Embroidered Signatures ProjectJunior Knitting Club 1941: Cloth

Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Museum
Junior Knitting Club
312cm x 170cm
Historical Period/Date
20th Century (1930-1969 Mid)/1941
ID Number
Cloths,Stem Stitch,

Physical Description

Yellow cotton cloth embroidered with a central cipher featuring the letters J, K and C for Junior Knitting Club. Dated 1941. Signatures are embroidered in brown.

Theme and Purpose

World War II. Fundraiser. Worked as a fundraiser with the funds raised to be used to buy wool for the club members to knit items for children in hospital. The girls who organised the bed cover are listed inside the cipher. The quilt was made by The Junior Knitting Club whose initials form the cipher. This club was formed by a group of 12/14 year-olds in 1939 to make toddlers' jumpers for Adelaide Children's Hospital as they were in need - everyone was knitting for the armed forces at that time. Members were issued with a hand-written certificate, a copy of which is held in the file. It reads: "Junior Knitting Club - In signing this card I Promise to work loyally for the children who need our help so much. I promise to pay all fines that the club think ought to be payed. I will make as many things as it is in my power to do and I will give 3d [three pence] in at every meeting I attend. Name .. Date .. Secretary's Signiture. Once this form is signed the person who applied for it is a qualified member and shall receive her badge." The 1941 Group were about 12-14 years old. A charge, probably one shilling, was made to add a name and the money raised was used to purchase knitting wool. The group continued until about 1943/4.


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Alderman, Philomena

Annells, H G

Annells, Joyce

Annells, K F

Annells, M

Annells, R

Banks, Annie

Barrett, Natalie

Begg, Betty

Berndt, H M

Black, Nancy

Bond, Josephine

Bonython, Dick

Callanan, Mary

Chapman, Anne

Chapman, Fay

Chapman, Mary

Chartres, Joy

Churchill-Smith, Betty

Cooper, Beth

Cooper, Helen

Cooper, Mac

Cox, Cynthia

Day, Alison C

Dolman, June

Fenn, Margaret

Fenwick, M

Gartrell, Daphne

Gartrell, Jean

Goode, David

Goode, Muriel

Grasby, Carleen

Grasby, Judith

Grubb, Joy

Grubb, R W

Harvey, Elizabeth

Hemingway, N

Hicks, Pamela

Hittman, Harold

Hittman, Zita

Holmes, F J

Hope, J

Jeanes, M R

Jeffreson, L A

Jeffreson, Pat

Jones, Brenda M

Keats, Mary

Kirkman, Joan P

Lathlean, Peter H D

Lewis, Joy

Lewis, Pauline

Lodge, Jeanette

Mallan, Margaret

Mallan, Patricia

McGee, J M

Mellor, Marie

Miller, B P

Mitchell, Pat

Murray, Anne

Newman, Douglas R

Pascoe, J

Perry, Vivienne

Prince, Fay

Pyne, E

Roberts, Bruce

Roberts, Bruce (Jnr)

Roberts, Jillien

Roberts, M

Robertson, Betty Ann

Ryan, Kay

Ryan, M

Schulz, Barbara

Slee, Audrey

Sparrow, Nadine

Spinkston, Margaret

Stevenson, Mary

Stidston, Gaynor

Todd, Rosemary

Travers, Elizabeth

Travers, Gabriell

Travers, Leonore

Turner, Jane

Ward, Catherine

Welbourne, Eleanor

Willis, Jim

Worden, J

Wright, Doug