Embroidered Signatures ProjectWorld War II. Maitland: Banner

CYP National Trust Museum
Yorke Peninsula
97cm x 102cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)
ID Number
Back Stitch,Banners,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream coloured cotton banner with polesleeve and matching triangular base in royal blue velvet. A gold fringe and gold braid has been applied to a triangular base. The central roundel contains two crossed flags, a Rising Sun insignia and a Wings insignia, a red cross, a red 'V' and names mostly stem and back stitched with red, gray and blue thread. The rest of the banner is densely covered with names embroidered with red thread in stem and back stitch.

Theme and Purpose

World War II


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Adams, J W

Aldenhoven, F C

Allen, E J

Althorp, P L

Andrew, C M

Andrew, C S

Andrew, D E

Andrew, E I

Andrew, K H

Andrew, L S

Andrew, Muriel

Anthoney, E (MLC)

Arnold, A

Arnold, O R W

Arrowsmith, R W

Arrowsmith, S

Ash, A T (L Cp)

Ash, H H

Ash, J E

Ash, M S

Baass, G

Bagly, F J

Bagshaw, C E

Bagshaw, D K

Bagshaw, E E

Bagshaw, G C

Bagshaw, G E (JP)

Bagshaw, J K (Sgt Pilot)

Bagshaw, W H

Baker, A G

Bayers, M

Bebee, A H

Bebee, E

Beelitz, E E (S18162)

Bennett, H

Bentley, G H

Berry, R F

Bett, Rosie

Bird, D E

Bird, R

Bittner, B R

Bittner, M M

Boast, Gertrude

Bond, E

Booth, E M

Bowden, D (RDA)

Bowering, M

Bowley, June M

Bowman, E O

Bowman, F

Bowman, F (Pte)

Bowman, H

Bowman, M F

Bowman, N

Bowman, Rex C

Bowman, T H (Lieut)

Brag, G W

Brand, W G (Cpl)

Braund, C A (Pt)

Bray, Arch H (JP)

Bray, Clayton (RAN)

Bray, E Kate (JP Point Pearce)

Brown, C C

Brown, E G

Bruce, G P

Budge, F J

Burley, A R

Burnett, L G

Burns, A G

Burrows, B G

Burrows, E I

Burrows, H

Burrows, L D

Butcher, B G

Butcher, R L

Cameron, G

Cane, W H C

Cane, W H C (2)

Carlaw, Roy (SX4393)

Chappell, D

Clasohm, E A

Clasohm, K A

Clasohm, L E

Cocks, Kate (MBE)

Coles, David R

Combe, B M

Coombe, H R (BDS)

Coulter, A

Coulter, T

Coulter, T J

Crew, R

Cros?, Rex M

Croser, W

Daniels, L D

Darling, Colin A

Darling, E

Darling, F E

Darling, G

Darling, H J

Darling, Joyce B

Darling, M R

Darling, R

Davey, K I (Tpr)

Davey, M H

Davies, D N

Davies, Dan and M S

Davies, E

Davies, E W

Davies, H E

Davies, L E S

Davies, M S

Davies, Maureen

Davies, S D

Davies, S D (SX7901)

Day, H T (SX6010) (Tpr)

Days, V H (SX7812) (Pte)

Douglas, H (Queens Park W Aust)

Douglass, A (WA)

Douglass, J J

Druwitt, S T

Dutschke, B P

Dutschke, E F

Dutschke, H

Dutschke, J E

Edwardes, G E

Edwards, A

Edwards, B

Edwards, D G

Edwards, F

Edwards, G E (SX8964) (Cpl)

Edwards, I C

Edwards, L W

Edwards, M (Trp)

Edwards, R G

Edwards, W H

Elies, B

Elvize?, Marg

Essery, Mary

Faint, B

Fechan, D E

Fechan, L E

Ferguson, R D

Fischer, F H

Fischer, F H J (SX9179) (Capt)

Ford, D I

Ford, K W

Forsyth, Samuel (OBE)

Fountain, ?

Fraick, N

Francis, A H

Francis, D

Francis, D M

Francis, E M

Francis, F G

Francis, F H

Francis, F W

Francis, G S

Francis, J B

Francis, Joyce (AM USA)

Furness, R S

Gardner, D D

Gardner, R M

Gare, Lloyd

Germain, D L

Germein, S G

Germein, W L

Gersch, A R

Gersch, D V A

Gersch, F E

Gersch, M

Gersch, R E

Giffen, Mary H

Gillis, H

Gillis, W O

Glastonbury, May E

Goldworthy, E L

Greenslade, A

Greenslade, Bronte

Greenslade, C S (Tpr)

Greenslade, D J

Greenslade, Fred

Greenslade, H J

Greenslade, J E

Greenslade, Jack

Greenslade, John

Greenslade, L C

Greenslade, L J

Greenslade, O B

Greenslade, R M

Greenslade, R M (2)

Greenslade, S G

Gregor, G P

Gregory, K M

Gregory, R S

Gun?, Murl M

Hallett, A W

Hampil, H B

Hancock, R

Hansberry, ?

Harris, E E

Harris, Elizabeth

Harris, K J

Harris, R J C

Harris, R O (Sgt)

Harris, W S

Hasting, B T

Hasting, Edna (A MUS A)

Hasting, R E

Hasting, W G

Heinrich, A H

Heinrich, W A

Heinrick, E M

Heinrick, G H

Heinrick, G H (2)

Heinrick, L E

Heinrick, N G

Henderson, J S

Henschke, Cecelia

Henschke, J J

Hill, Betty

Hill, C M

Hill, F R

Hill, Gilberte

Hill, Gladys

Hill, V D

Hill, V R

Hill, W S

Hillier, C

Himmler, F

Hinck, E M

Hincks, C S (MP)

Hogan, F (Mrs)

Holloway, A E

Holman, M C

Honner, E F

Honner, J F (SX9042) (Chap Rev Fa)

Honner, J S (Mayor)

Honner, K

Honner, Laurencia

Honner, M M (SX11710)

Honner, M R

Honner, Richard

Honner, S E

Hooper, A T (RDA)

Hooper, C W (SX4433)

Horwood, R G

Horwood, W

Hosking, H R

Hosking, L H

Hughes, Gladys

Humphrys, B E

Humphrys, R W

Hutson, Arj

Hutton, B

Hutton, E M (CSIR)

Hutton, Gwen

Hutton, Gwen B

Hutton, Judith

Illman, F K

Ivy, E J

Jackson, B

Jarrett, B

Jarrett, N K

Jenzen, L M

Johns, C

Johns, Winifred

Johnson, M

Jones, C

Jones, G J

Jones, M E

Jones, S J

Kay, G S (PhC)

Kelly, A W

Kelly, E M

Kelly, E R (SX3651) (Pte)

Kelly, E Ray

Kelly, F H

Kelly, G D

Kelly, G G

Kelly, J A (R D A)

Kelly, J C

Kelly, M F

Kelly, R M

Ketty, G R

King, K H

King, M M

King, R

Kitto, E

Kitto, Perc

Kleeman, B J

Kleeman, Erwin A

Klopp, T

Klopp, V

Knight, R C W

Knight, Vic (WA)

Koch, F H

Koch, K

Koch, O H

Langsford, K

Lawton, D E

Lee, G F

Lee, R J

Lehmann, F W

Lehmann, S A

Leighton, H

Leighton, S J

Linke, O B

Lodge, D F

Lodge, H V

Longbottom, (SX13995) (Pte)

Lovelock, U M

Lovelock, V M

Lowe, N T

MacDonald, Ken

Maddern, R F

Maloney, K

Mannion, J W

March, M D

March, R W

Martin, C H

Martin, C P

Matson, C K

Mazengard, M

McCann, F

McCauley, P

McCawley, W H

McKenzie, Cheatha

McKenzie, E

McKenzie, R

McKenzie, W

McRae, R (Sgt Pilot)

Miller, E L (MPS)

Moloney, E F

Monks, L J

Montcomere, K

Moody, A E

Moody, M

Moody, S B

Morris, L

Morrison, R A (MADD)

Mudge, H W

N???te, Margaret

Nelligan, D L

Neumann, A H

Newbold, G D

Newbold, M H R

Newbold, Sid G

Newton, D J

Neyland, H E (Jack)

Nicholls, E M

Noble, T B

Oxley, K E (S1472)

Patin, G M

Paul, Horace H

Pearce, A S

Pearce, F C

Pearce, H

Pearce, K

Pearce, M M

Pearce, Mavis

Pengilly, C J (Pte)

Petersen, A R

Philbey, C J

Pitcher, M

Pittman, J H G

Polkinghorne, L C

Powell, Ivy

Price, Lester K

Qoin, P J

Quinn, Andrew

Raboul, B Chenoweth

Ralph, Q H

Ralph, S H

Rayner, W L

Rehn, H

Reilly, Chas B

Richards, Marjorie

Rinder, Gordon S

Roberts, J F

Robertson, R X

Robinson, H B

Robinson, L M R

Rogers, S W

Rowe, Edna A

Rowe, L E

Rowe, M

Rowe, M T

Samuels, M A

Samuels, N D

Sanders, M L

Sandow, K A

Sandow, L L (Mintaro)

Sandow, Thelwa

Sauter, T G

Sawley, D M

Saxon, ?

Schulze, C F

Scott, S

Searey, P R

Searle, A

Searle, I

Sexton, J

Seyfang, W P

Shepard, C J

Simmons, F J

Simpson, H J (Tpr)

Simpson, R K

Simpson, R P

Smith, A E

Smith, A J

Smith, A O

Smith, E K

Smith, Elsie F

Smith, G F

Smith, H B

Smith, H M

Smith, K M

Smith, L

Smith, M

Smith, W L

Snell, Arthur (JP)

Snell, Gwen

Spoodeke, C W D

Stevens, A

Stevens, Don

Sturm, Coralie

Sturm, L R

Sutherland, M J (SX1350) (Abroad)

Sweetmen, D

Swindell, Ivy

Tayler, M G

Thomas, A W

Thomas, J

Thomas, J W

Thomas, John (Snr)

Thomas, M D

Thomas, W W

Thomson, G R

Thomson, M L M

Tiddy, R M

Timmens, M J

Timperon, J

Timperon, J L

Tomkinson, H

Tonkin, H

Tonkin, J O

Treasure, M

Treasure, S

Trehearne, A R

Trehearne, M E

Trehearne, M M

Tribbeck, C G

Tribbeck, M J

Trudinger, L

Turner, G E

Turner, Len (VX44558)

Turner, M J

Twelftree, H W S

Twelftree, R G

Vendepeer, S

Vincent, A

Vincent, W C (RAN)

Wakefield, T R

Walker, J W

Warn, M C

Waters, C

Wehr, E W

Welling, R C

Wellington, G S

Wells, Edna K

Wells, Gordon (MBBS)

Weylan, H W

Whitehead, A

Whitehead, J

Whitford, H B

Whitford, J

Whitford, M M

Williams, M

Williss, M R

Winton, J

Winton, L

Winton, P A

Woods, K E A

Wundersitz, A H

Wundersitz, S

Young, C