Embroidered Signatures ProjectCrystal Brook District Hospital: Cloth

Crystal Brook Heritage Centre
Mid North
Mrs Kendrew
88cm x 93cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1923
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Framed ecru linen cloth with a 5cm hem. Multicoloured signatures cover the cloth. They follow the line of a central circle created by the name 'Crystal Brook District Hospital'.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Fundraiser. Crystal Brook District Hospital. This embroidered cloth was the brainchild of Mrs Kendrew in 1923, to raise money for the newly built Crystal Brook Hospital. Each person made a donation and signed their name. The signature was then embroidered. The cloth was completed in 1926. A Queen competition was also held in Crystal Brook to raise money for the local hospital.


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Abell, Farrol

Abell, J I

Abell, W J

Adams, Alma

Adcock, M B

Allchurch, E B

Allen, E

Angel, T

Arberry, C

Arnold, Edgar

Arnold, M

Barthwick, T K

Bartrum, A G

Bartrum, F G

Bennett, A

Berry, J I

Best, F

Best, K A

Black, D K

Black, Jean

Black, S

Boehm, C E

Bosomwarth, L

Bradock, F

Breckin, I L

Brown, A E

Bryson, E E

Buildam, Phil

Burser, H G

Burton, L

Buttfield, B L

Buttfield, C C

Buttfield, M C

Buttfield, N

Carden, F A

Carden, W H (FRS)

Carter, G M

Carter, I M

Chapman, A J

Chinner, A E

Church, Marian

Claridge, A H

Claridge, Alison

Claridge, Beth

Claridge, Brian

Claridge, C A

Claridge, C R

Claridge, C S

Claridge, Dorothy

Claridge, E

Claridge, E M

Claridge, E V

Claridge, F R

Claridge, G

Claridge, G F

Claridge, H

Claridge, K

Claridge, Keith

Claridge, M H

Claridge, P K

Claridge, Phil

Claridge, Phyllis

Claridge, Ruth

Claridge, S Fred

Claridge, V M

Claridge, Wyn R

Clarke, A S

Cliff, A

Clogg, A H

Clogg, E J

Close, E E

Clothier, J H

Combe, S M

Combe, W M

Conrad, E M

Cook, R T

Cornish, S M

Corribe, J

Corribe, R M

Corribe, W

Cothier, D C

Cottle, H

Cottle, J W

Cottle, N

Cox, J W

Crawford, A M

Crawford, K

Curtin, G

Davidson, A W

Davidson, E J

Davidson, E M

Davies, R C

Davis, D

Day, K

de Castro, C B K

Dennis, E J

Dennis, J A

Dennis, J W W

Dondive, P E

Donohue, T

Duffield, E

Dunsford, E

Dunsford, M

Dunsford, T

Edlington, B

Estick, A

Evans, B

Evans, L

Fergusson, Ruby

Fergusson, W N

Fierme, N D

Fitzgerald, M

Fitzgerald, M S

Forgan, David M

Forgan, E M

Forgan, Ellen M

Forgan, H L

Forgan, M A

Forgan, W N

Forgan, Y W R

Forrister, R J

Fortstal, Alma

Fradd, H T

Frith, A L

Gadd, Ray

Gale, A F

Gale, Gus

Gale, J E

Gassner, M

Giddings, B

Giddings, E M

Gilbert, G

Goldfinch, D E

Goldsworthy, M

Goldsworthy, O E

Gordon, Jes

Goulter, L

Goulter, L L

Graham, Blanche

Gray, A R

Gray, R T

Green, A S

Green, A T

Green, Eunice

Green, Phyllis

Greig, J B

Grieg, W H

Grouch, L G

Gum, E E

Gum, G E

Gunn, J

Hall, N M

Hamlyn, L

Hamlyn, W

Hancock, W

Harkis, E

Harris, C

Harris, E

Hartman, C

Head, A

Heaslip, D

Heaslip, H C J

Hill, J H

Hiraps, F I

Hollis, Alison

Holst, J

Hutchings, F H

Ide, E E

Ide, E M

Ide, V G

Ide, V M

Inglis, S G

Jacobs, A M

Jacobs, E

James, Syd (OBE)

Kelly, A

Kelly, C M

Kelly, J J

Kelly, S L

Kendrew, A A

Kendrew, G H

Kendrew, G W

Kendrew, Kay

Kidd, H

Kiely, C

Kiely, M

Kiely, N J

Kiely, T J

Kirk, A

Kirk, J J

Klopper, J N

Klopper, W

Laubsch, F W

Lawson, Ruby R

Lee, Sidney

Lewis, G V

Liddle, B A

Liddle, W

Lines, C P

Lines, J A

Lines, W J

Lowe, Arnold

Lucas, A

Maidment, E H

Maidment, J

Marshall, A G

Marshall, A L

Marshall, J D

Marshall, John

Martin, A J

Martin, Maggie

Martins, G

Martins, N

Masey, H

Mathews, K E

McCormick (Dearing Tractors)

McDonald, A

McDonald, C K

McDonald, E

McDonald, G A

McDonald, Heather

McDonald, J

McDonald, M J

McDonald, M M

McDonald, R A

McDonald, R B

McKenzie, J H

McNeil, J

Melville, E D

Miehl, Geo

Mollyrick, F

Mollyrick, N

Morris, H

Morris, M

Mullner, D

Mullner, J T C

Mullner, K

Murdock, D

Nankewell, H N

Nankivell, A E

Napper, Alf

Nicholls, Lilian

Nicholls, R D

Nichols, F

Nichols, M

Nieass, A M

Noll, A W

O'Shaughnessy, P S

Ogilvie, A E

Olgilvie, James

Parker, F W

Parkes, F W

Pavy, E S

Pavy, F E

Pavy, G M

Pavy, I V

Pavy, M P

Peidham, J

Penrose, Eva M

Perbot, Giuseppe

Perry, F W

Pickford, J

Pointon, E H

Pointon, E V

Pointon, G H

Pritchard, A J

Radford, C J

Radford, M G

Ralph, Bessie

Ralph, J P

Rawnsey, James

Richards, J E

Richards, Jack D

Roberts, A M

Roberts, G L

Roberts, H G

Roberts, P J

Roberts, R H

Robertson, A

Robinson, M

Rottew, C J

Row, Gladys K

Rowland, H G

Ryan, J

Ryan, M A

Saint, Edna

Saint, Joan

Saint, M

Saint, M S

Saint, Roy

Sandow, B G

Sandow, S A

Sargent, H V

Sarre, A J

Sarre, D C

Schapel, R J

Scotcher, M M

Siebert, C F E

Siebert, M

Sims, A E

Sims, E

Sinclair, E E

Sinclair, E M

Sinclair, E T

Sinclair, J M

Sinclair, L G

Sinclair, P

Slater, A M

Smallacombe, C A

Smallacombe, J O

Smart, A E

Smart, M A

Smerdon, A H

Smerdon, H

Smith, M B

Smith, Win (Mr)

Solomon, G K

Stalley, D V

Story, F E

Strudwick, R A N

Sutcliffe, L L

Swan, E Heriot

Sweeney, D J

Taps, E Stanley

Tassie, D S

Taylor, L A

Teakle, Isaac

Thomas, A E

Thomas, Adelaide

Thomas, Maud

Trippett, M W

Tucker, A D

Tucker, A P

Tucker, W E

Tyler, H B

Tyler, M B

Vonow, A K

Vonow, F M

Vonow, H

Vonow, H P

Vonow, S

Voysey, L G

Walsh, H

Watson, A H

Watson, C M

Wauthorpe, G

Weidenhofer, D G

Weston, Ben

Weston, J

Weston, J D

Weston, M

Weston, R

Wiederman, E

Wilkin, E

Wilkin, W B

Wilkin, W H

Williams, A G

Williams, W

Willington, H J

Wilson, G M

Wilson, M

Wilson, P

Wood, A J

Wood, E J

Yeotman, M D

Young, E

Young, E V Maud

Young, Edith

Young, Elsie

Young, F W

Young, G

Young, H

Young, J

Young, M