M N

Harris, A

Harris, Amy

Harris, Arnold

Harris, C E

Harris, D

Harris, E

Harris, E W

Harris, Edna

Harris, M J

Harris, M J (2)

Harris, W K

Hartley, E

Harvey, A W

Hassell, C M

Hazell, G E

Hazell, W J

Heaslip, E G

Heaslip, W S

Heath, Clive

Heath, F C V

Heath, Flo B

Heath, Olive

Hefferan, M E

Hefferan, R

Hefferan, S

Heffernan, Imelda

Henderson, H M

Henderson, V K

Hilton, H S

Hodgens, W

Hogan, G

Hogan, Lance

Hogan, M

Hogan, P

Hogarth, G E

Hollis, Fred

Hondow, E

Hondow, E (2)

Hondow, H

Hondow, J A

Hood, A

Hood, E A

Hood, G

Hookings, P J

Hookings, S L

Hooper, E

Hooper, E H

Hooper, Ern

Hooper, F

Hooper, Gladys

Hooper, R

Horgan, A

Horgan, Dan

Horgan, L

Horgan, P J

Hosking, Joan

Hosking, R H

Hosking, Rupert

Hosking, Virna

Howes, R A

Hudson, G A

Hudson, H W

Hughes, C Vic

Humphreys, M H

Humphries, Colin

Humphries, Ivy

Hunt, K A

Huppatz, A

Huppatz, A (2)

Huppatz, E

Huppatz, F C

Huppatz, Mary

Inkster, Isabell

Jackson, E

Jacobi, E H

James, Dorothy

James, L

James, L (2)

James, L M

James, Robert J

James, Ruby E

James, Ruby E (2)

Janker, M

Jeffreys, F S

Jeldi, Rosie

Jenkins, E L

Jenkins, L

Jewell, V

Johnson, A R

Johnson, A R (2)

Johnson, A R (3)

Jones, C T

Jones, F A

Jones, H J

Jones, R

Jones, T P

Jones, T R

Jordan, Ada L

Jordan, Avis

Jordan, F M

Jordan, Fred

Josland, H

Keast, Doris

Keast, E

Keast, E A

Keast, F

Keast, G B

Keast, J H

Keast, T J

Keast, W

Keelan, J

Keelan, May

Keen, F

Keetzor, M J

Kelly, Alf

Kelly, Allan K

Kelly, Beth

Kelly, C

Kelly, Chrissie

Kelly, D B

Kelly, Dennis

Kelly, Dory K

Kelly, E

Kelly, Edna

Kelly, F E

Kelly, F M

Kelly, Gordon

Kelly, H E

Kelly, J

Kelly, J E

Kelly, J H

Kelly, Jamie C

Kelly, John

Kelly, L E

Kelly, L M

Kelly, Lillian M

Kelly, M

Kelly, M J

Kelly, M L

Kelly, Mary

Kelly, Mavis

Kelly, N W

Kelly, Nancy

Kelly, R A

Kelly, R J

Kelly, R M

Kelly, Reginald

Kelly, Ruth

Kelly, W

Kemp, Bobbie

Kemp, C B

Kemp, D R

Kemp, F C

Kemp, J L

Kemp, Loris

Kemp, Ralph

Kemp, Rose

Kemp, S J

Kench, R

Kerr, Roderick

King, A

King, C

Kirk, E

Kirk, F W

Kirk, J V

Kirk, S

Klem, C A

Klem, Jessie

Knauerhase, C N (AIF)

Knauerhase, E P

Knauerhase, E P (2)

Knauerhase, Ern

Knowles, Don

Knowles, Tom

Knowling, F

Kokegei, C

Kokegei, O

Krskowski, Alec

Krskowski, Olga

Kruger, Ern

Kruger, M

Kschenka, A E

Kschenka, Ivy

Lambert, L

Lane, E C

Lane, E C (2)

Lang, Ethel

Lang, W H

Lanton, (Capt)

Lee, W R

Lees, P W

Legoe, M

Legoe, W

Leibernecht, M

LePage, Ivy

Lieschke, G

Lindsay, G

Litchfield, Georgina

Litchfield, Jean

Litchfield, Marjorie

Lock, A

Lock, E

Lock, E E

Lock, Marion

Lock, Merv

Lock, W

Lock, W (2)

Lock, Wm

Lockton, C

Lockton, Chas

Longbottom, E

Longbottom, Lynetta

Longbottom, O E

Longbottom, Thomas

Ludtke, Connie


Magen, M M

Marlow, K

Marshall, L W

Marshall, P

Marshall, W

Martin, A

Martin, A F E

Martin, E S

Martin, L D

Martin, Laurel

Martin, Mavis

Martin, Olive

Mason, J

Maxwell, E A

Mayne, J M

McArthur, A

McBride, R T

McBurney, J

McCarthy, C

McCarthy, C M

McEvoy, E A

McEvoy, Ethel

McEvoy, H

McGregor, A E

McGregor, Bob

McGregor, Dan Francis

McGregor, M

McGregor, Maggie

McGregor, P

McInerney, N

McKell, F

McKenzie, A

McLachlan, Ivy

McMahon, G E

McPherson, A

McPherson, Olive

Melliers, Yvonne

Mills, G

Mills, Gordon

Mills, Gordon R

Mills, Ivy G

Mills, Ivy G (2)

Mills, Joyce

Mintern, Doreen

Mirtchell, F E

Mitchell, A E

Mitchell, E

Mitchell, E A

Mitchell, Ethel

Mitchell, J

Mitchell, L

Mitchell, Mabel

Mitchell, Maude

Mitchell, Oliver

Mitchell, S

Mobbs, A

Mobbs, H W

Molineux, A L

Molineux, S

Molloy, L

Morgan, A

Motor Garage Riverton

Moyle, W

Moys, W

Mudge, L

Mullins, Beat

Mullins, E

Mullins, J (ElectroPl)

Mullins, L

Mullins, Wilf

Mullins, Wilfred

Murphy, Eva M

Murra, E

Murray, F A

Nation, Jack

Neale, Edith L

Neale, Mable A

Nelson, W

Neumann, J A

Neumann, S

Nicolai, G B

Nicolai, Hilda

Nicolai, Hilda (2)

Noack, M

Noblett, E

Northey, Eva

Northey, Eva (2)

Northey, J D

Northey, J D (2)

Norton, F J (STBCAB)

Norton, J G

Nottle, M


O'Brien, John

O'Donnell, J P

O'Sullivan, Francis

O'Sullivan, J

Odgers, B

Odgers, H H

Odgers, Harold H

Odgers, Will

Odgers, William

Oehme, E

Oehme, J T

Oehme, Nellie

Oehme, William

Old Gold

Overall, D

Overton, F

Overton, Madge

Pain, G

Palmer, J

Parnell, C H

Parnell, C W

Parnell, F

Parnell, J

Parnell, S V

Parnell, V

Parsons, Annie

Paul, C

Paul, C M

Paull, W

Pearson, K A

Penny, D M

Penny, Tom

Peters, C

Peters, Dora A

Peters, Gwen

Peters, J A

Peters, V

Pettman, A W (Rose Park)

Pfeiffer, L

Pfeiffer, M A

Pfeiffer, Roy

Phelps, Jack

Phillips, May

Pillar, G

Plew, Alma R

Plew, Dean

Plew, E A

Plew, J G

Plew, Joan

Plew, W R

Pomeroy, A K

Pomeroy, H E

Potter, J A

Presented by the Riverton Art Class 1923

Prettejohn, P J

Pritchard, A F

Pryor, Edgar

Pryor, Helen J

Pryor, Helen J (2)

Pryor, W S

Pryzibilla, G

Pulford, E M

Rainsford, C

Ralph, R U

Ramsay, M

Raymond, M

Reed, P W

Rehder, Laura

Retchford, F

Reynolds, R

Reynolds, S C

Richter, E

Rimmer, N

Ritchie, J

Rivett, H

Rivett, M A

Roberts, E

Roberts, O

Robertson, N

Robins, J H

Robins, P C

Robinson, K

Roenfeldt, A

Roenfeldt, K C

Roenfeldt, V

Rowe, Beat

Rowe, L J

Rowe, Sarah

Rowe, W

Rowett, J J

Sancton, F (Capt)

Sancton, F (Mrs)

Sandercock, E

Sandercock, G H

Sandercock, G H (2)

Sandercock, H A

Sandercock, J P

Sandercock, L C

Sandercock, M A

Sandercock, R

Sarre, R J

Saunders, Mary

Sawes, H W

Scales, R

Schmidt, F

Schmidt, F (2)

Schnell, J

Schnell, P

Schober, B

Scholfield (Sister)

Scholfield, S J

Scholz, A

Scholz, C

Scholz, E A A

Scholz, E H R

Scholz, H A B

Scholz, Harold

Scholz, Ida

Scholz, N E B

Scholz, P

Schultz, Edna

Schultz, J P

Schultz, J P (2)

Schultz, R E

Schultz, R E (2)

Schulz, A B

Schwartz, J

Scovell, Elsie

Scovell, Ethel

Scovell, H P

Scovell, Ivy

Scovell, J

Scovell, P R

Scovell, Renie

Scovell, S

Scovell, S (2)

Scovell, W J

Seary, (Mrs)

Seary, Annie

Seary, E

Seary, Irene

Seary, Winnie

Sexton, B

Sharpe, H

Sherlock, Bill

Sherlock, Jack

Shinnick, (Mrs)

Shinnick, Kathleen

Shinnick, P

Sieben, E M

Simons, Hazel

Sims, John L

Smallacombe, W

Smith, Arney

Smith, C

Smith, Doug

Smith, E

Smith, Frank

Smith, H E

Smith, L

Smith, R M

Smith, Rose

Smyth, S J

Souter, C

Spackman, C

Spackman, R

Stacey, C

Stacey, R ?

Stacey, Reg

Stacy, L

Stevenson, O R

Stodart, E C

Stoneham, H C

Stoneham, Hilda

Stribling, H C

Suckling, F

Sweet, A

Symon, S

Tamblyn, Doris

Tassie, A

Thomas, A L

Thomas, C B

Thomas, C M

Thomas, C R

Thompson, Doris

Thompson, J F

Thompson, W

Treleaven, E

Tuck, G

Twelftree, G E

Twelftree, G E (2)

Twelftree, G E (3)

Unwin, Doris

Unwin, Maude

Uppill, Sylvia

Valentine, Alice

Vickery, J M

Vine, C B

Wait, Beatrice

Wait, E M

Wait, G E

Wait, Geo

Wait, H M

Wait, Kenneth

Wait, M

Wallacott, C J

Ward, H

Ward, S A

Warhurst, C L

Warne, B E

Warner, Nellie

Waterman, H G

Waterman, O J

Watson, A

Watts, (Miss)

Watts, K B

Webb, Allan (Rev)

White, C

White, Daphne J

Whitfield, W M

Wiese, Ernest

Williams, A

Williams, J F

Williams, W

Willis, Lorna

Wilson-Smith, C A

Wilson, L

Wilson, L H

Wilson, Stan

Winscheid, Harvie

Winscheid, Harvie (2)

Winscheid, W

Wishart, M

Wood, A

Wotton, A C

Wurst, A M

Wurst, C

Wurst, C L

Wuttke, M

Wuttke, Thelma

Wuttke, W

Wyman, L J

Yelland, J

Young, D L

Zucker, L C