Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. Farrell Flat: Cloth

Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Museum
Mid North
Australian Red Cross. Farrell Flat
181cm x 206cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1942
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream cotton cloth with a central red fabric cross with arms 40cm long and 13cm wide. Machine stitched mitred corner edge 6.5cm wide. Signatures are stem stitched with red thread.

Theme and Purpose

Red Cross. Fundraiser. Charge was sixpence per name with proceeds going to the Red Cross.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

?, A E

?, Esther (Plympton)

?, Frank (New Guinea)

?, M B (Clare)

?, R E (Appila)

?, R L

?, Stella

?, Una

???bolten, Edwina

???bolten, Louis

???meyer, J W


Acart, Agnes (Canada)

Adam, H L

Adams, D P (RAAF)

Adams, Elizabeth

Adams, Janet

Adams, John G

Adams, John Q (LAC RAAF)

Adams, L P H (AIF)

Ahle, E

Aitken, M G (Clare)

Albert, F

Alcock, C

Alexander, Cathy

Allen, Audrie

Aman, B M

Andrew, Beth

Andrew, Melva (Clare)

Andrew, Melva (Clare) (2)

Archer, A S

Armstrong, K M

Armstrong, K M (2)

Armstrong, M B

Arthur, John

Ashby, E

Ashby, J H (Bungaree)

Asher, K

Ashley, B J

Ashton, E N

Ashton, J H

Ashton, J H (2)

Assadorian, Pinns (Cypress)

Atkins, Clyde

Atkins, G M

Atkins, H C

Atkins, Jean

Bailey, A H

Bails, G (Clare)

Bails, I M

Bails, J

Bails, J A

Bails, L

Bails, Ruth

Baker, G R

Baker, J M

Ballantyne, Ray

Ballie, Gertrude M

Baose, Beryl

Baose, Bruce

Baose, Max (Border)

Barbour, Myrtle

Barrett, A A G

Barrett, D (Glenelg)

Barrett, S C (Clare)

Barry, Laura R (Hon Sec) (Clare Red X)

Bartholomaus, Evelyn

Bartholomaus, May

Barton, H

Barton, J A

Basham, Anne

Basham, Norma

Basham, S S

Basham, Thelma

Bates, A E

Bates, J M

Baxter, T M

Beames, A K

Beart, Arthur (Canada)

Beart, Emerson (Mrs) (Canada)

Beart, Jimmy (Canada)

Beastall, Olive

Beastall, T E (Orkney Islands)

Beastall, Winifred (England)

Beck, Winifred C

Bell, D

Bell, D I M

Bell, H K

Benda, S H S

Bennett, E M (Adelaide)

Bennett, Jack L

Bennett, L

Bennetts, B

Bennetts, G

Bentley, Mona

Bentley, Rylda

Berryman, E A (Morgan)

Berryman, F (Clare)

Berryman, F M

Berryman, J E (Clare)

Berryman, J W (Clare)

Berryman, J W (Clare) (2)

Berryman, M

Berryman, M H (Morgan)

Berryman, W

Bestian, Isabel

Bexley, C M (?)

Bice, John T S

Bickerhoff, J H

Bickerhoff, R H

Birch, S (Clare)

Birks, A C

Birks, Bobby

Birks, J M

Birks, K M

Blamey, G A

Blanks, A T

Blight, B J

Blight, D M

Blight, L

Blight, M L

Blight, Malcolm

Blight, Olive (Clare)

Blight, Primrose

Blight, R A

Blight, S J (Clare)

Blood, Joan (Geraldton WA)

Blood, S S (ACI RAAF Geraldton)

Bollen, E K

Bor, F J K (SXLS Clare)

Border, E H

Boss, R (Clare)

Botchen, S

Boundy, B M (Melbourne Victoria)

Boundy, E E (Melbourne Victoria)

Boundy, G E (Melbourne Victoria)

Boundy, K R (Melbourne Victoria)

Boundy, Marj (Melbourne Victoria)

Boundy, Mary (Melbourne Victoria)

Boundy, R E (Melbourne Victoria)

Boundy, R G (Melbourne Victoria)

Boundy, W (Melbourne Victoria)

Bourn, H O

Bowley, Mary G (Clare)

Bowley, R A (AIF)

Bowley, R M (Clare)

Bowmen, Reg A

Boyer, Dorothy M

Bray, A M

Bray, Bruce (Canberra)

Bray, M

Bray, S A

Bray, T R

Bray, W H (Lieut) (Canberra)

Brebner, C G (Clare)

Brebner, Chips (Clare)

Brebner, M G (Clare)

Brebner, P T (Clare)

Brelmar, E G

Bresder, Mary C

Brien, M O

Broadbent, Janet

Broadbridge, J A

Broadridge, Bit

Broadridge, T L

Brochs, Phyllis

Brofrey, A C

Brogan, Betty

Brogan, M

Brookman, Norman

Brooks, Chas E H

Brooks, T F

Brown, A G (Cumberland)

Brunswick, M

Bulbeck, Dulcie

Bulbeck, Leslie G

Bundey, Les (Tusmore SA)

Bunge, P (Farrell Flat)

Burden, Frank

Burden, J (Clare)

Burford, R G

Bussell, Susan

Cagney, I

Cagney, John

Cagney, John (2)

Cagney, K

Cagney, William

Callen, M

Calvin, P

Campbell, Arthur

Campbell, E

Campbell, H B

Campbell, V F

Campbell, Walter

Cane, E

Caskin, E W (?t?ola)

Castine, Gypsey

Castine, S A C (Watervale)

Catine, Jennifer

Cato, M E (Clare S Aust)

Cawall, P

Cawall, W

Chaffio, M

Chapman, E (Stirling)

Chapman, Edith (Kybunga)

Chapman, J M

Chard, Joan (Clare)

Chigwidden, J ( Hilldrive)

Chigwidden, J T (Clare)

Chigwidden, Thelma (Clare)

Christeson, F D (Clare)

Christian, B (DVR)

Christison, O???

Clampett, H K

Clampett, M J

Clarmont, Brenda

Clutherbruck, C

Cogan, Coral

Cole, E A

Cole, Faith

Coles, A J

Coles, H J (Clare)

Coles, J W S

Coles, M C

Coles, R A

Coles, R A (2)

Collett, Gwen

Colley, P G (Clare)

Collins, Yensie

Colridge, G A (Clare)

Colton, L C (Clare)

Connors, F M

Coolman, D M (Sig)

Coombs, S

Coombs, S (2)

Coonan, J F (Payneham)

Costello, E

Coulter, W H (Hilltown)

Cox, J (Burra)

Craig, Hannah

Crawford, Joan

Crawford, Myra

Crawford, R E

Crawford, Sylvia (Border)

Crompton, Catherine C

Cross, S S

Crossing, E R

Curnow, L M

Curry, M B (Clare)

Darmody, ?

Darmody, A (Rochester)

Darmody, A L J (Rochester)

Darmody, B (Clare)

Darmody, Betty (Clare)

Darmody, G S (Clare)

Darmody, Herb

Darmody, M H

Darmody, M J (Rochester)

Darmody, T D (VX64042 AIF Australia)

Darmody, T S (Rochester)

Davies, Iris E

Davies, J H

Davies, L

Davis, Audrey (Mt Bryan)

Davis, G?

Davitt, Margaret E (New Guinea)

Dawsett, A (Largs)

Day, A

Day, L M

Day, Marion M

Denton, C J

Denton, Joseph Olley (Farrell Flat)

Dingle, L (Clare)

Dinham, Freda

Disc, L L (Sgt Cqm)

Disney, E M

Disney, Malcolm

Douton, Myra (Farrell Flat)

Downie, Avis

Downie, John B

Drummond, M (????)

Drysdale, Phyllis

Dunbar, L S

Duneen-Hughes, July

Duriac, Walter Y

Dux, C W (Clare SA)

Dux, L C

Dux, Yootha

Dyer, A

Dyer, Amy E

Dyer, J

Dyer, R

E???inge, Rene

Eaton, C S (Clare)

Edmonds, A

Edmonds, F (Clare)

Edmonds, M C

Edwards, S E (Clare)

Eglington, M B

Eglington, Marie

Eglington, W

Eglinton, Annie Jane

Eglinton, Doris M

Eglinton, Nance

Eldridge, J W (Kybunga S Aus)

Eldridge, M S

Elkins, L

Elkins, L (2)

Elliott, Edith

Elliott, Edith C

Elliott, L Addison

Eryers, N

Evans, Amy

Evans, Hilda M

Evans, Lorraine

Evans, M M

Evans, P E

Ewens, Grace

Ewens, Lance

Ewens, Richard

Ewers, R

Eyre, W G

Fairchild, O

Fergussan, B F (P/O)

Fergussan, J (Thursday Island)

Fergusson, R H

Fergusson, R H (2)

Fetherstolaugh, E

Fidge, Alan L

Fidge, Brien R

Fidge, E W

Fidge, J C

Fidge, J E

Fidge, R E

Fidge, S J

Fisher, Alice E

Fisk, Ivey (Orroroo)

Fisk, M E (Sister)

Fleming, Winifred

Fletcher, B (Unley)

Fletcher, D C (SX1120)

Flinn, Y L (Lieut)

Forbes, Gwen

Forder, D G (Sydney)

Forder, H (Sydney)

Foreman, J M

Forsaith, Lorna

Forsaith, M (Clare)

Forsaith, Marjorie

Foxland, G J

Freckleton, M A (Naracoorte)

French, A

French, E (Sister)

French, M F (Clare)

French, T

Frost, Jean D

Fuller, G E

Garrard, C J (Merildin)

Garrard, G E (Aidrian)

Garrard, M O (Merildin)

Gask, C (Left)

Georgeson, Mollie (Sydney)

Giles, Aileen L

Giles, Alice

Giles, H E (RAAF Ascot Vale)

Giles, L A D (Clare)

Giles, Lexley Trevor (Clare)

Gill, B S

Gill, M E

Gill, V G

Gill, Vera

Gill, Z H

Gillan, J

Gillen, Bernadette H

Gillen, Denise

Gillen, J G (Clare)

Gillen, K M

Gillen, Paul

Gillen, Peter

Gillen, T A (Clare)

Gillen, Therese

Gillen, Therese (2)

Gillen, Vera

Gillian, J G (Clare)

Giska, V A G

Glenn, G M

Godfry, B

Gordon, David J

Gordon, J

Gowie, Adelaide

Gowie, Bryon

Gowie, Zara

Grace, A M

Grevesman, L A S (M?S)

Gunn, G E

Gunther, M (Clare SA)

Gurhl, F W (Spalding)


Hackett, E F

Hackett, Mary

Hague, ? B

Hague, J H

Hale, Amy

Hall, M (Kadina)

Halloran, Gerry (Sgt ??)

Hamlyn, J

Handke, B D (Farrell Flat)

Handke, B G

Handke, M (Farrell Flat)

Handke, O A (Farrell Flat)

Handley, W H

Hannaford, D E (Riverton)

Harkness, M P

Harmer, G

Harris, Maude

Harrison, C E

Harrison, E (Sth Devon)

Harrison, E M

Harrison, J S

Harrison, M L

Harrison, M L (2)

Harrison, S A

Harry, S J

Hart, A A (Clare)

Hart, E M (Oslo Norway)

Hart, T

Harvey, Joan (Hilltown)

Harvey, Muriel Barklay

Haske, Una

Haskill, Marie E

Haskill, R L

Hatherby, H L

Hatherby, R (Alexandrina)

Haur, A

Hawker, A G

Hawker, B

Hawker, E F

Hawker, E W T

Hawker, Francis C

Hawker, Irene

Hawker, J C

Hawker, J S (Anoma)

Hawker, K E

Hawker, M S

Hawker, M S (2)

Hawker, Mary L

Hawker, N

Hawker, Patricia

Hawker, Stella K (Belawda Mount Bryan)

Hawker, W E

Hawkes, C Rollo (Clare)

Hawthorn, Adelaide

Hay, N C

Hayes, Anthea J

Hayes, L (WO)

Haynes, M D

Haysman, D (Clare)

Haysman, E (Clare)

Head, Elliott

Heaven, E M

Heddle, E M

Heel, R E (Lieut)

Heinich, A J

Heinrich, A

Hellman, Lloyd

Henderson, A (SA)

Henderson, Dorothy

Henderson, Ian

Henderson, Ivy

Henderson, J (SA)

Heyford, F

Heysen, C O

Hicks, E D

Hilton, R L (LAC)

Hines, Naomi

Hodgeman, J Q

Hodgeman, L

Hodgens, Colin

Hodges, A (Clare)

Holden, O L (Kadina)

Hooper, Elsie

Hootse, K F (Orroroo)

Hope, ?

Hope, Isabell (Walta Walta Clare)

Hope, R L

Hopl, L J

Horder, Lina

Horricks, John

Horricks, S J (Clare)

Hoskin, P D

Hoskin, Theo

Hoskin, Thos

Hothams, V (Rectory Clare)

How, P B

Howard, Lucy

Howards, P C J

Huggett, G J

Hughes, Billy

Hughes, Gertrude Duncan

Hughes, John

Humphrys, Rita

Hunter, A M

Hunter, John (Clare)

Hunter, Owen (Sydney)

Huppatz, W

Hutchins, N J

Hutchinson, Ruth (USA)

Hyde, A R (Pte)

Hyde, J R (Clare)

Iles, B R (Unley)

Iles, C A

Iles, Len

Iles, M (Unley)

Innes, Hienrich

Irvine, Naomi

Irvine, Phyllis


Jacka, G H

Jacka, H G

Jacka, H N

Jacka, J L

Jacka, P C

Jacka, R H

Jackson, John (RAN)

Jackson, Mollie

Jacobs, Harriott

Jacobs, W L

James, E O (HMAS ?)

James, P (Clare)

Jarman, C J (Clare)

Jarman, Les

Jeffrey, Evelyn (Clare SA)

Jennings, C ? (Spalding)

Jennings, C W (Spalding)

Jennings, D P (Clare)

Jennings, Irene J

Jennings, Pat (Spalding)

Jennings, Pauline L

Jennings, Peter (Spalding)

Jennings, Ron R

Jepson, N K

Jessop, Ada

Jessop, Glen

Jessop, Peter

Johns, G

Johns, T

Johnston, Hinga D

Jones, Bessie (Keppoch)

Jones, H C

Jones, M V (Clare)

Jones, R V (Hove)

Jordan, N A

Kacura, Rani (Madam) (Punjab India)

Kain, M H

Kalton, B

Kas, E C

Ke?some, Alice (Victoria)

Kelly, A

Kelly, D

Kelly, E G (LAC) (Townsville Queensland)

Kelly, E M

Kelly, Kathleen

Kelly, Lillian R

Kelly, S D

Kelly, W J

Kil?, M G (Clare)

Kilmartin, M

Kilmartin, M A

Kilmartin, Mary (Clare)

Kilmartin, P (Clare)

Kimber, Dorothy C

Kingston, G

Kingston, T

Kluck, R M

Knappstein, A J

Knappstein, A Leo (Clare)

Knappstein, Annie (Clare)

Knappstein, F J (SWC) (Clare)

Knappstein, G (Clare)

Knappstein, Jean

Knappstein, L E (Clare)

Knappstein, Mary (Clare)

Knappstein, Mary H

Knappstein, R A

Knight, Josephine M

Knight, Molly

Knight, S A

Knight, S A (Clare)

Koher, Bonnie

Koop, V C G (Clare)

Koop, Viala (Clare)

Krugar, Hilda

Kubank, C W

Kubank, E (Clare)

Kubank, Eva (Clare)

Kubank, Lance

Kubank, Mary

Kubank, P

Ladle, M

Lang, G (Clare)

Lange, (AIF)

Langes, M C (Clare)

Lauprey, J K

Lavcock, Ethel

Lee, Brenda

Lehman, E (Andrews)

Leibie, A L

Leogan, C J (RAAF)

Leone, Raymond L

Lewis, Doris

Light, L

Lilons, S J

Lindschau, A

Lindschau, B J

Lloyd, E M

Lloyd, H G (Clare)

Lloyd, H M (Clare)

Lloyd, Ruth

Logan, Alan R

Logan, E Ruth

Logan, Edgar

Logan, Mabel J B

Lolly, G

Long, Alex (LAC RAAF)

Longbottom, M (Minlaton)

Longmire, J A (Lock)

Longmire, M A (Lock)

Lonsdale, Louisa

Lonsdale, Stella

Loos, G V

Lott, B M

Lovell, S H

Loveridge, C L

Loveridge, R (Clare)

Lowes, G

Lowes, Geo (Sig HMAS Adelaide)

Lowes, Jean

Lynn, J

Lyre, M A





MacDiasmid, C T

MacGilling (Clare)

Maher, J E (Ji????)

Main, Meryone

Maitland, Alan

Maitland, E L

Maker, Iris

Maker, R J

Mallen, L (Rochester)

Manson, P

Marsh, M (Clare)

Martin, A E (Farrell Flat SA)

Martin, Amy L (Farrell Flat)

Martin, H

Martin, J M

Martin, W ? (WA)

Masterman, C M

Masters, C A

Masters, E G

Masters, S M

Masters, S M (Clare)

Mathesley, Tom

Mathews, G C

May, S

Mayfield, C J

Mayfield, David

Mayfield, E J (Clare)

Mayfield, G E

Mayfield, M

Mayfield, Nancy

Maynard, A M

Maynard, G L (Clare)

Maynard, Ivey (Mannum)

Maynard, L (Clare)

Maynard, S G

Maynolf, V (Clare)

Mays, Arnold G?

Maywald, E K (Clare)

McBride, K D

McBride, P R

McCarthy, J L (Hilltown)

McCarthy, R (Clare)

McCathew, M A (Cummins)

McEwin, Lyall A (SA)

McFest, M (Clare)

McGillick, J (Clare)

McGray, A S

McGray, Ann

McGray, Ian

McKendrich, W H

McLachlan, Ian

McLean, T E

McLeay, George (Senator)

McLeod, R (Clare)

McMartin, K (Anama)

McMartin, M (Yacka)

McRae Wood

Melrose, Alex D (Mintaro)

Merry, L

Meyer, Ed

Meyer, H G (Cpl RAAF)

Meyer, Lucy C (OHL) (Clare)

Meyer, O R

Meyer, Stewart

Meyer, Vera

Mich?lang, A P

Michael, J Ray (Clare)

Michael, Marthe

Midland, E (Clare)

Milford, ?

Milford, A B (Moonta)

Milford, W (Moonta)

Milhouse, S E (Millicent)

Millard, A J (Clare)

Millard, R (Gnr AIF)

Miller, J W

Miller, K

Miller, L M (Darwin NT)

Miller, Ron

Millhouse, B

Millhouse, M E (Millicent)

Milner, D (RAAF)

Milner, E

Milton, Edwina ?

Moore, Agnes N (Kimba)

Moore, Mollie

Morgan, ? ?

Morphett, M J

Morrison, D E

Morrison, D E (2)

Morrison, Ian

Morrison, Tim

Mortloch, John T

Morton, Anne Marie

Morton, M (Clare)

Moyse, A

Moyse, B

Moyse, D

Moyse, K S J

Moyse, M

Muckelring, O P

Murray, K

Murrel, E (Falkland Islands)

Naish, Gillian E (Clare)

Napier, C (Gemrock)

Ness, A H (Clare)

Ness, Audrey (Clare)

Ness, Colin

Ness, E (Clare)

Ness, J G (Clare)

Ness, R J C (7447)

Ness, W (Clare)

Newman, Jim

Newman, Nug

Newton Long, C (Clare)

Nicholas, Allan G (LAC RAAF Sydney)

Nicholls, R E M

Nicholls, Robert W

Nobel, E

Noonan, A

Noonan, J B

Noonan, N (NSW)

Noonan, Paul

Norrie, Patricia

Norrie, Willong ?

Nottage, M

Odea, M (Clare)

Odend, M J

Olsson, A C

Olsson, Myrtle

P?, W H (Sevenhill)

Palmer, M

Pappin, A F (Clare)

Pappin, G (Clare SA)

Pappin, J S (Clare)

Parker, J M

Parkinson, Phyllis

Parpons, Brendon H (Grange)

Pascoe, M L

Pascoe, P A

Pask, Jilian

Pask, Rita

Paterson, Win

Pattingale, A

Pattullo, B

Pattullo, E

Pattullo, J

Pattullo, Kate (Lakeside Robe)

Payne, F M

Paynton, C M (Quorn)

Paynton, G J (RAAF)

Pearl, E P

Pearson, M

Pedler, M

Penidate, M (Switzerland)

Penna, M J (Sevenhill)

Penna, Nancy (Sevenhill)

Peope, J G R

Pfitzner, C F (Hampden)

Pfitzner, K J

Pfitzner, Margaret

Phillips, B H (SX9764 Chap AIF)

Phillips, C S

Phillips, F T

Phillips, I ? (Clare)

Phillips, John H

Phillis, O E (Clare)

Philps, G E

Phoenix, A

Phoenix, B

Phoenix, L

Pink, Avian

Pink, Chas (Clare)

Pink, M

Pink, M E (Clare)

Pitman, E A (Clare)

Pittman, Emily

Pittman, Ernest W

Pizey, Kin (Sister)

Polling, Dorothy V

Polloch, Hilda

Poningham, H (Clare)

Pott, M

Potts, B (WA)

Potts, C H (Farrell Flat)

Potts, E M (Clare Sth Australia)

Potts, Enid H

Potts, L J

Potts, M (WA)

Potts, P (Farrell Flat)

Potts, Rose, J

Potts, Thomas

Potts, Vera

Potts, W J (WA)

Pratt, A B (Cabra Blyth)

Prider, Miriam B (Renmark)

Pritchard, A B

Provis, C (Clare)

Provis, F H

Provis, J (Clare)

Przibilla, Basil C (HMAS Penguin)

Przibilla, E M

Przibilla, L (Signaller)

Pulford, Olive S (Farrell Flat)

Pulford, Vera C

Quinlan, Pat

Quinte, P H

Quirke, J (Clare)


Radcliffe-Taylor, Marion B (Perth WA)

Radford, A N

Radford, O H

Ragless, T L B (Clare)

Rausson, J

Rawson, Ann

Raymond, H

Raymond, J E

Raymond, Joyce

Raymond, R M

Raymond, Thos (Clare)

Read, Edith (Adelaide)

Read, M E

Redford, May (Clare)

Reece, E M

Reed, V O (Cowell)

Reinke, M H

Renfrey, Dorothy

Reynolds, F (Clare)

Rhodes, A H (Clare)

Richards, E

Richards, E C

Richards, E W

Richards, W

Richardson, A

Richardson, C (?)

Richardson, E S

Richardson, Elsie E

Richardson, H J

Richardson, J H

Richardson, T E

Ritter, R H (St? Moonta Bay)

Rivers, Bill

Roach, H E (Clare)

Roberts, Caroline

Roberts, Lida

Roberts, Muriel

Roberts, N (Clare)

Roberts, Nadine

Roberts, Una

Robin, M D

Robins, G A

Robins, M N

Robinson, Kevin

Robinson, Tom

Robit, Anne (Pres)

Rodgers, Annette

Rodgers, Annie

Rogers, Alfred

Rogers, B L

Rogers, Dennis

Rogers, R E (Adelaide)

Rorrison, M L

Rose, Lilian R

Ross, J

Ross, Jake

Ross, Wendy

Ruediger, A B C (Burra)

Ryan, Nina

Sable, A R (Grivel)

Sach, E M (Clare)

Sandercock, Maud (Gumeracha)

Sanders, F L (Clare)

Sanders, H R

Sanderson, M (Clare)

Sandow, A J (Mintaro)

Sandow, L L (Mintaro)

Sangster, Heather

Scales, W A (Clare)

Schidfield, Eddyth

Schman, J (Andrews)

Schmerl, E M (Gnr SX10136)

Schwarz, A J

Schwarz, J B

Scobie, Bella (Victoria)

Scott, D L

Scott, E

Scott, E V

Scott, Eileen

Scott, Eileen (2)

Scott, G C (Clare)

Scott, Ira

Scott, Jessie F

Scott, M G (AIF)

Scott, R P

Scott, Una M (Clare)

Scown, Janice

Scown, John (Cammourigna)

Sellick, Barbara

Sellick, Beatrice

Sellick, E B

Sellick, G B

Sellick, J B

Sellick, K B (40775 S/GT RAAF)

Sellick, L J (Clare)

Sellick, N B

Sellick, Pat

Selth, S B (Clare)

Sexton, Joan

Sexton, Kathleen L

Sexton, P L

Sharper, Clare

Sharper, Edith

Shaw, Edna R (Stirling West)

Shearer, A L (Murray Bridge)

Shepherd, Una

Shepley, Kath (Clare)

Shipster, R D

Shirley, W (Swan)

Simmons, A E (Grange)

Sims, Jean

Sinclair, L (Clare)

Slattery, A J

Slattery, M F (Clare)

Slattery, N (Berri)

Slattery, N (Clare)

Slugget, G S (Hilltown)

Slugget, L B (Sevenhill)

Sluggett, S

Smiley, C H

Smith, A E

Smith, D G M

Smith, E H

Smith, Gene

Smith, Gillian (Clare)

Smith, J M (Clare)

Smith, Jessie M

Smith, Joyce

Smith, K Stanley (Clare)

Smith, Matt

Smith, Peter Ramsay

Smith, R H (Burra)

Smith, Ruth (Clare)

Smith, V G

Smith, V J

Smith, William (Clare)

Snoshall, E A (Clare)

Sobels, Constance

Sobels, Talbot W

Sommerville, J K (SX2518? L/Cpl AIF)

Sommerville, M G (Hilltown)

Sommerville, M L (Hilltown)

Sommerville, T (Tpr)

Sp???, P B

Spannon, M (Sister)

Spencer, O M

Spencer, O M (Goolwa)

Stacey, Emma Penelope

Stacey, F G

Stacey, L Penelope

Stacey, R ?

Stacey, Una

Stacy, Eva G

Stanbury, Margaret

Standon, E (Pres) (Red X Murray Bridge)

Stanley-Smith, H E (Hart)

Stanley, G (Hawker)

Steinberg, O

Steiverge, K E

Stephenson, C L

Stevens, C E

Stevens, L

Stevens, M C

Stickley, Arthur

Stickley, Geoff

Stickley, Pauline

Stidlay, Pauline

Stook, Ruth (Glenbrook Victor Harbour)

Stopp, L H W

Stopp, W

Strafford, Gladys

Strafford, Reginald

Summerville, S C (Pres) (Hilltown)

Sunderland, M J (Clare)

Swan, C W E

Swan, K

Swan, M E

Symonds, M

Symons, A E (AIF)

Symons, D (Lieut Col)

Symons, T H (Clare)

Tailem Bend

Tapp, A M (Hon Sec) (Murray Bridge Red X)

Tarngus, Dudley

Taylor, J M

Telfor, J

Tempstall, V

Tester, E (NZ)

Tester, E (NZ) (2)

Theel, Elsie

Theel, Marguerite

Theel, Marguerite (2)

Theel, P E

Thomas, Eleanor

Thomas, Elsa (Moonta)

Thomas, Glythwn

Thomas, H

Thomas, J S (Clare)

Thomas, Kyffine K

Thomas, Lyall

Thomas, W (Alexandrina)

Threadgold, R (Clare)

Thredbold, E J

Thredbold, H V

Thurma, L

Tierney, Maria (Grange)

Tilbroke, Kattie M

Tilbrook, B J (Gunner SX777 RAAF)

Tilbrook, Dorothy (Clare)

Tilbrook, E

Tilbrook, M F

Tilbrook, Maurice Henry

Tilbrooke, A H

Tillbrook, E

Topperwein, A

Topperwein, C

Topperwein, J

Tory, A

Travers, Catherine M

Tredwell, L J

Trestrail, L

Trevethick, Joan

Tucker, D J (Gumeracha)

Tucker, K G (Curramulka)

Turner, J A

Vawser, I (Clare)

Vawser, M C (Clare)

Vawser, T V (Clare)

Verco, A

Verco, Nancy E

Vicary, Jo (SA)

Victorsen, V (Clare)

Vikess, E

W, H E Y

Waddell, Jack

Walkam, Arlene

Walker, Edith

Walker, Edith M

Walker, Henry

Walker, J (Clare)

Walker, L A (Capt RAAF)

Walker, Phillis

Wallace, Kathleen

Walter (Hawker)

Ward, B

Ward, M A

Warner, M

Warrall, F

Waterhouse, E M (Glenelg)

Waterhouse, G M B

Waters, Grace

Waters, P E

Watson, Lillian

Watson, Lillian (Border)

Watts, Alex L

Watts, Amy

Watts, Colin (RAF)

Watts, Diane

Watts, Estelle

Watts, Ethel

Watts, H J

Watts, J L

Watts, Jeanette

Watts, June

Watts, M

Watts, Marie

Watts, Robin

Webb, L J

Webster, M (Prospect)

Weigies, D

Wein-Smith (Clare)

Wein-Smith, J R

Wein-Smith, Roma (Clare)

Wells, A

Wells, B H

Wells, E W

West, Jean

White, A B

White, E

White, F M

White, M

Whiteman, D M (Clare)

Whitfield, ?

Whitfield, Frank

Whitfield, Frank (2)

Whitfield, Frank (3)

Whitfield, Michael

Whitfield, Myrtle

Williams, C E

Williams, J R (RAAF)

Williams, Mavis

Williams, Mavis (2)

Williams, R (???? Rectory Clare)

Willmott, J B (Clare)

Wilson, A J (Salters Springs)

Wilson, J P (Salters Springs)

Wilson, M (Sister Corbin)

Wilson, Ray

Wilson, Russell

Wilson, Ruth (Whitwarta)

Winton, J (Clare)

Wood, C G (Clare)

Wood, D B (Clare)

Wood, H O

Wood, Jessie

Wood, Mary

Wood, Minnie

Wood, P A

Woodards, N G

Woodley, Elsie C

Woolard, H

Woolcock, E F

Worrall, K

Worrall, Pat

Wyman, G M (Penwortham)

Young, Ernest Charles (New Administrator British Columbia Canada)

Young, F

Young, L

Zimmerman, R V (Cpl RAAF)