Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Yorketown Unit 232: Banner

Yorketown Historical Society Inc
Yorke Peninsula
Mrs P Butcher
95cm x 130cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Banners,Machine Appliqué,Running Stitch,Satin Stitch,

Physical Description

Calico banner mounted behind glass. In the centre is a large machine appliquéd navy blue 'V'. Along the top of the V is stitched 'Unit 232 Souvenir', 'Yorketown Victory Flag 1941'. On either side is stitched 'Comforts' and 'Fund'. In the centre of the V is the FFCF motif stitched in brown and blue. The cloth is densely covered in signatures arranged in columns or groups of their affiliations, for example SYP Diggers Club and Yorketown Brass Band. The cloth shows water damage but has been conserved.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Fundraiser. Organised and stitched by Mrs P Butcher. There are 584 names on the flag, raising the grand sum of 60 pounds.


Below are the names that have been transcribed from this object. Multiple instances of a name on one object is indicated by a bracketed number after the name. A name in bold appears on other objects. Click these names to see the other objects.

Abbott, J (Catholic Church)

Aldenhoven, A (Boy Scouts)

Aldenhoven, A (Catholic Church)

Aldenhoven, I (Boy Scouts)

Algie, I

Algie, I (Red Cross Aid)

Algie, W B (SYP Diggers Club)

Allan, C (Post Office)

Allen, I (Mrs) (SYP Diggers Club)

Anderson, A

Anderson, G

Annear, D (Methodist Church)

Annear, D (Rev) (Methodist Church)

Aobon, W (Civilian Relief)

Arbon, Les (Honner Buildings)

Arthur, G (Matron) (Hospital Staff)

Atkins, Collin

Bagshaw, A (2nd AIF)

Bagshaw, E (Civilian Relief)

Bagshaw, E A (Civilian Relief)

Bagshaw, E A (Wool Bay)

Bagshaw, S (Civilian Relief)

Ball, E (SYP Diggers Club)

Barclay, Jack (Corny Point)

Barlow, H

Barlow, L

Barns, C (Catholic Church)

Barns, M (Catholic Church)

Bartram, C (SYP Hospital Inc)

Bartram, L (Methodist Church)

Bateup, (Mrs)

Bateup, H J (SYP Diggers Club)

Bateup, H J (SYP Hospital Inc)

Beck, H (SYP Diggers Club)

Beckman, E (V.A.O.C)

Bee, B (Zion Lutheran Church)

Bee, D (Zion Lutheran Church)

Bee, E (Zion Lutheran Church)

Bee, F (Zion Lutheran Church)

Bee, J (Zion Lutheran Church)

Bee, N (Zion Lutheran Church)

Bee, P (Zion Lutheran Church)

Bennet, George

Beswetherick, J

Beswetherick, M

Bevan, C (SYP Diggers Club)

Bilney, J

Bilney, L A (2nd AIF)

Bilney, M (Catholic Church)

Bowden, M

Bramley, I (Civilian Relief)

Bramley, Lauren (School Band)

Bramley, Norman (School Band)

Bramley, V (Anglican Church)

Braund, E

Braund, M

Bray, B (Wool Bay)

Bray, H (Wool Bay)

Bray, K (Wool Bay)

Bray, R (Wool Bay)

Bray, S (V.A.O.C)

Bridges, J (Council)

Brundell, Kingsley

Brundell, Ronald

Brundell, Stan

Brundell, Vera

Bryant, M (V.A.O.C)

Bryant, Oliver (Honner Buildings)

Bull, E

Bull, H

Bull, I (V.A.O.C)

Bull, L

Bull, L (2nd AIF)

Bull, T

Burgess, Bill

Burgess, M

Burgess, Rex

Burgess, S

Burnett, A (Catholic Church)

Burnett, J (Catholic Church)

Burt, E

Burt, R (2nd AIF)

Burton, E (Methodist Comrades)

Burton, W (Methodist Comrades)

Butcher, L J (SYP Diggers Club)

Butcher, Les

Butcher, P (V.A.O.C)

Butcher, P (Worked by)

Butcher, P S (Buller-Jaehne)

Byrne, D (Methodist Comrades)

Caldwell, J (Hospital Staff)

Caldwell, R

Carmichael, D (Yorketown Brass Band)

Carmicheal, D (2nd AIF)

Chamberlain, E

Chamberlain, J (V.A.O.C)

Chase, Annie

Chase, L R (SYP Diggers Club)

Chase, Les (Mrs)

Chase, M

Chinner, D (Red Cross Aid)

Chinner, J (2nd AIF)

Chinner, J (Council)

Chinner, J (V.A.O.C)

Collins, H (SYP Diggers Club)

Cook, V (Hospital Staff)

Cornish, H

Cosonen, D

Crosier, M J

Crossier, A (Methodist Church)

Crossier, W (Council)

Croucher, M

Daly, I (Catholic Church)

Daly, M

Daly, T K (2nd AIF)

Daniel, A (Wool Bay)

Daniel, F (SYP Diggers Club)

Daniel, F (Wool Bay)

Darby, J H (SYP Diggers Club)

Davis, D (Dvr) (2nd AIF)

Davis, E (S.P.R) (2nd AIF)

Davis, Franke (V.A.O.C)

Davis, H (V.A.O.C)

Davis, P M (V.A.O.C)

DeFonteney, H (Hospital Staff)

Degidan, K (Catholic Church)

Degidan, M (Catholic Church)

Degidan, M (SYP Diggers Club)

Diprose, E (Baptist Church)

Diprose, R (Baptist Church)

Diprose, S (Baptist Church)

Dodd, E (Red Cross Aid)

Dodd, E (Zion Lutheran Church)

Dodd, F E

Dodd, G (Council)

Dodd, T

Dohler, D (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Domaschen, M

Domaschene, Betty (School Band)

Domaschene, Gus

Domaschene, Lill

Doyle, H (Hospital Staff)

Dunbar, R (2) (Boy Scouts)

Dunbar, V (V.A.O.C)

Duncan, J A D (V.A.O.C)

Duncan, Margaret (School Band)

Duncan, P (Methodist Comrades)

Eachan, D (Catholic Church)

Eichner, D

Eichner, D (2nd AIF)

Eichner, D (Methodist Church)

Eichner, E (SYP Hospital Inc)

Eichner, G (Methodist Church)

Eichner, K (Wool Bay)

Eichner, L (Methodist Church)

Eichner, M (Wool Bay)

Eichner, N (Methodist Church)

Eichner, T (Yorketown Brass Band)

Eichner, V (Methodist Church)

Emmel, C (SYP Diggers Club)

Emmel, F (Baptist Church)

Emmel, L D (Baptist Church)

Emmel, R (Baptist Church)

Emmel, Rachel (Baptist Church)

Ernst, A (Zion Lutheran Church)

Ernst, John (Zion Lutheran Church)

Eschner, I (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Eschner, J (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Ewens, K M (Anglican Church)

Faggotter, A (Corny Point)

Faggotter, L H (SYP Diggers Club)

Faggotter, N (Corny Point)

Farrow, K (Wool Bay)

Fehlberg, (Rev) (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Fehlberg, A (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Ferguson, J (SYP Hospital Inc)

Filmer, G (Corny Point)

Filmer, H (Corny Point)

France, A C

France, M

France, Margarie

France, S L R

Franke, (Mr)

Franke, (Mrs)

Franke, D R (2nd AIF)

Franke, F

Franke, I (Honner Buildings)

Franke, M

Friebe, Eric (2nd AIF)

Friebe, O

Fritchley, B

Gericke, A (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gericke, E

Gericke, L (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gericke, Lorna (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gericke, Walter (Zion Lutheran Church)

Germain, L I (SYP Diggers Club)

Giles, C E (Anglican Church)

Giles, Dorothy (Anglican Church)

Giles, G (Anglican Church)

Giles, H (SYP Hospital Inc)

Giles, Ken

Giles, M

Giles, Timsie (Anglican Church)

Gill, J (2nd AIF)

Goldner, G L (SYP Diggers Club)

Goldsmith, L

Goldsworthy, A

Goldsworthy, M (Civilian Relief)

Goldsworthy, S (Council)

Goode, S L (SYP Diggers Club)

Grabia, L (V.A.O.C)

Grabia, Stan (Yorketown Powerhouse)

Greening, J (Wool Bay)

Greening, S (Wool Bay)

Greening, S L (Wool Bay)

Grosser, N (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Gutsche, B (Methodist Church)

Gutsche, B (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gutsche, C (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gutsche, D (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gutsche, E (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gutsche, H (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gutsche, I

Gutsche, L (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gutsche, M (Hospital Staff)

Gutsche, N (Zion Lutheran Church)

Gutsche, W (Zion Lutheran Church)

Haby, E (Zion Lutheran Church)

Haby, Harry (Zion Lutheran Church)

Haines, C (2nd AIF)

Haines, C C (Honner Buildings)

Haines, D (Civilian Relief)

Hale, A (SYP Diggers Club)

Hall, Vera

Hancock, A (SYP Diggers Club)

Harnath, W (Zion Lutheran Church)

Harper, H (SYP Diggers Club)

Harris, Carroline (Catholic Church)

Harris, Joe

Hart, K (Council)

Harvey, E J (Honner Buildings)

Harvey, W

Hayes, Gladys (Corny Point)

Haywood, E M (Baptist Church)

Haywood, E T

Haywood, J (Council)

Haywood, Jim

Haywood, K A (Baptist Church)

Haywood, Maggie

Haywood, Margaret (Anglican Church)

Heffernan, L

Heffernen, Kath

Heitman, M (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Heitmann, Alex (Zion Lutheran Church)

Heitmann, Clarra

Heitmann, D (Zion Lutheran Church)

Heitmann, K (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Heitmann, L D (Zion Lutheran Church)

Heitmann, Lou (Zion Lutheran Church)

Heitmann, M (Zion Lutheran Church)

Heitmann, R (2nd AIF)

Heitmann, R L (Zion Lutheran Church)

Heitmann, S M (Zion Lutheran Church)

Heitmann, V (2nd AIF)

Heitmann, V R (Zion Lutheran Church)

Henderson, Ron (2nd AIF)

Heusler, A (Yorketown Brass Band)

Heusler, H (Yorketown Brass Band)

Heusler, T

Hill, A

Hill, F (SYP Diggers Club)

Hill, L

Hill, S

Hinks, C S (Mr) (MP)

Hirthe, L (Red Cross Aid)

Hoare, A (Methodist Comrades)

Hoare, E (Baptist Church)

Hoare, L (Baptist Church)

Hoare, M

Hoare, M (2nd AIF)

Hoare, M (Baptist Church)

Hoare, R (Methodist Comrades)

Hodgson, G

Hodgson, L (Red Cross Aid)

Hoffman, E

Hoffman, J (Post Office)

Hoffman, P (V.A.O.C)

Hogan, F M (Methodist Comrades)

Hogan, Pat (Methodist Comrades)

Hogon, J (Civilian Relief)

Honner, J (Catholic Church)

Honner, J J (Honner Buildings)

Honner, M (Catholic Church)

Hoopman, M

Hoorman, T (Zion Lutheran Church)

Hoyle, G (Civilian Relief)

Huckel, V (Hospital Staff)

Hughes, A

Hughes, M

Hughes, P

Hurling, L (Baptist Church)

Isaacson, A

Isaacson, A (Anglican Church)

Isaacson, D (Boy Scouts)

Isaacson, F (Boy Scouts)

Isaacson, P

Jacka, M

Jacka, W

Jaehne, L (Red Cross Aid)

Jaehne, M

Jaehne, Skipper

Jagos, S (SYP Diggers Club)

Jennings, A

Jennings, H

Jennings, J

Jenzen, A (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Jenzen, F (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Jill, ?

Johnson, S J (SYP Diggers Club)

Johnson, V (MHR) (Canberra House)

Jolly, I M

Jones, B (Catholic Church)

Jones, C (Catholic Church)

Jones, D

Jones, E (Catholic Church)

Jones, H (SYP Hospital Inc)

Jones, H (Wool Bay)

Jones, H A (SYP Diggers Club)

Jones, L (SYP Diggers Club)

Jones, M (2nd AIF)

Jones, R (Wool Bay)

Jordan, M

Kempe, E (Civilian Relief)

Kempe, G

Kempe, H

Kempe, H (School Band)

Keppler, E (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Keppler, F (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Keppler, G (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Keppler, Ralph

Kildea, B (2nd AIF)

Kildea, C (2nd AIF)

Kildea, D (2nd AIF)

Kilder, E (Catholic Church)

Kilsen, E M (Buller-Jaehne)

Kirch, A

Kirch, M

Klem, Walter (Corny Point)

Kood, A (Red Cross Aid)

Koop, B (Zion Lutheran Church)

Koop, Ella (Zion Lutheran Church)

Koop, G (Zion Lutheran Church)

Koop, K (Zion Lutheran Church)

Koop, L (Anglican Church)

Koop, L (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Koop, L (Zion Lutheran Church)

Koop, M (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Koop, M (Zion Lutheran Church)

Koop, W

Kosonen, O (Wool Bay)

Kosonen, S (Wool Bay)

Kossatz, M (Corny Point)

Kossatz, Ronald (Corny Point)

Kossatz, V (Corny Point)

Lambert, C (SYP Diggers Club)

Lange, L

Lange, L F (Honner Buildings)

Lange, L F (V.A.O.C)

Lange, M (Red Cross Aid)

Lange, V (2nd AIF)

Latty, F (Methodist Comrades)

Latty, M (Methodist Comrades)

LeCornue, B (V.A.O.C)

LeCornue, D (Boy Scouts)

LeCornue, Dean (School Band)

LeCornue, E

LeCornue, E W (SYP Diggers Club)

Lehmann, G

Lehmann, l

LeMaistre, B (Boy Scouts)

LeMaistre, R (Boy Scouts)

LeMaistre, R (Yorketown Brass Band)

LeMaistre, Robert (School Band)

LeMaistre, S

LeMaistre, S (Yorketown Brass Band)

Limb, A (2nd AIF)

Limb, M (Civilian Relief)

Lines, E

Lines, E J

Lines, M (Methodist Church)

Lloyd, D L (Baptist Church)

Lloyd, E (Baptist Church)

Lloyd, E M (Anglican Church)

Lloyd, Ernest E (SYP Hospital Inc)

Lloyd, P (Methodist Comrades)

Long, E S (Pte)

Long, H

Longbottom, R J (Wool Bay)

Maas, W U (Zion Lutheran Church)

MacFarlane, P (Buller-Jaehne)

MacFarlane, R (SYP Diggers Club)

Manhood, R (V.A.O.C)

Manning, L (Catholic Church)

Manning, M (Catholic Church)

Manuel, E (Hospital Staff)

Maroney, L (V.A.O.C)

Maroney, L J (V.A.O.C)

Martens, G W (MHR) (Canberra House)

May, A (Post Office)

May, A L (Baptist Church)

May, Cliff (2nd AIF)

May, L

May, L J

May, Max (2nd AIF)

May, Max (Honner Buildings)

McAvaney, A (Post Office)

McAvaney, M (Catholic Church)

McAvaney, T A (SYP Diggers Club)

McDonald, Angus (Corny Point)

McKenzie, J (SYP Hospital Inc)

McLennin, H

McLennin, I

McSweeney, (Rev Father) (Catholic Church)

Medcalf, A (SYP Diggers Club)

Michelmore, M (Catholic Church)

Miller, B (2nd AIF)

Mitchel (Mr) (V.A.O.C)

Mitchel, C (2nd AIF)

Mogg, J (2nd AIF)

Moon, G

Moon, W (2nd AIF)

Moon, W E

Mulverhill, E (Catholic Church)

Murdock, E

Murdock, G L (SYP Diggers Club)

Murdock, J

Murdock, L (V.A.O.C)

Murdock, M

Murdock, N

Murdock, Ruth (V.A.O.C)

Murdock, S (SYP Diggers Club)

Murdock, Stewart (Methodist Comrades)

Nash, K

Nation, W J (V.A.O.C)

Newbold, E (Hospital Staff)

Nicholson, W (2nd AIF)

Norcock, G H (SYP Hospital Inc)

Oldlands, Fred

Oldlands, Lillian M

Oliver, J R (SYP Diggers Club)

Ostev, E (Zion Lutheran Church)

Packer, A (Baptist Church)

Packer, T (Baptist Church)

Paech, Hugo (Zion Lutheran Church)

Paech, John (Zion Lutheran Church)

Page, K (Hospital Staff)

Page, Syd

Paris, R S (Baptist Church)

Paris, S (Rev) (Baptist Church)

Penhale, J (SYP Hospital Inc)

Pennale, J D (SYP Diggers Club)

Peterson, C F (Anglican Church)

Peterson, E (2nd AIF)

Peterson, K (2nd AIF)

Peterson, Molly

Peterson, S

Peterson, W R (SYP Diggers Club)

Pfitzner, E

Pfitzner, F (V.A.O.C)

Plaisted, E M (Wool Bay)

Plaisted, M (Wool Bay)

Plaisted, T W (Wool Bay)

Playford, T (Hon) (Premier SA)

Plummer, K (2nd AIF)

Plummer, M (Wool Bay)

Plummer, T (V.A.O.C)

Pollard, (Mr) (MHR) (Canberra House)

Pringle, L A (SYP Diggers Club)

Quick, F (2nd AIF)

Quick, T

Quick, T P (SYP Diggers Club)

Ramsay, T R (SYP Diggers Club)

Ray, Ellen (Methodist Comrades)

Richardson, F

Riddle, A (2nd AIF)

Riddle, A (Yorketown Brass Band)

Riddle, B (Yorketown Brass Band)

Riddle, Barry (School Band)

Riddle, G (Red Cross Aid)

Riddle, G (Yorketown Brass Band)

Riddle, M (Methodist Church)

Riddle, P (Yorketown Brass Band)

Roberts, A (Baptist Church)

Roberts, R (Yorketown Brass Band)

Rochlin, E

Rocklin, E (Honner Buildings)

Rogers, A

Rogers, J

Rogers, T

Rohrig, G

Rohrig, J

Rose, J (SYP Hospital Inc)

Russ, E (2nd AIF)

Russ, J

Russ, L (Boy Scouts)

Russ, Len (School Band)

Russ, M (Boy Scouts)

Rutherford, K O (2nd AIF)

Ryan, A (Catholic Church)

Ryan, K (2nd AIF)

Ryan, L (Catholic Church)

Schultz, C (2nd AIF)

Schwalbe, R (Wool Bay)

Scobie, M (Hospital Staff)

Sharpe, K (2nd AIF)

Sharpe, R J (Baptist Church)

Shaw, H G (SYP Diggers Club)

Shaw, I

Shearer, M (Catholic Church)

Shellem, I

Sherriff, A (Civilian Relief)

Sherriff, D

Sherriff, J

Sherriff, M D (Baptist Church)

Sherriff, R (Yorketown Brass Band)

Sherriff, W

Shultz, O

Siebert, A R (Catholic Church)

Siebert, E (Catholic Church)

Siebert, E M (Methodist Comrades)

Siebert, L (Catholic Church)

Siebert, L G (Catholic Church)

Siebert, M (Catholic Church)

Siebert, O (Yorketown Brass Band)

Simon, C H (Methodist Comrades)

Simon, E J (Methodist Comrades)

Slade, A B (2nd AIF)

Slade, B (Red Cross Aid)

Slade, Dulcie (School Band)

Slade, E

Slade, F

Slade, F T (Council)

Slade, F T (SYP Diggers Club)

Slade, G B

Slade, H B

Slade, L A (SYP Hospital Inc)

Slade, M

Smith, M (Anglican Church)

Solomon, M (Yorketown Brass Band)

South, L

South, P

Spear, J

Spender, H (Catholic Church)

Spender, T (Post Office)

Stanton, E

Starr, B (Yorketown Brass Band)

Starr, Berth (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Starr, Brun (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Starr, F V (Buller-Jaehne)

Starr, F V (SYP Diggers Club)

Starr, L (Red Cross Aid)

Starr, M (Civilian Relief)

Starr, R (Yorketown Brass Band)

Starr, R H (Honner Buildings)

Starr, V (Boy Scouts)

Starr, Valda (School Band)

Starr, Verne (Honner Buildings)

Stigwood, K (Zion Lutheran Church)

Stirling, Billy

Stirling, M

Stirling, W

Stockings, F (2nd AIF)

Stockings, O (Post Office)

Stockings, O (Yorketown Brass Band)

Stow, P E (Civilian Relief)

Swindell, J (Post Office)

Taylor, A

Taylor, G

Taylor, Joan (School Band)

Taylor, T (Anglican Church)

Taylor, Tommy

Taylor, V (Anglican Church)

Taylor, V (Civilian Relief)

Taylor, W (Rev) (Anglican Church)

Thiele, Annie

Thiele, B (Yorketown Brass Band)

Thiele, B H (SYP Diggers Club)

Thiele, C (Boy Scouts)

Thiele, C (Yorketown Brass Band)

Thiele, H (SYP Hospital Inc)

Thiele, H F (SYP Diggers Club)

Thiele, L (2nd AIF)

Thiele, L (Yorketown Brass Band)

Thom, G (SYP Diggers Club)

Thompson, H H H (SYP Diggers Club)

Thompson, L (Baptist Church)

Thomson, A (2nd AIF)

Thomson, Alex

Thomson, H (2nd AIF)

Thomson, J (2nd AIF)

Thomson, L

Tonkin, A (2nd AIF)

Tonkin, Connie (School Band)

Tonkin, F (Red Cross Aid)

Tonkin, K

Tonkin, M

Tonkin, R (Catholic Church)

Tucker, C

Turner, D L (V.A.O.C)

Turner, Jim

Turner, W R (V.A.O.C)

Twartz, A (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Twartz, E (St Pauls Lutheran Church)

Twartz, E H (Zion Lutheran Church)

Twartz, Florentine (Zion Lutheran Church)

Twartz, H (Zion Lutheran Church)

Twartz, I (Red Cross Aid)

Vanstone, A (Methodist Church)

Vanstone, R (2nd AIF)

Vanstone, R (Methodist Church)

Vanstone, S (Methodist Church)

Vanstone, S V (Methodist Church)

Vawser, D (V.A.O.C)

Vawser, F (Post Office)

Vigar, E (Red Cross Aid)

Voigt, E (Red Cross Aid)

Wade, G (Hospital Staff)

Walden, I (Hospital Staff)

Walker, A (Hospital Staff)

Walker, B

Wallace, F (Catholic Church)

Wallace, M (Catholic Church)

Waller, B (SYP Diggers Club)

Walterbrook, (Mr)

Walterbrook, (Mrs)

Watkins, E (Civilian Relief)

Watkins, G (2nd AIF)

Watkins, G M

Watson, A H E (Dr) (SYP Hospital Inc)

Watson, D (Red Cross Aid)

Weidenhofer, Max

Weidenhofer, W

Weyland, D (2nd AIF)

Weyland, Des (Methodist Church)

Whitcher, D E (Baptist Church)

Whitcher, D M (Baptist Church)

Whitcher, P L (SYP Diggers Club)

Whitcher, W (Boy Scouts)

Whitcher, Wal (2nd AIF)

Whitcher, William (School Band)

Whittington, F

Wiedenhofer, R (V.A.O.C)

Wiedenhofer, W (Red Cross Aid)

Wilkinson, C (2nd AIF)

Wilkinson, G (Methodist Church)

Wilkinson, M (Methodist Church)

Wilkinson, R (Methodist Church)

Wilkinson, T (Methodist Church)

Will, M

Will, O C

Williams, M

Williams, W J (SYP Diggers Club)

Wood, W

Woodhouse, J

Woodhouse, M

Woods, M (Civilian Relief)

Woods, W W (Honner Buildings)

Woolidge, B (Methodist Church)

Woolidge, D

Woolidge, L

Woolidge, M

Woolidge, R (SYP Diggers Club)

Woolidge, Roy

Woolidge, T (2nd AIF)

Woolidge, Tom

Worful, Bub

Wright, E (Civilian Relief)

Wright, F R (Post Office)

Young, R J (SYP Diggers Club)

Young, W

Younge, E (Wool Bay)

Younge, N (Hospital Staff)