Embroidered Signatures ProjectWards Hill Queen Hospital Carnival 1939. Port Broughton: Cloth

Port Broughton Heritage Centre
Yorke Peninsula
Australian Red Cross. Port Broughton
110.5cm x 111cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1939
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Square white cloth with a centred circle which incorporates the text "Wards Hill Queen Hospital Carnival". The text "Pt Broughton 22.3.1939 £18.15.0" and a small red cross are inside the circle. All the embroidery including the signatures which are outside the circle and cover the rest of the cloth, is worked in stem stitch in dark red thread.

Theme and Purpose

Red Cross, World War II. The cloth was made as a fundraiser by members of the Port Broughton Red Cross.


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Aitchison, I

Allchurch, L

Appleyard, J (Mr and Mrs)

Arbon, Ailene

Arbon, E

Arbon, E E

Arbon, G R

Arbon, K

Arbon, L A

Arbon, M A

Arbon, Marlene

Arbon, S G

Arbon, Unis

Badenock, Enid

Baker, W L

Baker, W S

Barker, Valma

Barnes, E G

Barnes, G

Barnes, G E

Basso, ?

Bastian, C G

Bennett, L

Bennier, C E

Bennier, Norman

Boettcher, M (Mrs)

Bottrell, A E E

Bowley, E F

Bowley, H B

Bowley, N S

Boxall, Edna

Briggs, W

Bruce, D E C

Bruce, M E

Bruce, Ruth M

Budovich, J (Mrs)

Burfitt, E

Burfitt, J (Mrs)

Burfitt, T

Button, M

Campbell, Rosemary

Campbell, Yoris ?

Casey, J S

Casey, N

Cavernett, Harry K

Chapman, F C

Chapman, M E

Chivell, J S

Clarke, C

Clarke, Sidney Donald

Clothier, F R

Clothier, I B

Clutterham, Ronda

Colbey, Elizabeth A

Colbey, Lionel

Colbey, P A N

Cornish, Beryl

Cornish, S B (Mrs)

Craddock, G E

Crago, M L

Crosby, James

Crouch, L C

Daniel, B (Mr and Mrs)

Daniel, C J

Daniel, E J

Daniel, L (Mr and Mrs)

Daniel, Rita

Daniel, S C (Mr and Mrs)

Davidson, D

Davis, D

Davis, Guy I

Davis, Mary L

Deuter, A B

Deuter, F E

Doherty, B M

Dolan, John

Dolling, A A

Dolling, Alma

Dolling, B A

Dolling, C E

Dolling, Jack (Mr and Mrs)

Dolling, R M

Dolling, S J

Donaldson, C

Downs, Irene

Duffield, C E

Duffield, D

Duffield, E G

Durman, E

Durman, E F

Dutton, Emily

Edwards, E (Mr and Mrs)

Edwards, H

Edwards, T (Mrs)

Edwards, W (Mr and Mrs)

Ellen, F

Ellery, Joyce

Engman, A ?

Eriksson, J E

Evans, E V

Evans, F E

Everett, G M

Excell, G R

Excell, H C

Excell, P H

Farilla, R

Fitzgerald, J A

Fletcher, A

Fletcher, A J

Fletcher, B

Fletcher, F

Fletcher, G

Fletcher, J H

Flowers, May

Fraser, E C

Fraser, J A

Freeman, L G H

Freeman, T

Fulwood, K H

Gibson, G

Gibson, G T

Gibson, H J

Gillies, A

Gillies, Heather

Gillies, Marjorie

Gillies, T E

Goldsworthy, E J

Goldsworthy, Malcolm

Goldsworthy, T M

Goodridge, M

Goodridge, R V

Hall, Judy

Hancock, A E P

Hancock, A S

Hancock, Colin

Hancock, I

Hancock, S J

Hancock, V P

Hancock, W I

Hansen, L

Harley, E J ?

Harris, E E

Harris, H T

Harris, M F

Harris, W J

Harwood, G

Hewett, Audrey

Hewett, Betty

Hewett, C M

Hewett, C R

Hewett, D B

Hewett, D G

Hewett, E

Hewett, E (Mr and Mrs)

Hewett, F G

Hewett, H W G

Hewett, J H

Hewett, L

Hewett, R

Hewett, Ronald

Hickey, M

Hill, E D

Hillier, C R

Hobbs, B A

Hobbs, S J

Hornby, A J

Hornby, Beryl

Hornby, E E

Hornby, J E

Hornby, Laura

Hornby, R

Hornby, W J

Howard, M (Senr)

Hudson, Muriel

Humphreys, B

Humphrys, A H

Ireland, C M

Ireland, Doreen

Ireland, E

Ireland, Harriet

Ireland, Jessie

Kempster, N K

Kerley, D A

Kerley, E L C

Kerley, E L E

Kerley, G H

Kerley, Joan

Kerr, B L

King, A

Larcombe, H R

Larsson, Nita ?

Leane, Michael Fraser

Lewid, E G

Lewis, H E

Lewis, H G

Lewis, J H

Lines, A

Luckett, Jessie

Lunnay, A W

Malycher, May

Manners, D D (Mr and Mrs)

Matthews, G

McBride, Mandy

McDonald, Don

McDonald, E

McDonald, F H

McDonald, G

McDonald, Gertrude

McDonald, Hilda

McDonald, I

McDonald, Jennifer

McDonald, Kevin

McDonald, Max

McDonald, R (Mr and Mrs)

McDonald, Rostyn ?

McDonald, T V

McKenzie, A C

McKenzie, E A

McKirdy, F M

McKirdy, J A

Meyers, D L

Mildren, A M M

Mildren, L M

Mildren, R E

Monks, M

Monson, V

Morse, C

Morse, J

Morse, N S

Munday, M

Nankervis, N

Newhall, Anne S

Newhall, Hall

Nisha, Carl Frar ?

Noble, Ida E

Ottoway, E A

Ottoway, N E

Pannan, G

Parsons, D H

Parsons, Will C

Pattingale, E

Pattingale, M A

Pattingale, O J

Paull, A E

Pearson, R

Pedemonte, (Mrs)

Peters, C H

Peters, E

Peters, M

Peters, Sarah

Peters, T S Snr (Mr and Mrs)

Philbey, G P

Plumb, (Mr and Mrs)

Price, A

Ramsey, Aldyth A

Rankine, W H

Raymond, R N

Reardon, E D

Reardon, M J

Reardon, Muriel

Reardon, O T

Renecich, Edith

Renecich, P D

Richards, E M

Richardson, Ross

Roberts, Jim

Roberts, P J

Roberts, R M

Robertson, A D

Robertson, Evelyn

Robertson, J A

Rogers, Glad M

Routley, C

Routley, M

Sawtell, Yvonne

Schumacher, A

Scott-Todd (Mr and Mrs)

Scott, P T (Mr and Mrs)

Sexton, E R

Sexton, M G

Sims, M M

Sims, R I

Smith, F A

Sommershead, T ?

Spencer, Jack

Spensley, G P (Mrs)

Starks, A (Mr and Mrs)

Starks, D K

Steer, Kath

Stringer, A

Stringer, A A

Stringer, B M R

Stringer, Barry B

Stringer, Bertha

Stringer, E J

Stringer, E M

Stringer, E T

Stringer, G

Stringer, Grace

Stringer, H B

Stringer, H E

Stringer, Iris

Stringer, Isabel M

Stringer, J S

Stringer, J S J

Stringer, Molly

Stringer, Norma

Stringer, R H (Mrs)

Stringer, Roma G

Stringer, V K

Stringer, W B

Stringer, W J

Summerton, M (Mr and Mrs)

Symons, E W

Symons, G

Tancock, E

Tancock, Ethel

Tancock, L M

Tancock, M A

Tancock, W E

Thomson, C

Thurgay, A R

Tod, Grace

Tonkin, A B (Mrs)

Tonkin, B

Tonkin, J M

Tothill, M B

Vanstone, Ronda

Veal, Noel ?

Wall, E J

Walsh, J

Ward, N E

Wark, F

Waters, Charlie

Waters, E L

Waters, Les

Waters, T (Mr and Mrs)

Watson, R

Wheaton, R J

Wheaton, Ruth

Whelan, F

Whittaker, Mary

Whitting, Tom

Wikstrom, T P

Williams, V E

Wilson, A G

Wilson, E G

Wilson, M I

Winen, Elizabeth

Winen, O N

Winin, E M

Winston, Olof

Witty, C J

Woodman, A

Woods, J H

Young, A F

Young, A R

Young, E A

Young, E M

Young, F J F

Young, Fred J

Young, Harold W

Young, Jean S

Young, Margaret

Young, Ross C

Young, Thelma

Young, W A