Embroidered Signatures ProjectMundoora Strawberry Fete 1912: Cloth

Port Broughton Heritage Centre
Yorke Peninsula
76cm x 76cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1912
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Square white linen cloth. Centred text reads "November 22nd. Mundoora 1912. Strawberry Fete." Other text in each quarter reads: "FW Andrews. General Store. Mundoora." "Pioneer Store. Cummins. PDS Cooper." This text includes an embroidered bow. "HW Carmen. Mundoora. Greengrocer and Confectioner." "Clements Gap. Oct 13. Friend 1912." All embroidery is stem stitch worked with red thread.

Theme and Purpose

Fundraiser - Strawberry Fete.


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?onfries, F E

Allen, Grace

Andrews, F W (General Store, Mundoora)

Atchinson, Isabelle

Boundey, Una

Brady, A E Howard

Button, G

Carman, E M

Carman, H W (Greengrocer and Confectioner, Mundoora)

Carman, W S

Clements Gap (Friend, Oct 31 1912)

Cooper, Enid

Cooper, N

Cooper, P D S (Pioneer Store, Cummins)

Dalling, M

Dick, A

Dick, A E

Dick, A J

Dick, D G

Dick, E M

Dick, Flo

Eagle, V W

Firth, M

Freeman, O

Harvay, H O

Johnson, A

Johnson, Freda G

Kiesler, L


Meaney, M C

Mildren, F J

Mildren, H A

Mildren, M

Mitchell, Letty

Mitchell, Lotty

Myers, A M

Peake, Evelyn

Pfiffer, M L

Readon, C

Richards, D E

Richards, F A

Richards, Gertie

Schert, A

Singh, Norman (Hawker)

Sivrour, Ruth

Smith, M L

Sparks, M

Stoba, (Major)

Stringer, A M

Stringer, Dahlia

Stringer, Dave

Stringer, John (Mrs)

Stringer, John L

Stringer, W E (Mrs)

Treloar, Ph M

Walsch, E M