Embroidered Signatures Project2/5 Australian Coy. Late 7th Division Petrol Company Unit 472: Banner

Private Collections
94cm x 96cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1944
ID Number
Banners,Machine Appliqué,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream calico banner with a large machine appliquéd Junior blue fabric "V" in the centre. The large lettering at the very top of the banner identifies the company as "2/5 Aust Coy". The company's name was changed in 1944 to 2/5 Australian Company, hence the new title was added then and the original title changed to "Late 7th Division Petrol Company Unit 472". Titles have been worked in deep red satin stitch. All 434 signatures, which cover the cloth, are worked in deep red stem stitch.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund? Fundraiser. D. Rodda, the name under the unit number, may have been the person responsible for organising this cloth.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Adam, A (Driver)

Adam, B O T

Adam, D

Adam, E

Adam, G B

Adam, J S

Adam, M

Adam, M (2)

Adam, T

Adam, T M

Alburn, Drummond

Allen, A J

Alver, D W

Alver, K L

Alver, K T

Anderson, W L

Applebee, J

Arnill, W

Bache, C

Baker, A

Baker, N

Barker, D L

Barker, P L

Barlow, A

Barlow, N

Barter, S

Batson, L

Beachamp, M

Beachamp, W R

Bell, E M

Bernhard, P L

Bernhardt, A

Best, Aussie

Best, Gwen

Bittner, M M

Botten, R G

Botting, M

Botting, N

Bourden, E

Brown, D

Brown, D (2)

Brown, I

Brown, V

Buckley, A

Buddle, C R

Bulock, A J

Burden, I

Butler, M

Butler, P

Butler, R

Butler, R (2)

Butler, V

Cahill, A

Cahill, M

Calden, J

Cameron, T

Campbell, R P

Cant, H

Cant, Muffet

Cant, Revett

Carpenter, A

Carpenter, L

Carpenter, M G

Chancellor, E C

Chancellor, G M

Chandler, B

Chandler, L

Charles, M

Clayson, W

Coad, J

Codling, L

Codling, T

Colbold, C

Colbold, K K

Colbold, M

Cook, E L

Cooke, R

Cooper, A L

Cooper, Beth

Cooper, C M

Cooper, E M

Cooper, Ethel

Cooper, F

Cooper, M

Cooper, M (2)

Cooper, M A

Cooper, M S

Cooper, Mary

Cooper, N

Cooper, N (2)

Cooper, Ray

Copping, F

Cornish, G M

Couche, E

Couche, H

Coulston, K

Coulston, R

Cowell, D F

Cowell, D M

Cowell, H A

Cowell, J R

Crieria, E

Cwother, A A

Darby, A D

Darby, M

Darby, R

Davies, G

Davies, L

De Rose, K

De Rose, L

De Rose, M

De Souza, R

Dew, Don

Dew, Eric

Dew, F

Dew, H

Dew, I S

Dew, K

Dew, L

Dew, M

Dew, R

Doig, M

Donavan, L R S

Dunbar, A

Dunbar, I

Dunbar, R

Dunkley, G H

Dunkley, J H

Dwyer, A

Dwyer, C T

Dwyer, L

Dwyer, R

Evans, A

Evans, E

Evans, L

Everett, K

Farmer, A

Fowler, D

Fowler, F

Fox, O

Frost, A

Frost, Barry

Frost, D

Frost, F

Frost, J

Frost, M

Frost, Margaret

Frost, R

Gabbie, D

Gardner, A E

Gardner, B

Gillen, I V

Gillen, Joan

Gillespie, L

Gilmore, B

Gordon, K

Graham, J

Gray, A M

Gray, D W

Green, H A

Grose, C G

Gross, T T

Grunike, M

Guley, C F

Guley, D R

Guley, E M

Guley, E V

Guley, H E

Guley, J D

Guley, J M

Hailstone, A E

Hailstone, Bill

Hailstone, Ron

Haine, G

Halbert, E E

Halbert, G R

Halbert, H J

Halbert, M R

Halbert, R M

Halbert, R M (2)

Halbert, S

Hall, A

Hall, A (2)

Hall, B

Hall, E

Hall, E (2)

Hall, F

Hall, F (2)

Hall, M E

Hall, M E (2)

Hall, P E

Harden, N

Harmer, M

Harper, J

Harper, J (2)

Harrison, A

Harrison, D R

Harrison, M

Harvard, L E

Headon, A J

Heath, S E

Henderson, S

Hendry, E J

Hendry, H

Hinch, E

Hine, A

Hobby, E

Hockley, D

Holland, C D

Holt, S M

Hossack, D

Howe, A

Howe, D

Howe, V

Howell, F

Howell, L

Howie, Elizabeth S

Hunt, E M

Hunt, G

Hunt, L H

Hutton, K

Hutton, K C

Hutton, L

Hutton, R S

Jacobs, J

John, B

John, E

John, E (2)

John, N

Johnston-Peach, H

Johnston-Peach, Nigel

Johnston, F E

Jones, L

Kemp, M M

Kennedy, I

Keynes, E N

Keynes, M R

Kochner, C J

Kochner, N P

Latermer, E L

Latermer, R M

Lawrence, Frank

Lawrence, G L

Lawrence, V

Le Cornu, B

Le Cornu, M

Lee, M

Leopold, Janet

Leopold, John

Leopold, R

Leopold, W M

Lewis, E

Likuman, B

Lill, A M

Lindquist, C

Lindquist, C (2)

Lindquist, M

Lloyd, K

Lord, E K

Lukerman, H

Mack, G

Maddock, M A

Main, G

Main, N

Mathias, P

Matthews, J

May, C W

McBride, L

McBride, R D

McColloch, V

McCulloch, Hugh

McGlasson, L R

McGlasson, W

McLaren, C

McMillian, M

McPhee, C

McPhee, E M

McPhee, G E

McPhee, R

McPhee, S

McPhee, T

McPhee, V

McTaggart, G D

Middleton, A

Middleton, M

Moore, A L

Moore, B

Moore, Cin

Moore, E

Moore, H

Moore, Peter

Moore, Stan

Moyle, A L

Muirhead, Kathy

Muirhead, Ross

Myer, T

Nelson, J

Ness, M

Ness, S

Ness, V G

Newing, H

Noblet, K

Noblet, M

Nobley, D

Oliver, F

Oliver, N

Oliver, P

Osborn, I

Page, J

Page, M

Parker, Dorothy

Partridge, M C

Patterson, G

Pearce, M

Penny, A

Perry, E M

Perry, K

Porrett, V

Porter, E

Potter, A V

Power, B

Ralph, E

Rawlings, M

Reynolds, I

Reynolds, L

Reynolds, S

Ringwood, Colleen

Ringwood, S S

Rodda, D

Rondahl, P M

Rose, M J

Rowell, E D

Rule, M

Russell, B

Russell, B (2)

Russell, E

Russell, S

Sanderson, N M

Schilling, A

Schroeder, S

Schultze, J E

Scroop, A

Scroop, G

Scroop, M G

Sexton, P

Shildon, A

Siebert, F

Siebert, P

Simons, L

Simpson, A

Simpson, A (2)

Sincock, E

Slater, F M

Sloman, O R

Smith, C R

Smith, Graham

Smith, June

Solomon, E M

Sparrow, F R

Sparrow, Lulu

Spencer, D

Spoehr, C

Spoehr, C (2)

Steen, B

Stephen, V

Stevens, S

Stewart, D

Sticke, D

Stokes, A

Stokes, J

Sunners, W

Swaine, E

Swaine, J

Swaine, L

Swaine, L (2)

Symons, D (Spr)

Taylor, D M

Taylor, Dave

Taylor, Frank H

Taylor, Max C

Taylor, Rose W

Taylor, Tony

Thomas, E

Thomas, M S

Thoms, V W

Thomson, M

Trudgen, J

Trudgen, P

Turner, A

Twist, P

Venables, L

Walker, M L

Walker, N

Wallman, S

Warren, L

Watson, C L

Watson, C S

Watson, E

Watson, J

Watson, J M

Watson, M

Welsh, Dick

Welsh, J S

Welsh, M

Wesley, M

Williams, A

Williamson, A M

Williamson, C G

Williamson, C G (2)

Williamson, J

Williamson, Joan

Williamson, L

Williamson, M

Williamson, T Charles

Williamson, W A

Willis, W

Wilson, I

Winterfield, J

Wisbey, A

Woodcock, A C

Woodcock, A M

Woodcock, E J

Wordley, H

Wordley, J

Wordley, S

Work, C

Worrell, Bill

Worrell, R

Yeoman, D A

Yeoman, G M

Yeoman, H A

Yeoman, M A

Yeoman, R O