Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Avon. Unit 424: Banner

Avon District Hall Committee
Mid North
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Avon
135cm x 89cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Appliqué,Banners,Machine Appliqué,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A white cotton Fighting Forces Comforts Fund banner with a machine appliquéd large blue cotton "V" in the centre. "Avon F.F.C.F. Unit 424" is hand appliquéd in a deep red cotton fabric across the top of the banner. Below the appliquéd text the cloth has been machine stitched in red cotton to divide it into about 100 more or less equal sections. Names are stitched within each section in dark red thread. The names in the centre of the large blue "V" are of men from the district. Their rank, service number and unit have also been stitched.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. A small plaque beneath the banner reads "Created by the women of Avon 1941".


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Angel, C H

Angel, D A

Angel, Keith

Angel, R B

Arrowsmith, E

Baker, C H (EX1052 AIF)

Baker, H A

Baker, H M

Baker, J

Baker, N M

Baker, R W (S27830 DOMF Alice Springs)

Barr, Edna

Cameron, C

Carslake, J

Carslake, M

Carslake, M A

Carslake, M N

Carter, E

Carter, H

Carter, M

Carter, R W

Clark, A G

Clark, E I

Clark, J

Clark, Jack

Clark, L A

Clark, N

Clark, N W

Clonan, A M

Clonan, C J

Clonan, D A

Clonan, Phil L

Coleman, W

Coveney, A B

Coveney, E E

Coveney, E J

Coveney, W

Crighton, D A (9 L H EXT45)

Dalton, A B

Day, A R

Day, F S C (EX5418 AIF)

Day, Ian M

Day, L

Duck, C W

Duck, G D

Duck, Ruth

Duffield, A M

Duffield, C

Graham, E R

Griffiths, E M

Gundersen, E J

Harfield, E

Harfield, E (Driver) (2/12 Battalion AIF)

Hollans, F

Johnson, Beryl E

Johnson, O R

Johnson, T C

Jones, C E

Jones, I M

Jones, Joyce

Jones, W C

Kraft, Cynthia

Kraft, Regina

Lomman, F E

Lomman, H J (Cpl) (SX10111 C Coy Aust Eng Trg Brn 2nd AIF)

Lomman, J S

Lomman, M E

Lomman, W R (Pte) (AAOC M)

Lyons, M J

Manley, W S

McArdle, E D

McArdle, Gwen

McArdle, Ian

McArdle, M O

McArdle, N H

McArdle, Ross

Mckenzie, Lawrie

McKenzie, S A

Moeller, Glenda

Moeller, M

Moeller, R

Napper, R (ACI) (47154 RAAF)

Parker, C L (LAC) (26018)

Parker, G D

Parker, J D

Parker, J M

Prime, H S

Prime, J R

Prime, M B

Pym, A M

Pym, B M

Pym, J

Pym, L J

Pym, M

Pym, T

Pym, T M

Pym, T O

Reed, K A (Driver) (Aus Boring Sec RAE 2nd AIF)

Reid, A F

Reid, L A

Rundle, G

Rundle, L E

Rundle, R J

Scholar, A (ACI) (26619 RAF)

Stewart, Alan

Stewart, Colin

Stewart, G C

Stewart, G M

Stewart, H A

Stewart, H R (AC) (47161 RAAF)

Stewart, Jean

Stewart, Reg

Stewart, Stella

Stewart, T H

Tiller, B W (L/Cpl) (S7164 9/23rd Light Horse Gawler)

Tiller, Gwenda

Tiller, Ronda

Wehr, E A

Whibley, A E

Williams, M G (Tpr) (S7287 9/23rd Light Horse Gawler)

Williams, W A

Wilson, Margory V (Whitwaita)

Wood, A E

Zanka, P E

Zanker, A (Pte) (D Coy 2/27th Btn 2nd AIF)