Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Mt Bryan: Cloth

Mt Bryan Soldiers Memorial Inc
Mid North
Hazel Jarmyn (nee Edwards)
93cm x 96cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1943
ID Number
Back Stitch,Chain Stitch,Cloths,

Physical Description

A white linen cloth with a 4cm white lace edge framed behind glass. In the centre is a blue circle with a red cross in the centre. Inside the red cross the names are stitched in red and in the blue circle stitched in blue. In the top right corner is a smaller blue outlined circle with signatures also in blue. In the top left corner is a cross outlined in red with red signatures. At the top centre is a pink satin stitched rectangle with the text 'March 1943 to November'. 'March' is in pink, '1943' in salmon and 'to November' is in pale pink. Around these defined spaces multicoloured signatures are stitched. Names worked in red within the 2 red crosses are names of returned servicemen from World War I, 1914-1918 (42 names). Names worked in blue within the 2 blue circles were service men and women from World War II (114 names). All other names were members of the general public (436 names). There is a total of 592 names.

Theme and Purpose

Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. World War II. Fundraiser. From display label: 'The idea of the cloth was to raise money for the Fighting Forces Comforts Fund during the 1939-45 war. A cost of sixpence (five cents) was charged to write your name on the cloth which was worked over later with different coloured thread. The cloth was worked between March and November 1943 and was sold by auction sale in November. The money raised was for the Fighting Forces Fund so whatever price you bid you donated to the fund. The final bid went to Mr E M Murray formerly of Petherton, Mt Bryan for One Hundred and Ten Guineas (231.00). Mr Murray then generously donated the cloth back to Hazel Edwards. The amount raised for the fund was over One Thousand Pounds (2,000.00) - the base weekly wage at that time was approximately 3 Pounds ($6.00)'.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Ackerman, Edgar T

Allan, E (AIF)

Allen, C M (Mundoora)

Ames, Geraldine

Ames, Ronald

Angas, Colin F

Angas, N A

Arnold, W (AIF)

Atkin, E M

Atkin, F W

Auhl, D M

Auhl, J R

Auhl, K M (RAAF)

Auhl, L P

Auhl, R P

Baker, P B

Baynes, Colin (St Peters)

Baynes, D H (RAAF)

Baynes, Rita (St Peters)

Beaglehole, J A S

Beaglehole, James

Beaglehole, John

Beaglehole, K B

Beaglehole, M

Beaglehole, Robin

Beckwith, C A

Beckwith, C M (AIF)

Beckwith, P R (AIF)

Beckwith, T D

Bell, C S (AIF)

Bell, L R (AIF)

Bell, W (AIF)

Bentley, J

Best, E R

Best, Mary

Besworth, Stan

Bishop, O T

Bishop, W B

Blackmore, R L (AIF)

Blackmore, W S (AIF)

Blinman, B B (AIF)

Blinman, J C (AIF)

Blinman, R M

Bowden, Una

Boxall, S H

Brighton, H G

Brook, David H

Brook, Malcolm

Brook, Rex

Brubner, M

Bruce, C

Burton, A A (AIF)

Burton, A P

Burton, C S (AIF)

Burton, J C (AIF)

Burton, M

Burton, N M

Butler, C J

Butler, K C (RAE) (AIF)

Byrne, A (Kapunda)

C?, Brian

Castle, Brian

Castle, V J

Catt, Peter (Collinsville)

Chandler, S W

Cherihurst, R (AIF)

Chivell, A

Chivell, B

Clifton, M K (Gnr)

Cockrum, K

Cockrum, S

Collins, A L

Collins, Alice

Collins, Cyril C (AIF)

Collins, E M

Collins, Heather

Collins, Henry

Collins, Horace

Collins, Janet

Collins, Kath

Collins, M

Collins, Mary

Collins, N

Collins, Olive

Collins, R C (RAAF)

Collins, R N

Collins, Richard

Connors, J L

Connors, M F

Connors, M G

Connors, W V

Cousins, D

Craig, J

Craig, Patty

Craig, R

Craig, T N (AIF)

Cresby, W A (AIF)

Crew, Cecil

Crew, L W

Crew, M

Crew, S A

D'R, M (Borthwick)

D'Rose, A E

Da Silva, A (Fishermans Bay)

Dare, C W L

Dare, G T

Dart, R A (AIF)

Davis, A J

Davis, Barney (AIF)

Davis, Desmond

Davis, Elaine

Davis, F O

Davis, G R

Davis, Jenny

Davis, O E

Davis, Walter

De Silva, B

Dearlove, Elizabeth

Donnellan, (Mr) (Clare)

Donnellan, (Mrs) (Clare)

Downs, Irene

Doyle, H C

Drew, K M

Dusty Dog (Collinsville)

Earle, H R

Edwards, A R

Edwards, Bert (Collinsville)

Edwards, Betty (Mt Bryan)

Edwards, C A J (AIF)

Edwards, C G

Edwards, C J (Mt Bryan)

Edwards, D G

Edwards, Donald

Edwards, Francis

Edwards, H A

Edwards, Hazel

Edwards, J H

Edwards, Lois

Edwards, M J (Collinsville)

Edwards, Margaret

Edwards, Maurice

Edwards, Nancy (Clare)

Edwards, Roy

Edwards, S (AIF)

Edwards, V J

Edwards, Valda

Edwards, W G

Elliott, J

Ellis, E W

Emmerson, T J

Evans, A J

Evans, J R (AIF)

Fairchild, D M

Fairchild, Maxine

Fairchild, S W

Fallon, J

Faye, Ray

Foote, H L

Foote, Jean M

Fowelstone, G F

Francis, Bryan (AIF)

Francis, Daphne

Freeman, A T (AIF)

Freeman, L T (Drv) (AIF)

Freeman, Mary (Narridy)

Freeman, Mary (Narridy) (2)

Freeman, Max (Narridy)

Freeman, Patricia (Narridy)

Frick, Daphne (Narridy)

Frick, Doreen (Narridy)

Frick, Norma (Narridy)

Frick, W (AIF)

Fry, N D

Gaffen, K (Nurse)

Gaffney, Roy J

Gallagher, J

Gare, D R

Gebhardt, H R

Gebhardt, I

Gebhardt, John

Gebhardt, M

Gebhardt, W

Giles, C

Gill, D E (RAN)

Gill, E H (AIF)

Gill, Ian (Whyalla)

Gill, Ron (Whyalla)

Glastonbury, F

Gleeson, L

Gleeson, W (AIF)

Goodridge, C J (AIF)

Goodridge, J S

Goodridge, Mary A I

Goodridge, T E G

Greentree, W (Sgt)

Griffan, C H (AIF)

Griffen, H M

Griffen, T P

Grigg, H J

Grocke, E

Hansom, B

Hanson, H E Atkins

Harris, A J

Haulin, Clara

Haulin, George

Haulin, Keith

Hawker, Stella

Hayden, M (AIF)

Heinrich, A

Heinrich, D

Heinrich, E A

Heinrich, Ivy

Hempel, A

Henderson, C (AIF)

Henderson, Donald

Henderson, Q A

Henderson, R

Henderson, T (AIF)

Hilton, A Peters

Hilton, J Peter

Hogben, D M

Hogben, K (Gnr)

Hogben, S J

Hogben, W (Cpl)

Holden, J

Holliday, K

Holmes, Bessie

Holmes, D

Holmes, Elaine

Hooper, H L (Cpl) (AIF)

Hooper, J

Hooper, J D (Sgt) (AIF)

Hooper, O L (Spr)

Hornby, E

Hossack, R

Huggins, M

Hutchins, H L (AIF)

Ireland, L E (Port Broughton)

Iress, P M (AIF)

Jacka, D

Jacka, J M

Jacka, John

James, E

Jarmyn, A W (AIF)

Jarmyn, Brian

Jarmyn, D (AIF)

Jarmyn, E M

Jarmyn, F B

Jarmyn, Fay

Jarmyn, R J (AIF)

Jarmyn, V E

Jarmyn, W

Jeffery, Roy J

Jeffries, Ada L (Mt Bryan)

Jeffries, Brian C

Jeffries, F M

Josephs, Gladys R

Josephs, H A (AIF)

Josephs, H R

Josephs, R M (AIF)

Kellock, A L

Kelly, C J

Kelly, Sheila

Ketwick, D R

Ketwick, E R

King, Bob (AIF)

Kleebe, L J (RAAF)

Kuchenmeister, G C

Lane, Peg (Gulnare)

Lawrence, H (AIF)

Lawrence, S (Nairne)

Lawry, T G (Capt) (AIF)

Leighton, H A (AIF)

Lewis, F G

Lewis, R S

Lindley, J

Lindley, M P

Lines, G G

Lines, L

Lines, L G

Lloyd, Frank

Lloyd, Sylvia

Lomman, D (RAAF)

Lomman, G F J (Snr)

Longford, A

Longford, S A

Lynch, R

MacDonald, B C

MacDonald, Colin L

MacDonald, Eileen

MacDonald, Heather

MacDonald, Margaret J

MacDonald, S (AIF)

Maxted, D G

Maxted, G

Maxted, John

Maxted, June

Maxted, Norman

McWaters, A F

McWaters, D F

McWaters, Eric L

McWaters, F J

McWaters, I D

Meers, Carliene

Meers, D J

Meers, J M

Meers, J V

Meers, K M

Meers, Margaret

Melrose, E J

Millar, C J

Miller, B (Willunga)

Miller, Frank (AIF)

Miller, G (Willunga)

Miller, G A (RAAF)

Miller, H M

Miller, R (Willunga)

Miller, Shirley

Miller, W H

Miller, W J (AIF)

Mills, Kevin

Mills, Shirley

Milton, H M

Milton, M F C (Pte) (AIF)

Moore, Richard

Moore, Shirley

Mortimer, H S

Mortimer, R C

Moul, I (AIF)

Mullins, R

Murray, A Ronald (AIF)

Murray, Annette

Murray, C

Murray, E M (AIF)

Murray, J Cyril

Murray, K

Murray, Mona M

Murray, Sheila

Mutton, P

Nancivell, W H (AIF)

Nieman, J F

Noble, A M

Noble, W J

Norman, J F

Nourse, C G

Nourse, E

Nourse, S

Osman, K E

Osman, T L

Parker, J H

Parker, Milford V (AIF)

Parks, Joseph

Parks, Joseph B

Parks, Ruby G

Parry, H F

Pascoe, Ira (AIF)

Payne, Beth

Pearce, Allen

Pearce, E E

Pearce, Emily

Pearce, F L

Pearce, F P

Pearce, James

Pearce, June

Pearce, Les

Pearce, Melvyn

Pearce, Myrtle

Pearce, T A

Peters, F G (AIF)

Pettet, Ann

Pettet, Gloria

Pettet, Joy

Pettet, L E (RAAF)

Pettet, Malcolm

Pettet, W C

Phillips, I M

Phillips, J

Phillips, Leon

Phillips, M

Phillips, R

Phillpotts, F (Drv) (AIF)

Phoenix, C (RAAF)

Phoenix, K W

Pickering, Rex J

Pierce, V E

Pillips, K R

Pohlner, J S

Poyzer, Joan M

Pratt, A

Pratt, A H (AIF)

Pratt, C

Pratt, L (Lt) (AIF)

Pratt, W D (AIF)

Price, C R (AIF)

Price, Dale

Price, Ern S

Price, Flo

Price, Jack

Price, L J (Mrs)

Price, Madge E

Price, Robert

Priest, R

Prior, I E

Pryer, H (Mrs)

Pryers, Jessie

Puddy, Alex (Collinsville)

Puddy, May (Collinsville)

Puddy, R H (Mr) (Adelaide)

Puddy, R H (Mrs) (Adelaide)

Pyers, H J (Cpl) (RAAF)

Quinn, (Mrs)

Quinn, A A (Miss)

Quinn, Harry

Quinn, J L

Quinn, John G

Quinn, M D

Quinn, Margaret A

Quinn, Mary C

Quinn, May

Quinn, T J (AIF)

Quinn, W H (Jnr)

Rawlins, Glenda

Reid, M

Richards, F F B (AIF)

Richards, F W (RAAF)

Richards, G V

Richards, J B

Richards, L

Richards, N

Rickards, K

Rickards, P

Riggs, M E

Roberts, G (AIF)

Roberts, Max (RAN)

Roberts, P J

Rooke, J M

Roser, A

Samorell, V K (AIF)

Saris, L J (RAAF)

Sarre, E D

Saunders, R

Schultz, L

Schuyler, F L (LAC)

Schuyler, H

Schuyler, R (AIF)

Scott, W B (AIF)

Seabohm, C J

Sedunary, R

Seebohm, C J

Seebohm, E M

Seigert, E E

Shipway, W (AIF)

Shwier, James H

Simmons, A A

Simmons, E A

Simpson, Audrey

Simpson, Colin

Simpson, D

Simpson, E L

Simpson, E V C

Simpson, J

Simpson, J R

Simpson, K W

Simpson, M E

Simpson, N J

Simpson, Ruby

Sinclair, J G (AIF)

Sinclair, P C (AIF)

Smelt, E (Miss)

Smelt, H F

Smith, J L

Smith, P (AIF)

Smith, R H

Sorrell, F (AIF)

Stanley, G (Hawker) (AIF)

Stevens, G W

Stewart, W (HMAS)

Stolte, Beth

Stolte, Frederick C

Stolte, Heather

Stolte, Jill

Stolte, Mabel C

Stolte, Murray

Stolte, R L (AIF)

Stooper, M

Stooper, M M

Stotet, Murray

Strawbridge, I M

Strawbridge, John (AIF)

Strawbridge, M

Strawbridge, Richard (AIF)

Strawbridge, W L

Sullivan, J E (AIF)

Supple, J (AIF)

Sword, M A

Tennant, Andrew

Thomas, Crystal

Thomas, Dave

Thomas, E G

Thomas, L W

Thomas, W J

Threadgold, Glenice (Two Wells)

Thredgold, A (Mundoora)

Thredgold, Les (L/Cpl) (AIF)

Tiger Tim

Tilbrook, P M T


Tippett, M (AIF)

Tiver, Athol

Tiver, Ian

Tiver, J G

Tiver, Noel G (AIF)

Tiver, Yetta

Trallagan, F G (AIF)

Trallagan, H N (AIF)

Tucker, H

Tucker, J

Tucker, P

Twist Pupe (Collinsville)

Victory, P T (AIF)

Victory, V

Voumard, M (RAAF)

Voumond, Audrey

Wadding, T J

Walter, Lionel

Walter, Pam

Walter, Pat

Wardle, H G

Wardle, J

Wardle, M D

Wardle, M T

Wardle, Michael

Warnes, Isaac

Warnes, Mary J

Weber, I

Westbury, Frank (Cpl)

Wilkin, V

Wilks, G L

Williams, B H

Willis, E

Winchester, B M

Winchester, Heather

Winchester, Jean

Winchester, Margaret

Winchester, W G

Winkler, C (RAAF)

Wohling, E

Wood, B S

Wood, G E

Wood, R F (Tpr)

Woodman, Clarrie

Woodman, H R

Woodman, L G

Woodman, Linsay G

Woods, Bill (POW)

Woolacott, Melva

Wooton, D E (Pte) (AIF)

Wooton, Gordon

Wooton, M

Wooton, T (AIF)

Zanker, E