Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Yacka. 1945: Cloth

Yacka History Group
Mid North
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Yacka
82cm x 75cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1945
ID Number
Cloths,Drawn Thread Work,Running Stitch,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Pale yellow polyester fabric cloth with a 3cm hemstitched edge. 3cm inside the hem is a pulled thread decorative border. In the centre is 'YACKA FFCF' in large letters satin stitched in green with a dark brown running stitch outline. '1945' backstitched below these words. To the right side is a chain stitch rectangle with 'V E DAY 8.5.45' backstitched in green thread. It appears to have been added later as it goes around a signature. The signatures in green are scattered throughout the cloth.

Theme and Purpose

Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. World War II. Fundraiser.


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Abbott, E

Abbott, F E

Abbott, Glenys

Badman, A

Badman, A O

Badman, C

Badman, G

Badman, W

Bailey, G E

Beelitz, E

Birdseye, E G

Birdseye, L H

Blatchford, A R

Blatchford, E G

Blatchford, Ken

Blatchford, R J

Blatchford, S E F

Blatchford, S G

Boulton, L A

Boulton, Necia

Boulton, S E

Burford, A A

Burford, A J

Burford, B E

Burford, B H

Burford, D R

Burford, H J

Burford, H M

Burford, K I

Burford, L H

Burford, R G (Cpl)

C??, Orial

Champion, Margaret

Chapman, C K

Chapman, O O

Chasson, V J

Clayton, A F

Clayton, C N

Coobs, G R

Cooper, C M

Cunnington, C

Cunnington, R

Dack, H R

Dack, M

Dack, T

Davis, Irene

Duffield, E M

Duffield, J

Duffield, M M

Duffield, S

Dutton, Jean

Eberhard, G

Eberhard, J D

Eberhard, W

Edwards, C J

Edwards, E

Edwards, H A

Edwards, H J

Edwards, H R

Edwards, M

Edwards, M J

Edwards, T R

Eglinton, Yvonne

Fahey, E B

Fahey, R

Fidge, Y

Forrester, B

Forrester, C

France, A V

Fuller, A R

Fuller, G E

Fuller, Lyall

Fuller, P S

Fuller, P T

Gale, E

Gale, G

Glasson, E

Glover, J

Goss, D

Goss, E E

Goss, H A

Goss, J G

Goss, M E

Goss, Ruby

Groom, E

Groom, H R

Hague, Lois

Hancocks, C A

Hancocks, F M

Hancocks, G B

Hancocks, J M

Hancocks, L M

Hancocks, R F

Harrison, E

Harrison, H A

Harvey, F

Harvey, F A

Harvey, I F

Harvey, Jeun and Lionel

Harvey, Lionel

Hauge, Z

Hausler, B

Hausler, L

Hausler, V

Heath, M

Hill, A J

Hill, J M

Hockey, K C J (L A C)

Holtham, J (Nurse)

Humphries, Ally

Humphries, E M

Jarman, H L

Jarman, Les

Jarman, R (Spr)

Jaske, E A

Jenkins, E J

Jenkins, F

Jenkins, W I

Jones, E G

Kaisler, Kevin

Kemp, B

Kemp, J S (Cpl)

Kenefick, P (Dvr)

Kius, I Jen

Klinger, J M

Klose, L B

Kresler, D

Langrahr, E

Larwood, A L

Larwood, A M

Larwood, A S

Larwood, E A

Larwood, E P

Larwood, G T

Larwood, Geo

Larwood, L G

Larwood, P E

Larwood, Shirley

Layton, C M

Layton, P J

Lehmann, F W

Lindner, E

Lindner, H

Lindner, O

Lindner, Yvonne

Marsson, Josephine

Marsson, P L

Materson, G W

McLeod, E

Meickel, A R

Meickel, E M

Miller, C J

Miller, H

Mitchell, H R

Munzer, A

Munzer, E A

Munzer, J (Dvr)

Munzer, S

Murphy, D M

Murphy, G C

Nappar, L

Noble, W J

Oliver, J (Nurse)

Opperman, L

Pengilly, G M

Pengilly, W L

Quinn, G A

Quinn, K C

Richardson, G

Rosman, Rex H

Rowan, G

Runkine, W E

Samuel, Mavis

Sargant, A H

Schultz, J

Schulze, B T

Schulze, J F

Schulze, K M

Schulze, L F E

Schulze, W L

Scott, Dorothy


Sergeant, Sid (Sgt)

Spackman, D M

Spackman, F A

Teakle, M L

Tilbrook, E T

Tilbrook, I

Tilbrook, J Statley

Tilbrook, L (Sgt)

Tilbrook, M A

Tilbrook, O

Tilbrook, R (Cpl)

Tilbrook, R N

Tilbrook, W R

Traver, J W

Tulk, A

Vawser, Joan

Wackert, S J

Walden, Zetta

Waldon, Gwenda

Wall, M L (Sister)

Watherston, Dean

Watherston, J S

Watherston, M

Watherston, W (Tpr)

Wathurston, J S

Wathurston, M

Way, James

Weckert, D G

Weckert, Dulcie

White, M R

Williams, A

Williams, B H

Williams, Betty

Williams, Delphia J

Williams, E L

Williams, S (Nurse)

Wilson, E A

Wilson, F

Wood, L

Zanker, B

Zanker, E

Zanker, M

Zanker, Y