Embroidered Signatures ProjectSACWA. Clare Branch: Cloth

South Australian Country Women's Association
Mid North
South Australian Country Women's Association. Clare Branch
139cm x 226cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1966
ID Number
Chain Stitch,Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Rectangular light blue cotton cloth with a centred "CWA" cipher and "Clare 1966" stitched in stem stitch within an oval border of stylised foliate motifs worked in chain stitch. The cloth is divided into three horizontal bands. The signatures within the central band are written in felt tip pen and have not been stitched. Included here are two lists of names under Life Members and Service Awards. The majority of signatures in the narrow top band are worked in stem stitch with red cotton thread. Most of the signatures in the narrow bottom band are written in felt tip pen. Some are worked in stem stitch with red cotton thread. The hem is machine stitched.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. South Australian Country Women's Association. Clare Branch. Members' signatures.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Ahern, Celia

Ahern, Pat

Aitkin, H J (Mrs) (Life Member)

Aitkin, M G (Group President 74 Div President 1972-74)

Andrews, Freda L

Ashby, M D (Mrs) (Life Member)

Ashby, M L

Ashton, E

Barteloeier, P R

Basham, Rene

Basham, S (Service Award)

Baum, Karen

Bayha, Margaret

Bell, Eileen (Ferintosh Institute Scotland 1999)

Bell, J (Service Award)

Benda, Sidney

Berry, I E

Bill, Jan

Broad, E A

Bruce, Elva

Catford, Vera

Cheetham, M

Cook, Roma

Crossman, B (Service Award)

Crossman, B M

Day, M (Service Award)

Day, M M

Dickens, B D

Dingle, L A

Earle, M

Earle, M (Service Award)

Earle, Maxine

Evans, Joy

Farrelly, L A

Fletcher, M

Gamlen, Joyce (State President 1985)

Gray, L J

Gruhl, V

Guthrie, Ruth

Hacket Pain, Lyndsay (World President ACWW 1996)

Hallett, Rita

Hamp, D M

Harding, Kay (International Officer)

Harvey, Edna

Henley, Babs

Hilton, M

Hoeking, June

Hooper, Irene (National President 1982)

Howland, Joan

Jarman, Mary

Jennet, Rosie

Johnson, Win

Jones, J (Group President 1989)

Jones, R V

Keureg, Josephine

Knappstein, Jean

Knappstein, N (Service Award)

Knappstein, Neta

Kotz, M E

Leah, Millicent

Leaney, A

Leenay, E (Service Award)

Lisk, R (Service Award)

Marshall, Evelyn S

McBride, M W L

McBride, W (Service Award)

McRae Wood, D (Life Member)

McRae Wood, O

Mitchel, Fern

Ness, A (Service Award)

O'Callaghan, Marion

Ottens, V L

Pannell, J

Pappin, J J (Life Member)

Parsons, B

Pattello, E

Pattullo, E (Miss) (Life Member)

Pattullo, Eleanor

Pattullo, F (Miss) (Life Member)

Pattullo, Ferg

Pattullo, K

Phelan, C A (Lower Northland Div President 1987)

Philby, Enid (State President 1989)

Phillips, J

Ramm, C A

Ritchie, Susan

Robinson, Joan

Sargent, D M

Sawley, A E

Scott, Betty

Sexton, J

Shillabeer, Lily

Simmonds, Kate

Slattery, M

Sluggett, Lily

Smith, E L

Smith, J (Service Award)

Smith, Joyce

Smith, Stanley (Mrs) (Life Member)

Snashall, E A (Life Member)

Sneath, M D

Sobels, Thelma

Stephensen, Vera (Warnes Group President 1985 Div President 1989)

Telfer, Merle

Thomas, Pauline

Tom, Jean (National President 1991)

Tothill, Betty (Dep State President)

Wein-Smith, W (Life Member)

Welke, Aileen

White, A (Service Award)

White, D S

White, Min

Wien-Smith, W

Wildblood, Kathleen (Nov 1982 England)

Williams, G

Winter, Rae

Wood, E Margaret

Wood, Molly

Wykes, Madge

Zerba, Eula (State President 1968)