Embroidered Signatures ProjectFFCF. Prospect Unit 46: Banner

City of Prospect Heritage Collection
Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Prospect
87cm x 144 cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Banners,Satin Stitch,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Cream cotton Fighting Forces Comforts Fund banner with a large pale blue central "V" surrounded by embroidered signatures worked in stem stitch with red thread. "F. F. C. F. Prospect Unit. 46." is worked in satin stitch with red thread.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fighting Forces Comforts Fund. Believed to have been started in 1941, the banner, called a "Victory Flag" in the minute books, was created to raise money.


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?, N

?yunson, A T Y

Adaills, B (SN)

Adams, A V

Ambler, V

Ames, H J (Mrs)

Amey, L S A (DC RAN)

Anett, A

Averay, E J

Bailey, P

Barker, Dean Ellis

Baselly, E F

Batchelor, D

Bateson, A W

Batten, Jane

Bell, W A

Bennett, G G

Bennett, H B

Bennett, R A

Birch, M

Blunden, Florrie

Blytham, B R

Bonython, A E

Bonython, E G

Bonython, R G

Bourke, J W

Boxer, A J

Braund, Belle

Braund, Geof

Britain, Burford

Britain, E

Britain, N

Britain, O

Brooks, Claude

Brooks, Rosalie

Brown, C J

Brown, G W

Brown, Mostyn L

Brown, N A

Brown, Vera L

Burnard, Cliff

Burnard, V

Cadd, Florrie

Cane, Fred J

Chathern, C R

Church, A G

Church, C

Church, M

Clutterbuck, B A

Collins, E J

Collyer, H B

Collyer, R

Connoly, Peter

Cotton, W E

Crosly, E A

Crosly, S M

Cunningham, E

Davison, N

Day, B

Day, C E

Day, G J

Day, L A

Day, M E

Dew, M B

Dixon, E

Dixon, T

Douglass, Anne

Douglass, Bill

Dueness, L

Duff, K A

Duival, A G

Dunbar, A

Edwards, K J

Edwards, M A

Ellis, Ethel E

Ellis, Fred

Ellis, M G

Everard, R

Ewing, M N

Farndan, G R

Fatley, Margaret J

Fergusson, D G

Fergusson, J D

Fergusson, M

Fisher, Ray E

Foster, J C

Francis, M

Francis, M (2)

Freeman, E A

Fuller, E M

Godfrey, E

Goodliffe, A D

Gower, L M

Graham, A

Graham, J

Graham, L

Graham, R

Graham, S

Grave, B

Grave, B (2)

Gray, Dorothy A

Gray, H R

Gray, Peter L

Gregory, L

Griffith, Ann

Grosly, L A

Gunn, H A

Haines, R

Haley, Y A

Hall, Dorothy M

Hall, E W

Hall, Jean

Hall, Judith

Hall, Raymond E

Halleron, N

Halliman, F

Hallion, J T

Hamlyn, R B

Hancock, E M

Harding, J

Hardy, A M

Hardy, Audrey

Hardy, C (Mayoress)

Hardy, Daryl

Hardy, G B (LAC RAAF)

Hardy, G B (RAAF)

Hardy, Glifford B (Mayor AC 11)

Hardy, Ian

Hardy, J

Hardy, Judith F

Hardy, L W (FFCF)

Hardy, Margaret

Hardy, Pat

Hardy, Peter

Hardy, R L (HMAS Yarra)

Hardy, Rosalind

Hardy, W C D A (AIF)

Harppelin, J E?

Harris, M B

Harris, R

Harskard, Annie

Haskard, R

Hedde, J G

Henning, W

Hill, E

Hill, Howard L

Hill, W H

Hoffman, W G

Hoopers, Marie

Horne, E F

Hosking, W J

Hosnor, R

Hunt, E J

Indo, J M S

Jenkins, C

Johnson, J

Johnson, M G

Johnson, Ray W

Kaye, F

Keightley, W M

Kelly, M

King, E B

King, S J

Knott, N

Kohler, S R

Lace, G W

Lane, K

Laver, E

Le Cornu, J C

Lean, A M

Leask, W

Lesney, R C

Lewis, F M

Lidler, E

Lundall, Thomas

Luscombe, M

Macgraith, R C

Macpherson, J E (LAC RAAF)

March, Amy

Martin, J L

McBride, K A

McCaul, A M

McDonaly, M

McInnes, J M

Mellor, Elizabeth T

Mellor, F E

Mellor, John T

Meriton, K M

Micktham, P H

Miller, R J

Mitchell, V L

Moore, G

Mortimer, H

Moyse, L

Murphy, G L

Murphy, L W

Murphy, M

Murphy, R S

Murphy, Ronda

Ness, L K (Cpl RAAF)

Ness, Margaret

Ness, Mary

Ness, Mavis

Ness, S

Ness, V G

Newing, K

Niel, C

Norsworthy, J B

O'Halloran, B H

Oates, M F

Park, P G

Park, R

Parker, M M

Perkins, S N

Pike, G L

Price, M E

Roberts, E

Roberts, Gerald

Robinson, Henry Edward

Rogers, B M

Rohde, D A

Ross, Kevin

Rowe, D J

Russell, D

Salter, F

Sandercock, E C

Saunders, Bra

Sawbell, Hew

Schapel, M M

Secker, J H

Secker, S S

Seymour, E

Sharwood, H M

Sibley, J

Slone, A T

Smith, Betty

Solomon, I M

Sorell, Y

Sparshalt, P H

Sparshott, John R

Springall, G

Spry, J

Stafford, J H

Stevens, A A

Stevens, E E

Stevens, M Anthony (F Ste?)

Stevens, Ruby G

Stevenson, M

Stone, M L L

Swinden, C P E

Swinton, W C

Taylor, H J

Templeton, Irene

Templeton, R

Thiem, L

Thomas, C G

Thompson, M

Thompson, W

Thompson, W W

Tishwell, J K

Trerroom, ?

Treverton, F E

Turner, John

Underwood, A

Vigar, J W

Ward, J H

Wark, J M

Wark, L E

Waterfield, S A

Weller, G

Weller, R K

Wells, P M

Wenholm, E L

West, Dorothy (AANS)

West, M M

White, D C

White, N N

Whitford, H

Whittle, A

Whittle, G A

Wigg, I

Williams, Mary

Williams, Mollie Binks

Williams, N P

Wilson, A

Wilson, M

Winnall, U

Woods, D E

Worthley, M H

Wright, Nellie

Ziegelea, H