Embroidered Signatures ProjectMallala Methodist Manse 1920: Cloth

Mallala Museum
Lower North
Mrs MA Burnard
89cm x 89cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1900-1929 Early)/1920
ID Number
Back Stitch,Chain Stitch,Cloths,Faggot Stitch,

Physical Description

Square ecru linen tablecloth with parishioners' names worked in red cotton thread using back stitch. The inscription on the cloth "Mallala Methodist Manse 1920" and the names of the townships of "Dublin, Grace Plains, Mallala, Shannon, Wildhorse Plains, Windsor" in which the signatories attended church are stitched in chain stitch. Some names are listed under these townships or under "Manse" or "Past Members" while others are stitched radiating out from a small circle. Outlines of circles, squares and diamonds have been created with faggoting stitch.

Theme and Purpose

Commemorative. Names of parishioners of the Methodist churches in the area are listed under the township of the church they attended - Barabba, Dublin, Grace Plains, Mallala, Shannon, Wildhorse Plains, Windsor. Designed and worked by Mrs MA Burnard for the Methodist Manse Circuit Fair in 1920.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Adams, G N

Adams, J

Adams, M

Adams, W (Senr)

Angove, D E

Angove, E

Angove, E M

Angove, J T

Arnold, Alice

Arnold, V

Bailey, A

Baker, Ada

Baker, Alice

Baker, E

Baker, E S

Baker, Howard

Baker, L

Baker, T

Baker, W H

Beames, C F

Birt, A J

Blythman, A

Brook, F A

Brook, W

Brosher, Ellen

Brosher, Thos

Bubner, S

Burnard, C R

Burnard, C S

Burnard, C W

Burnard, E S

Burnard, H A

Burnard, H G

Burnard, J W

Burton, E J

Campbell, H E

Carslake, E A

Carslake, E M

Carter, J

Carter, M

Clark, G J

Clark, O R

Clark, R

Curnow, E J

Davies, C J

Davies, Jas

Davies, Marg

Dingle, J

Dingle, M

Dow, J

Dow, M A

Driscoll, M

Dunstan, M

Earl, A

Earl, E

Earl, E A

East, E

East, E M

East, J M

East, R C

East, W M

Everett, A H

Everett, M O

Fidge, F C

Fidge, H

Finch, W W

Finlayson, E

Forbes, J

Forbes, M

Francis, G A

Franks, S

Gregory, T

Griffiths, D W

Griffiths, E M

Hamman, A

Hamman, P L

Hill, M E

Hollams, A M

Hollams, T J

Jenkin, H

Jenkin, Ivy

Jenkins, E A

Jenkins, F

Jenkins, Frank

Jenkins, John

Johnson, A H

Johnson, A J

Johnson, E A

Johnson, Edith

Johnson, Ern

Johnson, Ethel

Johnson, G N

Johnson, H J

Johnson, L E

Johnson, M

Johnson, M B

Johnson, T G

Jones, E

Jones, E N

Jones, G L

Jones, Jarred ?

Jones, May

Jury, H

Jury, S

Konzag, E L

Konzag, L

Lewis, Mary

Lindsay, C

Lindsay, E J

Lindsay, G

Lindsay, M (Senr)

Lindsay, M A

Lindsay, Mavis

Lindsay, Muriel

Lindsay, N J

Lithgow, H

Lithgow, J D

Lithgow, J N

Lithgow, M

Lyons, H K

Lyons, H W

Lyons, M

March, A

March, A E

March, Allen

March, C (Senr)

March, C E

March, J

March, J M

March, L N

March, W

Marshman, E C

Marshman, G H (Senr)

Marshman, M J (Senr)

Marshman, M R M

McDonald, Jas

McDonald, W

Moody, Les

Morphett, G A

Morphett, M

Mounday, M

Mugford, C J

Mugford, S E

Nairn, E C

Nairn, Jas

Newcombe, O

Nice, E

Nice, H

Penfold, E C

Penfold, S E

Pope, E B

Pope, Flo

Pratt, B

Price, E

Price, Geo

Price, Norman

Prime, B

Prime, E

Prime, W

Pritchard, C F (Senr)

Pritchard, Clark

Pritchard, Clem

Pritchard, Emmie

Pritchard, Fred

Pritchard, H (Senr)

Rice, John

Roberts, E S

Roberts, Ellie

Roberts, J

Roberts, M

Roberts, S D

Ross, A

Rossiter, S

Rowe, Alice

Rowe, E E

Rowe, H J

Rowe, Josiah

Rowe, S N

Rowe, W N

Rundle, H

Salmon, J J

Salmon, M G

Schafer, C E

Schlodder, H L

Searle, J

Sharrek, Evan

Simmons, M

Snell, J H

Snell, M E

Streeter, M E

Sutton, J T

Sutton, Martha

Taylor, D O

Taylor, G

Taylor, S

Temby, C E H

Temby, H

Temby, S J

Theobald, M E

Theobald, T

Tiller, R (Senr)

Tiller, S J

Traeger, G A

Traeger, M A

Tresise, Ethel

Tresise, Iris

Tresise, Milton

Turner, L

Turner, R C

Vawser, Alf

Vawser, E

Weatherill, J

Weatherill, M

Weatherill, T

Wellington, A W

Wellington, S

Whitbread, E A

White, M G

Wilkins, F

Wilkins, J

Williams, A

Williams, E

Williams, E A

Williams, H

Williams, I M

Williams, J

Williams, W

Wilson, O

Wilson, R M

Wohl, H

Worsley, H B

Worsley, J

Worsley, O

Young, Alice

Young, Annie

Young, E

Young, Frank

Young, K

Young, Lucy

Young, M