Embroidered Signatures ProjectRed Cross. Tranmere VSD: Quilt

Kapara Nursing Home
Australian Red Cross. Tranmere
199cm x 164cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Appliqué,Quilts,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

White cotton quilt with a large central appliquéd red cross surrounded by signatures. The quilt is made up of 76 squares joined to and encircling the central red cross. Each small square is embroidered with a centred 2.5cm (diameter) red circle from which four signatures radiate out to each corner. The squares are 8cm x 10cm. The large central red cross is equivalent to four squares. The squares are joined by hand and the pin stitch border of each is also hand worked. The text and signatures are worked in satin and stem stitch with red thread. Text: "Presented to Kapara by Tranmere V.S.D. 114 July 1941"

Theme and Purpose

Red Cross. World War II. Fundraiser by the Tranmere Red Cross.


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?, K V

?, Robert F

Abbott, W

Abbott, W (2)

Abel?, E B L

Adam, B

Allert, H B

Amos, M

Andrew, A

Andrew, E

Andrew, J

Andrew, Z

Arnold, A M

Atkins, A

Atkins, A J

Atkins, M E

Atkins, N J

Atkins, T J

Austin, E

Austin, E (2)

Badger, D

Badger, D (2)

Badger, E

Badger, M

Badger, P

Badman, C

Badman, K

Baily, Jean

Baily, Percy J

Bedford, G L

Bedford, M R

Bellis, M

Benda, C

Benda, C A

Benda, F L

Benda, L S

Bennett, H I

Birbeck, M

Blair, J

Bland, W B

Bolin, M

Bowen, C P

Bowen, E I

Bowen, U W

Branson, M

Bromley, G

Brooks, Diana

Broughton, E

Brown, C

Brown, D

Brown, D (2)

Brown, L

Brown, M

Brown, R

Burford, J

Burford, S

Burke, M

Burton, M

Burton, M (2)

Butcher, A

Campbell, K W

Castine, C

Castine, C (2)

Castine, C H

Castine, G

Castine, K

Catt, S

Cellert, Daphne

Cellert, K B

Cellert, Nina

Cellert, Rae

Champion, E

Champion, J

Clare, A R

Clare, D A

Clare, F S

Clare, S A

Clayton, F

Clement, Stanley

Coffen, H

Coffen, J

Coffen, J A

Coker, R F

Collins, J

Collins, M

Cozens, A

Cozens, E

Cozens, M

Cozens, R

Cozens, S V

Cozens, T G

Cozens, V

Crane, D

Cranwell, G F

Cranwell, H T

Crass, D

Crawford, A M

Cummings, J L

Cummings, L

Cunneen, Ann

Dagnall, A

Dankel, E M

Davey, D A

Davey, M E

Davey, M S

Davey, S D

Dawson, Spen

Dempster, C R

Dempster, G P

Dempster, L

Dempster, L (2)

Dempster, L A

Dempster, M


Dick, Gil

Dick, Lily

Dodsworth, W

Douglas, ?

Douglass, A?

Douglass, V

Down, M

Duffield, F H

Duffield, J L (Cpl)

Dunmill, I

Durn, F M

Dutton, Nina

Eglinton, H E

Eglinton, M C


Ellis, Helen

Ellis, N

Evers, Bob

Evers, Frank

Evers, Helen C

Evers, J

Evers, Jack

Evers, June

Eyles, F M

Felstead, J

Finlay, J

Finlay, Richard

Flood, J

Flood, Olive

Fowler, E A

Fowler, John B

Fowler, M

Fuller, K

Gallash, A P

Gillen, Lorna

Goldsmith, Edith E

Griffin, J

Hancock, L

Hannaford, R

Harrington, V C

Harris, K

Harris, K C

Haste, A L

Hill, M

Hills, D

Howard, M

Howard, P

Howard, W

Hughes, Betty K

Humble, H

Ind, A

Ingram, P

Ingram, R

Jarvis, Maud

Jarvis, Robert F H

Jefferey, M

Jeffery, Mabel

Jenkins, A

Jones, H

Jury, M

Kay, Francis

Kay, James

Kayser, Edward

Kayser, Ella M

Kayser, Gordon

Kayser, Helen C

Kearney, E

Kearney, F

Kelly, Sheila

King, Audrey

King, Len

King, Margaret

Knill, L M

Kuchel, A

Lane, T

Langley, Alice

Lawrence, L

Lee, Joan

Ludlow, B

Ludlow, D

Ludlow, M

Ludlow, N

Mackenzie, G

Maddern, L M

Maddern, M

Maddern, Y M

Manger, T S

Marks, A G

Marks, C

Mason, A L

Mason, Edina M

Mason, M

Mason, R Kirk

Matters, V

Matthew, M

Matthews, P

Matthews, R

McArthur, B

McCuhn, Mary

McGay, L

McLachlan, E J

McLaughlan, Senator

McMutrie, N

McRae, E

Mehan, M

Melton, F

Melton, Holly

Melton, Joan

Melton, K

Melton, Wandi

Mitchell, F

Mitchell, M

Mitchell, T

Monfries, D

Monfries, D W

Monfries, J

Monfries, J Hope

Monfries, Jean

Monfries, K

Monfries, K C

Monfries, Lucy

Monfries, M H

Monfries, Max

Monfries, P D

Moore, A I

Myers, B

Myers, D

Myers, T

Nichols, G F

Nightingale, A M

Nightingale, G A

Nock, Beth

Nock, E J

Nock, Helen

Nock, Joan

Nock, L C

Nock, Olive M

Nock, Peter

Nock, Ron

Nock, Shirley

Norman, S W

Noyce, Hilda M

Oldman, C

Paqualin, M

Parkin, Jean

Payne, A

Payne, B M

Payne, D G

Payne, E D

Payne, F G

Payne, N J

Payne, P J

Peacock, L M

Peters, L

Phillips, E

Pickering, G

Pitt, A W

Pitt, Alf

Pitt, Arthur W

Pitt, Ella A

Pitt, George H

Pitt, Jessie

Potter, D

Powell, J C

Powell, L

Powell, S

Powell, S C

Pryce, H

Pryce, M

Ramsey, A J

Read, E G

Ross, D

Ross, J

Rowe, Colin

Rowe, J W

Rowe, Joyce

Rowe, M A

Rurgie, N C

Ryan, C A

Ryan, E

Ryan, E M

Salom, Ruby

Sandercock, J

Sandercock, Jean

Scott, G A

Scott, M

Shepley, H ?

Shepley, K F

Shepley, N M

Shepley, S E

Shepley, T G

Sly, Nan

Stevens, B

Stevens, D

Stevens, D M

Stevens, M C

Stevens, N B

Strempel, A

Sutton, A T

Sutton, A T (2)

Sutton, Alicia

Sutton, B

Sutton, Dora

Sutton, Dora (2)

Sutton, H S

Sutton, Josephine

Sutton, Max

Sutton, N

Sutton, V C

Syme, Josephine

Symonds, C M

Symonds, E

Symonds, E (2)

Symonds, M

Symonds, M (2)

Tarbath, A J

Tarbath, E

Tarbath, I

Tarbath, I D (RAAF)

Taylor, A

Thomas, N

Thomas, V

Tonkin, L A

Treloar, G

Treloar, M

Treloar, N

Treloar, N (JN)

Treloar, Z

Turner, E

Turner, I S

Turner, Stewart

Valentine, C

Vercoe, G

Vercoe, J

Vohr, G W

Walford, M

Walker, C


Ward, N

Warren, M

Warren, N R

Waye, O

Weiss, M

Westley, B

Westley, B P

Westley, C E

Westley, D

Westley, G

Wheeldon, E

Wheeler, D

White, Effie M

Whitlock, D

Wiggins, Jill

Wiggins, K G

Wiggins, Pat

Williams, Duncan

Williams, J Hartley

Williams, James H

Williams, P

Williamson, J K

Williamson, K

Williamson, T

Wilson, C M

Wilson, L M

Wilson, M

Wilson, N J

Wilson, W A

Wisdom, A

Wood, M

Woodman, C

Woodman, D

Woodman, O

Wragg, B

Wray, C

Wray, K G

Wray, M A

Wyatt, J

Young, Irene