Embroidered Signatures ProjectBristow Marsh Family. Wedding: Cloth

Private Collections
Yorke Peninsula
55cm x 76cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1983
ID Number
Cloths,Drawn Thread Work,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream polyester cloth with a drawn thread work 1.5cm hem with a 2cm off-white bobbin lace edge. In the top centre of the cloth is a cream Horseshoe and a maroon bow and bells stitched in stem stitch. Stitched in maroon above the bow is 'Our Wedding'. The signatures are stitched in various shades of maroon.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Family and friends. This is a record of the guests that attended the wedding of Carol Bristow and Nic Marsh in Berri, SA on 17-12-83. The stitching was done by Carol's grandmother.


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Allan, Doris

Allan, Harry

Barich, Helen

Barich, Peter

Bassham, Daphne

Bassham, Jim

Bristow, Andrew

Bristow, Jennifer

Bristow, Reg

Bristow, Reginald

Bristow, Wendy

Burton, Myra

Clasohm, Clifford

Clasohm, Sylvia

Coombs, Bronte

Coombs, Chris

Croft, Darryl

Ellard, Dorothy

Ellard, Leanard

Gay, Danielle

Gay, Gilbert

Gay, Luke

Gay, Pam

Gay, Sallyanne

Haines, Dianne

Haines, Randy

Harrington, Judy

Harris, Barbara

Harris, Roy

Higgs, Chris

Holland, Grant

Hoskin, Coreana

Huxtable, C W

Huxtable, Marjorie

Huxtable, Warren

Krollig, Gwenda

Krollig, Ray

Lange, Jean

Lange, William (Bill)

Marsh, Alison

Marsh, Anthony

Marsh, Beryl J

Marsh, Carol

Marsh, Jack

Marsh, Nic

Milich, Denise

Muller, Sue

O'Brien, Francine

O'Brien, Timothy

Page, Maralena

Page, Owen

Raets, Eddie

Raets, Senga

Rogers, Geoff

Rollbusch, Cathy

Rollbusch, Kerry

Saint, Phillip

Saint, Wendy

Thomson, Audrey

Thomson, David

Thomson, Joan

Thomson, Joanna

Thomson, Mark

Thomson, Roderick

Thomson, Vicki

Walker, Dianne

Ziersch, Jay

Ziersch, Rob