Embroidered Signatures ProjectMount Barker December 1902: Cloth

Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Museum
Adelaide Hills
Elizabeth Cornelius
73cm x 76cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1902
ID Number
Back Stitch,Buttonhole Stitch,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Running Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream linen tablecloth with a scalloped edge and hemmed in red buttonhole stitch. 10 irregular scallops per side. Centre square is outlined in red buttonhole stitch. "December Mount Barker 1902" is stitched inside the square in red perle cotton.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Family and friends who visited the homes of Elizabeth Cornelius and Ada Ekers, her daughter, from 1902 to 1938. The tradition was carried on by other family members until the mid 1940s.


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?, D

Aikinson, L G

Atkinson, A

Barrett, Ethel L (25.8.1903)

Barrett, J Wesley

Barrett, S

Bath, Isabel

Braddon, ??

Bransbe, Flo

Brown, A

Brown, J A

Browning, F L

Browning, Howard

Browning, Mavis D

Bryson, M


Butler, J B

C, D

Catt, Isabel C

Chapman, H B

Clemens, Mary

Coast, Joan

Copeness, L

Cornelius, Annie

Cornelius, Arthur Frank

Cornelius, F D

Cornelius, G

Cornelius, Mavis Ruth

Cornelius, Myra A

Cornelius, Nellie

Cornelius, T

Croser, E M A

Daddow, L B

Davies, C

Davis, Cora

Edwards, ?

Ekers, C O

Ekers, Carrie

Ekers, G Ada

Ekers, Lawrence

Ekers, Lena E

Ekers, Lois M

Ekers, Lorna, E

Emerthe, Lottie

Fergussen, J

Fray, Alice M

Fry, A B

Fry, B

G??, Colin

Gilbert, L

Grae, M Cottle

Grasson, M

Gray, M A C

Gray, W B

Gronten, F M

Grossman, Annie

Gunter, H A


Hall, G

Henderson, Fay

Horne, Bertha

Humphries, J B

J, H

Jeffs, B

Kelly, E

Kernell, Stephan

Kilsell, Anne

Knight, H

Kynes, M M

Langsford, Helen

Langsford, Nellie

Laurie, A

Leary, A

Lenterbeel, Ellen

Liebing, M T

Liebing, R

Marks, L

Marsden, Flo

Marsden, S

Maston, A E

Mathews, Alice (1906)

Mathews, C M

McCain, Mary

McIntyre, ?

Mincham, J M

Mincham, Mary G

Mincham, Olive H

Mineham, Mary J

Mitchell, Annie R (1849)

Moody, E A

Moody, E A (2)

Myncham, Mary C

Newman, H L

Newman, K J

Newman, M E

Newman, Stella

Ockenden, B A

Pake, Amy

Pannell, K

Parkes, Amy

Parson, Harold L

Parsons, W M

Pascoe, Florrie

Peake, A

Peake, Destrone C

Peake, E

Pearce, Muriel E

Pellingham, C

Perry, C M

Prisk, Ethel M

Prisk, Mary A

Reed, Charles

Reed, Ruth

Rook, W E

Rosny, Sarah

Russell, J

Ryan, L E

Salim, Naomi M

Sanders, A

Smith, A L

Solly, A

Thompson, A

Thomson, J M

Tregenza, K L

Tucker, J D

Walker, Reta E

Walkers, Elsie

Wallis, Rubelle

Walter, A

Welfare, F A

Wheaton, M H

White, Evelyn

Wilson, J

Wilson, S