Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. Lameroo: Quilt

Australian Red Cross
Mrs CC Jordan
168cm x 212cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Quilts,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

A large white voided cross has been created in the middle of a heavy white cotton quilt by the placement of lists of names embroidered in blue thread. The machine stitched outline has faded from red to pink.

Theme and Purpose

Red Cross World War II fundraiser '...by the Pinnaroo Patriotic Committee on behalf of the Red Cross and Comforts Fund...'. The quilt was the idea of Mrs CC Jordan of Pinnaroo who also stitched the names. The quilt was used to raise money for an entrant in a baby competition. Each signature cost sixpence. 1326 names raised 33 pounds, one shilling and sixpence. Completed in 1941.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

?, Elsie

Adams, A D

Adams, Glad

Adams, M

Adams, Reg

Ahrns?, A

Allen, Annie

Allen, Doug (AIF)

Allen, E

Allen, Frank

Allen, Gilbert

Allen, Herbert

Allen, Nellie

Allen, R

Allen, Robt (AIF)

Allen, Thelma

Allman, F W

Allman, K A

Altschwager, R A (Pte) (AIF)

Anderson, C

Anderson, R

Angas, S P

Angel, C E

Angel, H E

Anwar, L

Arthur, Fred G

Arthur, Howard

Arthur, L

Auricht, H

Aurthur, Eunice

Austin, C K

Austin, E J

Austin, H R

Austin, P

Auston, R

Backmann, A N

Badman, A P

Badman, N L (AIF)

Bailey, Bert

Bailey, E R

Bailey, G H

Bailey, H J

Bailey, L

Bailey, O

Bailey, R W (AIF)

Baldwin, Clarrie (AIF)

Baldwin, F

Baldwin, F A

Baldwin, I

Baldwin, P V

Baldwin, Peter

Baldwin, Rosemary

Baldwin, W G

Bales, W J (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Balnaves, B

Bambrook, A

Bamford, D T

Barclay Harvey, Muriel

Barrett, B A

Barrett, F J

Barrett, M

Barrett, W

Bate, R F

Bates, George

Bates, Gordon

Bates, Gwen

Bates, Kevin

Batten, (Gran)

Battye, ? L

Baumen, E J

Baumgurtel, N

Baverstock, H V

Baxter, Helen

Baxter, M

Baxter, R

Bayly, F P (RAAF)

Bayly, F T R

Bayly, R H (RAAF)

Bayly, T R

Beard, Colin

Beard, E M

Beard, Lorna

Beard, Mervyn

Beard, W H

Beards, L W (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Beattie, G F (RAAF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Beck, A M

Beck, J

Beck, R

Beckett, Billa (AIF)

Beckman, E M

Beckman, S

Bennett, E J

Bennett, E S

Bennett, H G

Bennett, J

Bennett, L

Bennett, M L

Bennett, Roy

Bennett, W G

Bennetts, C I (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Bennetts, J M

Bennetts, Roy

Berlin, H W

Berlin, R

Bice, P J (AIF)

Billing, E G

Billing, R J

Billing, R T

Bird, M

Blacksell, C M

Blacksell, C W

Blacksell, M

Blackwood, C

Blade, V J

Blake, K ?

Bolton, E J

Bolton, F P

Bolton, J

Bolton, J (Mrs)

Bolton, M

Bolton, R J

Boscher, (Nurse)

Both, H

Bowman, Olive

Bridge, E J

Bridge, Jean

Bridge, Lois

Bridge, R E (RAAF)

Britt, D J

Brock, M

Brooks, Anne

Brooks, R J

Brown, C

Brown, G E

Brown, K (RAAF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Brown, M

Buchanan, (Nurse)

Burford, C B

Burford, G C

Burford, R W

Burgess, M

Burgess, Shirley (Baby)

Burke, D L

Burman, F

Burman, J

Burns, Chas

Burstall, Laurie (AIF)

Burzacott, L

Buschenschutt, C

Buschenschutt, E

Byerlee, E V

Byerlee, J

Byerlee, R J

Byrne, Mary

Calnan, D L

Cameron, J

Carman, E J

Carman, J W D

Carman, J W D (2)

Carr, F R

Carter, J

Carter, Mary

Casky, R

Casson, Bert

Casson, F (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Casson, Ted (AIF)

Chaney, Barbara

Chaney, Douglas

Chappell, R

Charles, B M

Charles, C (RAN)

Charles, C A (AIF)

Charles, Clem Charles

Charles, D

Charles, E G

Charles, E J

Charles, J M

Charles, K W (AIF)

Charles, L D

Charles, L M

Charles, N

Charles, O E

Charles, S M

Charles, T

Charles, T J

Charles, V

Charles, W E

Christie, Bert (RAN)

Clark, D

Clarke, A

Clarke, G

Clarke, Ron (AIF)


Cock, J (RAE)

Cock, J R

Cock, L A

Coles, A

Coles, C

Coles, R (RAAF)

Collins, O (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Conlon, John (RAAF)

Conlon, M W

Constable, B

Constable, Clarice

Cook, Marie

Cook, T C

Cooke, A B

Cooke, E J

Cooper, A

Cooper, J A

Cooper, Matt (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Cooper, S

Cornish, A

Cornish, T

Courtney, A A

Courtney, A O (AIF)

Couter, W

Cowan, A

Cowan, L

Cowan, L (2)

Cowey, G

Cowey, H

Cox, C

Crane, C

Cranwell, W

Creek, C

Creek, L

Crispe, M W

Crompton, M B

Cullum, M

Curtis, Ross

Darke, A A

Darke, A H (AIF)

Darke, F G

Darke, R F (AIF)

David, David (Baby)

David, H

David, J

Davies, A L

Davies, E

Davies, O G

Davies, P T

Davies, R J

Davis, E T

Davis, Nell

Davis, V W

Dean, M

Dewhirst, Jen

Dewhirst, W

Dewhurst, T H (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Dibben, M

Dibbon, G W (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Dietrich, A

Dietrich, C

Docking, F C (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Dodson, B

Dodson, L

Dodson, M

Doecke, E

Doecke, G (Rev)

Doecke, H

Dooley, J K (RAAF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Dowd, A

Dowd, Cyril

Dowd, Leanard (AIF)

Dowd, Olive

Dowd, P N

Dowd, S P (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Dowd, W P (AIF)

Dowd, W P (AIF) (2)

Downie, D

Downing, E M

Draper, Dixie

Draper, Vic

Driscoll, J O

Duff, A M

Duff, S H

Duffett, Les

Duffett, Madge

Duffield, F

Dunbar, G

Dunbar, V

Dunn, H S

Dunn, R

Dunston, Arch

Dunston, Bryan

Dunston, Glad

Dunston, Ian

Dunstone, C L (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Dunstone, M

Durant, A S

Durant, Connie

Durant, Gladys

Durant, Howard

Durant, Ina

Durant, Janet

Durant, Joan

Durant, Lucra

Durant, Macolm

Durant, Nancy

Durant, Norman

Durant, Sydney

Durant, Wallace

Edwards, Dot

Edwards, H (AIF)

Edwards, I I (SX12306 S/N)

Edwards, J

Edwards, Jan

Edwards, Ron

Edwards, S

Eichler, V

Eldridge, B

Elkins, Lilian

Engel, H

Engler, E M

Etherton, A

Etherton, D C

Etherton, J (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Ewart, E

Ewart, M

Ewins, B M

Ewins, C (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Eyre, F S

Eyre, Judith (Baby)

Fayne, J

Finch, H J

Fischer, C F

Fisher, A

Fisher, A (2)

Fisher, Bill

Fisher, C A

Fisher, J

Fisher, J (2)

Fisher, L B

Fisher, M

Fisher, Molly

Fisher, Molly (2)

Fisher, T

Flavel, R

Flohr, H

Floyd, S (Mrs)

Forrest, F

Forrest, J

Forrest, K

Forsyth, J J

Foster, (Mrs)

Francis, S

Franklin, K E

Fraser, E

Free, E

Freebaun, C

Freeling, J (RAAF)

Freeman, D

Freeman, D C

Frisk, Tom (AIF)

Fuller, Alf

Fuller, Ann (Baby)

Fuller, Ella

Fuller, Elsie

Fuller, G

Fuller, J

Fuller, J E

Fuller, Joan

Fuller, Joyce

Fuller, Margaret (Baby)

Fuller, Peggy

Fuller, R A

Furman, G

Fuss, Gwenda

Fuss, Keith

Fuss, P

Gagham, Clem (AIF)

George, B

George, C W

George, W A T (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Gilbert, A R

Gilbert, G M

Gilbert, O N

Gilbert, R T

Gilbertson, A

Gilbertson, A A

Gilbertson, H L

Gilbertson, L G

Gilbertson, M

Gilbertson, W A

Gillen, D

Glasson, Emily

Gloster, G E

Godrich, Ena

Godrich, Fay

Godrich, W H R (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Goldstein, A

Goldstein, L (AIF)

Gould, J (AIF)

Grace, R

Graham, R

Gray, A C

Gray, Don

Gray, G

Green, C F

Green, F

Greenholgh, S

Gregor, F L (AIF)

Gregor, S M

Gregory, F

Gregurke, E

Griffen, E

Griffen, H

Griffiths, C H (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Griffiths, J

Griffiths, J W (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Griffiths, Ray (AIF)

Griffiths, Sadie

Griffiths, V

Grogan, Beat

Grogan, Brian

Grogan, Leo

Gum, A R (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Gum, C W

Gum, Chris

Gum, R

Gunther, Bruce

Gurr, G

Guthleben, A M

Guthleben, J

Guthrie, (Mrs)

Hall, Ida

Halliday, A C

Halliday, V L

Hamilton, D

Hamilton, M

Hamilton, S

Hammatt, J B

Hanckel, R A

Hanckel, R C

Hanckle, A

Hancock, D C

Hancock, E D

Hancock, R H

Hand, E B

Hanton, R

Harkand, E O

Harker, Cyril (BEF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Harmer, (Nurse)

Harringnson, W

Harrop, N W

Harry, Percy

Harvey, (Mrs)

Harvey, J B

Harvey, L J

Harvey, O

Harvey, S B

Harvey, W

Haskard, Ian K

Haskard, J

Haskard, J R

Haskard, Peter

Hawker, B

Hawker, B E

Hawker, F

Hawthorne, A

Hawthorne, R W

Hayward, L

Hayward, M

Heath, M

Hein, T

Heinecke, A X

Heinecke, E

Heinecke, G C

Heinrich, D

Heintye, H

Heintze, E L

Heintze, G

Heintze, G (2)

Heintze, G J

Heintze, N

Heintze, V

Hender, A S

Hentschke, E

Hentschke, N

Hentschke, T

Heusler, (Nurse)

Hewitt, E

Hewitt, H

Higginson, E E

Hill, J A

Hill, Max

Hill, P

Hill, S

Hill, V M

Hitchcock, D M

Hitchcock, H J

Hitchcock, H J (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Hitchcock, R

Hitchcock, R (2)

Hitchcock, R E (RSL)

Hoare, Alan

Hoare, Alan J

Hoare, Gert

Hoare, Harry

Hoare, Ivy

Hoare, May

Hoare, Reg

Hockley, A J

Hodgson, W

Hole, L (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Hollitt, B

Hollitt, J

Holm, Jean

Holmes, Don

Holmes, E C

Holmes, Heather

Holmes, Laurel

Holmes, Wyn

Holt, A A (RAAF)

Houghton, C

Howie, J B

Howie, V

Huckle, E

Hughes, P E

Humphrys, H D

Hunt, A F

Hunt, E

Hunt, Frank

Hunt, M

Hunt, Nita

Hutchens, M

Hutson, W

Huxtable, A H

Huxtable, D

Huxtable, J

Huxtable, N

Huxtable, R

Huxtable, W

Inglis, E A

Inglis, G

Inglis, R

Inglis, R F

Jackett, P J

Jacobs, A

James, E

Jamieson, S H

Jenkin, Stella

Jenkins, Colin G

Jenkins, Garry (RAAF)

Jenkins, Roma, N

Jenzen, L

Jenzen, V R

Job, A (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

John, W E

Johns, J W

Johnson, C

Johnson, D

Johnson, H F

Johnson, O

Johnson, O (2)

Johnson, V I

Johnson, Y M

Johnston, A G

Johnston, D

Johnston, F A

Johnston, W N

Johnstone, A

Jones, B H

Jones, E

Jones, Ken

Jordan, A L (Convener) (Pinnaroo SA)

Jordan, Audine

Jordan, C C

Jordan, Clem

Jordan, Sara

Kakoschke, J

Kakoski, L

Kakoski, M

Karcher, Hilda

Keely, Win

Kelly, Ida

Kelly, Jack (AIF)

Kelly, Lucy

Kelly, W

Kenny, J R

Kenny, J W

Kentish, M F

Kerley, F A

Kerrigan, E C

Kilby, J C

Kildea, P J

Kildie, N J

Kimpton, P H

King, Gilbert

King, Laurie

Kirby, Clarre

Kirby, Hilda

Kirby, W H

Kirk, Allan

Kirk, Nance

Kirk, Philip

Kirkbright, P

Klinger, Jack (RAAF)

Koch, A H

Koch, Clair

Koch, E J

Koch, Fred

Koch, J

Koch, J M

Koch, L

Koch, Les

Koch, Lina

Kohl, L W (AIF)

Kramer, W

Kretschmer, Nell

Krig, R (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Kruse, J

Kuchel, B

Kuchel, L G

Kuchel, R

Lackmann, Colin (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Lade, W R

Lambert, A ?

Lambert, A M

Lambert, G (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Lambert, Tren (AIF)

Lancashire, E

Lang, B

Lapidge, P F (AIF)

Lawrence, G

Lawson, J

Leditschke, T C

Lehman, E L

Lehman, Nettie

Lehmann, J A

Lehmann, M E

Lehmann, O

Lenton, J W

Lerne, D

Lerne, F

Lerne, S A

Leske, R

Letheby, M D

Letherby, C

Lewis, J

Lewis, Jos

Lewis, L

Lieper, A

Littlehale, Ted (AIF)

Lloyde, B J

Lloyde, B J (2)

Lloyde, E S F

Lloyde, G L

Lock, F R

Lock, Wally J

Long, Dulcie

Longford, Erre

Longford, G

Longford, J T

Longford, M J

Longford, M M A

Longford, R R

Love, J K (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Loveland, W E

Lower, Jean V

Luit, H

Lutz, W

Luxton, L (AIF)

Madigan, B

Manley, W T

Mann, C (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Marsh, Bill (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Marshall, M

Maskell, A (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Masterion, A

Masterion, G

Matlhouse, (Nurse)

Matthews, A W

Mattiske, A M

Mattiske, C

Mattiske, J

Mattschos, Y

May, H E

Mayfield, Frank (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

McAdam, Violet

McBride, C R (AIF)

McCollem, L G (AIF)

McCormack, G

McDonand, S M

McGough, E F

McInally, J

McInally, J (2)

McInerney, E

McIntosh, Berth

McIntosh, Betty

McIntosh, Cal C

McIntosh, Jean

McIntosh, Mavis

McKay, (Nurse)

McKechnie, M

McKechnie, R

McKenzie, J H

McLean, F

McLean, J

McMahan, (Mrs)

McPherson, A (RAAF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

McShane, F

McVicar, A B

McVicar, A B (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

McVicar, J

Meagher, F

Meagher, S M

Medlow, G H

Mehan, J S

Menzel, Edna

Menzel, I

Menzel, J C

Menzel, O

Meyer, M

Mickan, A S

Mickan, E

Mickan, J G

Mickan, W

Middleton, L H

Milde, N R

Miles, D

Mill, A M

Miller, H

Mills, M L

Mills, Wally (AIF)

Millstead, M

Milne, C A

Milton, R W

Milton, R W (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Mitchell, Betty

Mitchell, G H (AIF)

Mitchell, H R

Mitchell, Rose

Moir, May

Moore, Tom

Moran, P M (SX11644)

Morgan, R J

Morris, G

Morris, H W

Morris, J (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Morris, M D

Morrish, G

Morrison, E

Mossip, E W (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Mossop, K

Moyle, A M

Moyle, B E

Moyle, C R

Moyle, M

Moyle, Oriel

Moyle, S W

Muller, A H (Rev)

Muller, B

Murray, Maudie

Murray, Murray

Napper, A

Napper, C

Napper, Kathleen (Baby)

Naultys Pictures

Needs, A O (AIF)

Neill, Will

Neindorf, C W

Nichols, C A

Nickolls, C

Nickolls, C H

Nickolls, G R

Nickolls, S I

Nicoll, G

Niejalke, A

Niejalke, A (Mrs)

Niejalke, J

Niejalke, W

Niell, Ada

Niell, Billy

Niell, Connie

Niell, Mavis

Niell, Reta

Nietz, A B

Nietz, A O

Nietz, E

Nilson, Eric

Noblet, F

Nordhausen, A

Nordhausen, A M

Nordhausen, C F

Nordhausen, D E

Nordhousen, D M

O'Brien, A M

O'Driscoll, L M

O'Grady, Tresna

O'Loughlin, C M

O'Loughlin, G

O'Loughlin, L

O'Loughlin, N

O'Malley, M

Oakley, E S (AIF)

Oakley, G

Oakley, M

Oakley, R

Oakley, S

Oke, (Nurse)

Ormsey, M J

Orsson, R

Orwell, D M

Orwell, J

Osborne, N

Oster, A D

Paech, A E

Paech, E W

Pahl, B (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Pahl, Ben

Pahl, I

Pahl, P S

Pahl, S

Palmer, Margaret

Parr, D D

Parr, H L R

Patterson, A

Payne, A I (Mrs)

Payne, Bobby

Payne, Frank

Pearce, B C (DSM) (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Pearce, H G

Pearce, J (RAAF)

Pearce, R

Pearce, S M

Pearce, Slvia L

Peers, A

Peers, P R

Pehl, B A

Perkins, C O

Peters, K

Peters, Murray

Pfeiffer, J

Pfitzner, E L

Pfitzner, G

Pfitzner, R

Pfitzner, S (Rev)

Phillips, (Mrs)

Philp, All S (M Bridge)

Philp, J (Mrs) (M Bridge)

Philp, Judith (M Bridge)

Philp, Tony (M Bridge)

Pickering, M

Pierson, E R

Pierson, L

Pineas, L I

Pineas, S I

Pocock, E M

Pocock, Mary

Pocock, R C

Porter, B

Porter, C J

Prech, M D

Prince, M A

Pritchard, K (RAAF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Quick, B J

Quick, F W

Quick, G P

Quick, J L

Quick, L A

Ramsay, J A

Rathsean, Fred (AIF)

Rees, ? B (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Rees, E M

Regnier, L

Rehn, D E

Renowden, E J

Ribbons, G J

Riebe, A

Roberts, U M

Robinson, M

Roburn, S S

Rodda, E ?

Rodda, L

Rodda, L M

Roger, J F (RAAF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Rogers, Eric

Rogers, M

Rohde, A

Rohde, A (2)

Rohde, H E

Ross, A M

Ross, A M (2)

Ross, Ben

Ross, E

Ross, Elsie

Ross, G

Ross, Walter

Rowntree, E I

Rowntree, H A

Rowntree, K

Rowntree, S T

Rumball, B F

Rumball, D M

Rumball, H

Rumball, J

Rumball, M

Rumball, R E

Rundle, Hilda

Rush, M

Russell, E

Russell, Mon

Russell, R H (AIF)

Russell, S M

Russell, Ted (AIF)

Rustbridge, C

Ryan, Alice

Ryan, Alice (Bordertown)

Ryan, Barry (Bordertown)

Ryan, Bobbie

Ryan, Carmel (Bordertown)

Ryan, Colleen (Bordertown)

Ryan, Eileen (Bordertown)

Ryan, Eve (Bordertown)

Ryan, Hilary (Bordertown)

Ryan, J P

Ryan, J T (Bordertown)

Ryan, Pat (Bordertown)

Ryan, Ray

Ryan, Ray (2)

Salmon, H W

Saltmarsh, A C

Sampson, J H

Sampson, Ron (RAAF)

Sampson, V (RAAF)

Sampson, W B

Sanderson, J

Sanderson, R C

Sands, E J

Saunders, A A (RAN)

Saunders, B M

Saunders, G

Saunders, W

Scales, M

Scales, Olive

Scarce, A

Scheldon, R C

Schiller, A E

Schiller, C

Schiller, G R

Schiller, M R

Schiller, R B

Schiller, R E

Schiller, W B

Schmerl, Audrey

Schmerl, Fay

Schmerl, H E

Schmerl, P D

Schmerl, Pauleen

Schneider, H

Schneider, M J

Schneider, S

Schnell, John (RAAF)

Schroeder, E

Schroeder, W

Schroter, M

Schultz, C A

Schultz, P (Baby)

Schumacher, G

Schumacher, G O

Schumacher, I E

Schwarz, Florrie

Schwarz, H

Schwarz, H (2)

Schwarz, Harry

Scoop, A E

Scott, Cliff (AIF)

Scown, D

Scroop, Claire

Sharp, L

Sharrad, A

Sharrad, F

Sharrad, J

Sharrad, Joyce

Sheldon, A E

Sheldon, H J

Sheldon, H S

Shephard, George (AIF)

Shepherd, W G

Sherwell, E D T

Sherwell, G Laurie

Shledon, L M

Shurdington, W R F (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Sieber, P

Siemering, M

Siemering, W

Sigston, (Mrs)

Sigston, J

Sigston, M (RAAF)

Sigston, Mavis

Sigston, Mavis (2)

Sim, G M

Simon, L M

Simon, L M (Mrs)

Skipworth, C A

Slade, R

Slater, E J S (AIF)

Slater, H W

Slocombe, M

Small, M E

Smerdon, R

Smith, B J

Smith, S E

Smyth, E J (Rev)

Sommerton, B

Southwell, F

Sparrow, F D (AIF)

Sparrow, H (AIF)

Spooner, Phil

Sporn, W

Staker, E M

Staker, G

Staker, K M

Staker, M

Staker, R M

Staker, Robt

Staker, Russell

Staker, V

Staker, Valda

Stallan, E M

Standley, L

Standley, L ( 2)

Stanway, R

Stevens, A

Stevens, A (2)

Stevens, A (3)

Stevens, A R

Stevens, Eric

Stevens, F K

Stevens, Joyce

Stewart, L (AIF)

Stewart, W D

Stow, P E

Stringer, Glen (AIF)

Summers, J T

Summerton, A

Summerton, B

Symonds, B

Symonds, E H

Symonds, J E

Symonds, L

Symonds, M

Tavener, F L

Tavener, H

Tavener, J

Taylor, A L

Teschendorf, E

Teschendorf, J M

Thiele, E ? (AIF)

Thiele, Ester

Thiele, Herbert

Thiele, M O

Thiele, Martha

Thiele, Meta

Thiele, Munda

Thiele, Norma

Thiele, Olga

Thiele, Olga (2)

Thomas, Maple

Thomas, Martyn

Thomas, V

Thomas, V Grace

Thomas, V L

Thompson, (Nurse)

Threadgold, G

Threadgold, R

Thurlow, A

Thurlow, C G

Thurlow, M

Tiller, H J

Titley, Edward

Titus, I

Tonkin, Clara

Tonkin, Darrel

Tonkin, G C (AIF)

Tonkin, Jean

Tonkin, Jim

Tonkin, W G (AIF)

Traeger, C A

Traeger, F S

Treager, F W

Trewenack, Robin

Trigg, (Nurse)

Trigger, Betty

Trigger, M

Trigger, Roma

Trowbridge, H W

Trudinger, L

Tucker, J F (AIF)

Turner, A C

Turner, A C (2)

Turner, A D

Turner, A N

Turner, B J

Turner, Mabel

Turner, Mabel (2)

Tyler, H

Tyler, H W (RAAF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Tyler, R

V, H E

van de Peer, A

Vaughan, Basil

Vaughan, E

Vaughan, Eric

Vaughan, H D

Vaughan, L (Mrs)

Venning, B E (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Venning, H J (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Venning, L C

Venning, Les

Venning, M

Venning, M J

Venning, R

Venning, S J

Vianello, H C

Vianello, I

Volk, W

Vorbach, Adrian

Vorbach, Ann

Vorbach, Annette

Vorbach, Athol

Vorbach, Colina

Vorbach, Ern

Wait, S J

Wait, T

Wakefield, L H

Walker, A P

Walker, B

Walker, H J

Walker, Jean

Walker, Muriel

Waller, P E

Wallis, H (Baby)

Wallis, I

Walmslay, M L

Walsh, J

Walter, Don

Walter, Eric A

Walter, Jeanette

Walter, Mildred L

Waters, G C (AIF)

Watson, A F

Watson, A R

Watson, K W

Weaver, H S

Weaver, Hilda

Webb, G

Webb, G W

Webb, W

Webster, D

Webster, F C

Webster, Hedley

Webster, J A (Member) (Returned Soldiers League)

Webster, Malcolm

Webster, Vera J

Webster, Vivian

Wedding, A

Wegner, J

Went, C

Werner, E

Werner, J

Werner, J (2)

Werner, L

West, H

Westphalen, E G (AIF)

Weymouth, L H

Weymouth, Ron (RAN)

Whitford, Bill

Whittle, E

Williams, P (Pte) (AIF)

Williams, W (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Wills, B (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Wills, H G

Wils?osen, Joyce

Wilshusen, J C

Wilson, A S (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Wilson, D

Wilson, D J

Wilson, G H (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Wilson, H

Wilson, K

Wilson, R A

Wilson, R W (AIF)

Wilson, S (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Wilson, T

Wilson, W

Winter, Adda

Winter, Adela

Winter, Herb

Winter, Joyce

Winter, L

Winter, Lena

Winter, May

Wintersfield, F (AIF)

Wishart, E

Wishart, M

Withers, B

Withers, Barney (AIF)

Withers, H H

Withers, Y

Wohlers, N

Wood, C R

Wood, P N

Worden, C R

Worden, G A

Worden, John

Wright, R K

Wyatt, F (AIF) (Murrayville and Victorian Boys)

Yard, B

Young, A F

Young, A R

Young, G A (AIF)