Embroidered Signatures ProjectSACWA. Barossa Group. Mallala Branch: Piano Cover

South Australian Country Women's Association
Lower North
South Australian Country Women's Association. Mallala Branch
125cm x 149cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1970-1999 Late)/1974
ID Number
Piano Covers,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A white cloth, shaped to cover an upright piano, covered in random muticoloured signatures worked in stem stitch. Other text in blue thread reads 'CWA 1974'.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. South Australian Country Women's Association membership record. Mallala Branch.


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Adams, Joy

Angus, Mary

Aughey, Betsy

Bache, Marshall

Baker, Effie

Baril, Chris

Brook, Clive

Brooks, Peg

Broster, Clara

Broster, Patricia

Brown, Kaye

Burford, Coral

Castorelle, Peg

Cavenett, Ena

Champion, Florence

Charlson, Gladys

Coleman, Connie

Coleman, Laura

Costanell, Pam

Crawford, Rae

Curnow, Linda

Curnow, Val

Curnow, Val (2)

Curtis, Hilda

Davey, Phyl

Davis, Jean

Day, Amy

Duhring, Val

Dunlop, Chiarina

Dunston, ??

Earl, Ethel

East, Kitty

Fahey, Mary

Fanker, Gladys

Finch, Mazel

Foster, Ruth

Franks, Barbara

Franks, Ross

Gameau, Dora

Glastonbury, M E

Good, Pearl

Gregor, Bet

Griffith, Gwenda

Griffiths, Evelyn

Griffiths, Jean

Hallion, Pat

Hammond, Flo

Heath, Maureen

Heath, Minnie

Hein, Eileen

Hieps, Davis

Howell, Barbara

Hughes, Mary

Irish, Dorothy

Irish, M

Jacobs, Lena

Jarmyn, Phyl

Jarvis, Meg

Jenkin, Julie

Jenkin, May

Jenkin, Rosemary

Jenkin, Ruth

Jury, Clara

Konzag, Doris

Korzag, Heather

Leintoll, Irene

Lindsay, Ida

Loveridge, Beryl

Lutt, Doris

Mahoney, Jennifer

March, Griel

Marshman, Linda

Marshman, Thelma

McEvoy, Diarine

McEvoy, Doris

McLean, Win

Miner, Evilyn

Mody, Betty

Nash, Beryl

O'Loar, Kath

Parker, Olive

Pitt, Vera

Pratt, ?

Pratt, Jean

Richter, V

Rigg, Noreen

Roman, Sandra

Roverts, Margary M

Rowe, Mary

Secomb, Val

Smyth, Laurena

Standly, Charmaine

Stuart, Thonda

Sutherland-Stott, Shirley

Symes, Laurel

Tiller, Gwen

Tiller, Hettie

Tucker, Maureen

Verner, Ellen

Warden, Blanche

Williams, Dawn

Williams, Gwenda

Wilson, Maisie

Wiseman, Doris

Woollatt, Joyce

Znaker, Gladys